Computer Literacy Question For Bank Job In Bangladesh

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The banking industry of Bangladesh has grown rapidly over the last decades or so and now there are 63 banks available in Bangladesh including 9 State-owned banks, 9 foreign banks, and 40 Private commercial banks. Banking job is one of the lucrative jobs in Bangladesh thanks to the salary range and other facilities. Therefore, most of the graduates want to have a banking career.

Computer Literacy is a very important topic when it comes to Bank job exam. If you want to get a job in any bank in Bangladesh then you must have basic knowledge about the computer because every bank exams there are questions about Computer Literacy. Below you will find questions related to the Computer Literacy of previous bank job exams. Let’s check them out.

Computer Literacy Questions Of Previous Bank Job Exams

Internet’s Initial Development Was Supported By: 

a) ARPANET b) IBM c) Microsoft d) None of These

World Wide Web Was Proposed By: 

a) Bill Gates b) Bill Rogers c) Tim Berners Lee d) None of These

What Are The Uses Of The Internet: 

a) Communication b) Information Retrieval c) Presentation of Information d) All of the Above

.net Domain Is Used For: 

a) educational institution b) Internet Infrastructure and Service Providers c) International Organizations d) None of These

URL Stands For: 

a) Uniform Resource Locator b) Uniform Resource Library c) United Resource Locators d) None of These

Benefits Of Email Are: 

a) Speed b) Cost c) Record Keeping d) None of These e) All of the Above

Which Of The Following Is Not The Section Break Option? 

(A) Next Page (B) Previous Page (C) Odd Page (D) Even Page 

Portrait And Landscape Are 

(A) Page Orientation (B) Pager Size (C) Page Layout (D) All of above 

Which Of The Followings Is Word Processing Software? 

(A) WordPerfect (B) WordPad (C) MS Word (D) All of above 

Any Data Or Instruction Entered Into The Memory Of A Computer Is Considered As 

(A) Storage (B) Output (C) Input (D) Information 

Graphical Pictures That Represent An Object Like File, Folders etc, Are: 

(A) Icons (B) Desktop (C) Task bar (D) Windows 

Which Type Of Cable Is Used To Connect The COM Port Of A Host To The COM Port Of A Router Or Switch? 

(A)  Crossover (B) Straight-through (C) Rolled (D) Shielded twisted pair 

Which Protocol Can Cause Overload On A CPU Of A Managed Device? 

(A) Netflow (B) WCCP (C) IP SLA (D) SNMP 

Which Of The Following TCP/IP Addresses Constitute The Loopback Address? 

(A) (B) (C) (D) 

The Only Language Understood By A Digital Computer Is Called – 

(A) Assembly language (B) High level language (C) Binary language (D) None of the above 

Register Circuit Is Not Used In- 

(A) Digital clocks (B) Computers (C) RAM (D) Amplifier

Which One Is A Universal Logic Gate? 

(A) NAND (B) AND (C) OR (D) NOT 

When Cutting And Pasting, Cutting Section Is Temporarily Stored In 

(A) Dashboard (B) Hard drive (C) Diskette (D) Clipboard 

If You Need To Change The Typeface Of A Document, Which Menu Will You Choose? 

(A) Edit (B) View (C) Format (D)Tools

You Can Move Between Two Or More Excel Files Opened By Using The 

(A) ctrl + tab (B) ctrl + page up (C) ctrl + page down (D) ctrl + F9

The Process Of Transforming Files From A Computer On The Internet To Your Computer Is Called

 (A) Forwarding (B) Downloading (C) FTP (D) Uploading

You Can Detect Spelling And Grammar Errors By 

(A) Press Shift + F7 (B) Press Ctrl + F7 (C) Press Alt + F7 (D) Press

Verification Of A Login Name And Password Is Known As: 

(A) configuration (B) authentication (C) accessibility (D) logging in

Which Can Be Used For Quick Access To Commonly Used Commands And Tools? 

(A) Status bar (B) Tool bar (C) Menu bar (D) Title bar 

________ Are Software Which Is Used To Do Particular Task. 

(A) Operating system (B) Data (C) Software (D) Programs

All Of The Following Are Examples Of Real Security And Privacy Risks EXCEPT: 

(A) Viruses (B) Spam (C) Hackers (D) None of them

A Light Sensitive Device That Converts Drawing, Printed Text Or Other Images Into Digital Form Is 

(A) Keyboard (B) Plotter (C) Scanner (D) None of these

Which Of The Following Memory Is Non-Volatile? 

