Helicopter Rental Companies in Dhaka, Bangladesh

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Would you like to rent a chopper in Dhaka, Bangladesh?

Are you looking for affordable rent-a-helicopter agencies?

Many situations require fast transportation means. You may be in an emergency of airlifting a patient to a better hospital. Or, you may require a helicopter to scout an area. No matter what your requirements are, a helicopter is an excellent means of transportation.

Helicopters can prove really beneficial for short flights or flights to destinations that don’t have an airport. Many of Bangladeshis want to charter helicopters for transfers from one place to another instantly.

Why Should You Charter a Helicopter in Bangladesh?

Private helicopter charters come with a level of flexibility not commonly achieved through fixed wing aircraft. The versatility of helicopters comes with the flexibility to use them for business purposes or for transportation from airports to events or sports stadiums.

You may charter a helicopter for following reasons:

  •  Visiting different places in the country
  • Marriage ceremony
  • Carrying passengers
  •  Spreading leaflets
  • Raising brand awareness
  • Carrying patients to better care
  • Film shooting

Top Helicopter Rental Companies in Bangladesh

So, you may be in need of chartering a helicopter for those reasons listed above. Or, you may have other things in mind. For accomplishing them, a helicopter could be the most suitable transportation means.

So, are you aware of the top helicopter rental companies in Bangladesh?

Listed below are leading companies that offer private helicopter rental. You can bookmark this web address for future reference as well. Let’s find out the leading private helicopter rental companies and their websites:

1. HelicopterBD.com

  • Helicopters: Robinson R-44, Robinson R-66, Euro Copter EC130, Euro Copter, Bell 407, Bell 407 GX
  •  Air ambulance; charter a helicopter for domestic and international flights
  • Contact: Winux Helicopter

Service Telephone: 9891538, 9858849, 01622336825, 01711336825, 8837118

2. Helicopter Bangladesh

  • Helicopter Bangladesh can take you anywhere in Bangladesh
  • It offers competitive prices as well
  • Flight Cost: cost starting at 70,000 BDT for per hour of flight
  • Helicopters: Robinson R-44, Robinson R-66, Eurocop 130, Bell 403
  • Contact: Helicopter Bangladesh

9891538, 9858849, 01611336825

3. Square Air Ltd.

  • A member of Square Group
  • Charter a chopper with Square Air Ltd. for your business, personal or medical needs
  • Helicopters: Bell 407, Robinson R66
  • Website: www.squareair.com.bd

4. Impress Aviation Ltd.

  • A sister concern of Impress Group
  • The helicopter charter company is based in Dhaka, Bangladesh
  • Website: www.impressaviation.com

5. South Asian Airlines Ltd.

  • Website: www.southasian-airlines.com

6. Green Bangla Tours

  • Website: www.greenbanglatours.com


So, if you’re looking for companies to charter a helicopter in Dhaka, go through the list above. It features top helicopter rental companies.