(A) ROM (B) DRAM (C) SRAM (D) None of these

Which Network Protocol Is Used To Send E-mail? 


The Operating System Manages. 

(A) Memory (B) Processor (C) Devices (D) All of the above

Ctrl + N Is Used To 

(A) Save Document (B) Open Document (C) New Document (D) Close Document

Which Of These Toolbars Allows Changing Of Fonts And Their Sizes? 

(A) Standard (B) Formatting (C) Print Preview (D) None of these

Background Color Or Effects Applied On A Document Is Not Visible In 

(A) Web layout view (B) Print Layout view (C) Reading View (D) Print Preview 

What is the default font size of a new Word document based on Normal template? 

(A) 9 pt (B) 12 pt (C) 14 pt (D) None of above

A Microsoft Windows is a(n) 

(A) Graphic program (B) Operating system (C) Word Processing (D) Database program

Which of the following Operating System does not implement multitasking truly? 

(A) Windows (B) Windows NT (C) MS DOS (D) Windows XP

A Special Type Of Memory Chip That Holds Software That Can Be Read But Not Written To 

(A) RAM (B) Mother Board (C) ROM (D) CPU 

The Set Of Instructions That Tells The Computer What To Do Is 

(A) Softcopy (B) Hardware (C) Software (D) Hardcopy

Which Of The Following Will Not Protect You From Spam? 

(A) spam blockers (B) e-mail rules (C) filters (D) popup blocker

________ Controls The Way In Which The Computer System Functions And Provides A Means By Which Users Can Interact With The Computer. 

(A) The operating system (B) The motherboard (C) The platform (D) Application software 

Which Of The Following Is Used For Close A Tab On A Browser? 

(A)Ctrl+Y (B)Ctrl + A (C)Ctrl + W (D)Ctrl+T

Which Of The Following Is The Correct Format Of Email Address? 

(A) care@ (B) care@website@com (C) (D)

Which Among Following Is Associated With Excel? 

(A) Spreadsheet (B) Graphic program (C) Microsoft office (D) None of these

Wi-Fi Uses – 

(A) optic fiber (B) radio waves (C) phase line (D) sound-waves

What Should Be Used If A Company Wants To Include Its Company Name And Logo At The Bottom Of Every Age Of A Brochure? 

(A) Footer (B) Header (C) Macro (D) Footnote

Protection And The Protect Sheet Options Can Be Selected From? 

(A) Data (B) Edit (C) Format (D) Tools

In Order To Tell Excel That We Are Catering A Formula In Cell, We Must Begin With An Operator Such As- 

(A) $ (B) = (C) @ (D) # 

The Bar At The Top Of A Window That Bears The Name Of The Window Is Known As 

(A) Control Panel (B) Taskbar (C) Title bar (D) Menu bar

Different Icons Of Application Software Can Be Found In Which Bar In Latest Version Of Microsoft Windows? 

(A) Start Menu (B) Browser (C) Status (D) Control Panel

What Is The Short Cut Key For Line Break? 

(A) Shift + Enter (B) CTRL + F (C) Space + Enter (D) Alt + Enter

In Which Window We Display Data In The Form Of Tables In A Row Or Column Format In MS-Access 

(A) Macros (B) Sub-form (C) Filter (D) Datasheet

If You Press ____, The Cell Accepts Your Typing As Its Contents? 

(A) Tab (B) Enter (C) Alt+Enter (D) Ctrl+Enter

Which Type Of Device Is Used By Banking Websites To Enter The Password And Prevent Keystroke Legging?

(A) Virtual keyboard (B) Scanner (C) Light Pen (D) Reader

Which Of The Following Is Not Available On The Ruler Of MS Word Screen? 

(A) Tab stop box (B) Left Indent (C) Center Indent (D) Right Indent

Which File Is Responsible To Start MS Word? 

(A) Winword.exe (B) Win.exe (C) Word.exe (D) Wordwin.exe

Which Among Following Is Not Associated With Spelling Dialogue Box? 

(A) Ignore All (B) Edit (C) Ignore (D) Change 

The ——– Is The Physical Path Over Which A Message Travels 

(A) Path (B) Protocol (C) Route (D) Medium 

Help Menu Is Available At Which Button? 

(A) Start (B) End (C) Turnoff (D) Restart

Which Of The Following Can Be Used To Select The Entire Document? 

(A) ALT + F5 (B) CTRL + A (C) SHIFT + A (D) CTRL +H

——-Is The Term Used To Define All Output And Input Devices In The Computer System? 

(A) Software (B) Monitor (C) Hardware (D) None of these

Which Protocol Provides E-mail Facility Among Different Hosts? 


What Device Includes An Adapter That Decodes Data Sent In Radio Signals 

(A) Modem (B) Router (C) Digital Translator (D) None of these

Radio Link Is A Tool Of Banking Communication In A 

(A) WAN area (B) Remote area (C) LAN area (D) VAN area

A Commonly Used Graphic Format For The Web Is 


What Is A Portion Of A Document In Which You Set Certain Page Formatting Options? 

(A) Page Setup (B) Page (C) Section (D) Document

Which Key Will Open An Open Dialogue Box? 

(A) Ctrl+F12 (B) F12 (C) Alt + F12 Shift+F12

Which Of The Following Keyboard shortcuts Can Be Used For Creating A Chart From The Selected Cells? 

(A) F10 (B) F11 (C) F4 (D) F2

Identify The Volatile Storage Device Amongst The Following Devices? 

(A)ROM (B)Hard disc (C)Magnetic tape (D)RAM 

Web Site’s Main Page Is Called Its 

(A) Homepage (B) Browser page (C) Search Page (D) Bookmark

To Open An Existing Workbook, Click The Open Button On The Toolbar? 

(A) Form (B) Drawing (C) Standard (D) Formatting

Which Of The Following Requires Computer Memory In Large Amounts? 

(A) Imaging (B) Graphics (C) Voice (D) All of above

Special Set Of Characters That Computer Associates With Specific User Identification Is Classified As

(A) password (B) identity code (C) inquiry code (D) dump code

Device Which Converts Digital Signals Into Sound And Sound From Telephone Handset Into Digital Signals Is Classified As 

(A) digital coupler (B) analogue coupler (C) acoustic coupler (D) terminal coupler 

What Type Of Network Provides Access To The Regional Service Providers And Typically Span Distances Greater Than 100 Miles? 


____ Provides A Connection-Oriented Reliable Service For Sending Message. 

(A) TCP (B) IP (C) UDP (D) None of these

Which Of The Following Type Is Not Supported For Mobile Application Viewing For Google Docs? 

(A) Spreadsheets (B) Word processor files (C) Database files (D) All of these

A Device That Allows One Of Several Analog Or Digital Input Signals Which Are To Be Selected And Transmits Input That Is Selected Into A Single Medium Is Called 

(A) signal changer (B) multiplexer (C) demultiplexer (D)digital transmitter Answer: (B) multiplexer 

Which Of The Following Medium Is Used For Broadband Local Networks? 

(A) Coaxial (B) Optic fiber (C) CATV (D)UTP 

Interleaving Of Records To Form One File Containing All Records Is Classified As 

(A) merging (B) finding (C) file learning (D) searching 

Process Of Converting Data Or Information Into For Which Is Readily Available For Processing Is Called 

(A) encoding (B) decoding (C) translating (D) data organization

Language Compilers And Interpreters Does Not Translate Statements Correctly When They Have 

(A) transcription error (B) base errors (C) syntax error (D) logical error

Which Of The Following Programming Helps You To Learn Android Programming? 

(A) C (B) SQL (C) Java (D) Python

Which One Is Modern Light Weight Message Exchange Format? 


In C++, The Idea To Hiding The Details Of How Something Is Implemented Is Known As- 

(A) inheritance (B) encapsulation (C) recursion (D) polymorphism

______ Are Introduced In Fourth Generation Computers: 

(A) Microprocessors (B) Vacuum Tubes (C) Integrated Circuits (D) None of these

Which One Is Called The Brain Of Computer? 

(A) RAM (B) ALU (C) CPU (D) None of these 

Which Of The Following Is Not An Input Device? 

(A) Plotter (B) Keyboard (C) Scanner (D) All of these

Which One Is The Largest Space?

(A) Gigabyte (B) Petabyte (C) Terabyte (D) None of these

Every Computer Connected To The Internet Is Identified By A Unique Four-Part String, Known As 

(A) Host name (B) Domain name (C) IP address (D) All of these

The Rectangular Area Of The Screen That Displays A Program, Data And/Or Information Is A 

(A) Title bar (B) Button (C) Dialog box (D) Window