How To Travel To Bandarban District?

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Bandarban buses are connected to Dhaka, Chittagong, Rangamati and Cox’s Bazar. The biggest Buddhist temple in Bangladesh is located in Balaghata, about 4 kilometers away from Bandarban city. It is entirely made in imitation of the temples of South-West Asia and here is the second largest Buddhist statue of Bangladesh. Locally it is “Buddha Metal Jadi”. Apart from this, there is the Rajbihar of Jadipara and Bihar of Ujaniipara in the city. The village of Bam and Mro tribes will go to the city of Chimbuk from the city. Seven lakes, jibanagar and kyachalong lake are a few other tourist attractions. There is a cloudy Safari park, there have two fully hanging bridges. Boat Tours in Sangu River, Traveling for Patias is a lovely experience. A fascinating mountainous fountain of ridge falls 8 kilometers away from the city of Bandarban.

Besides, the highest mountain in Bangladesh is the Tajdingong and the largest mountain range of Kekrudong is located in Bandarban district. The crowd gathered in the mountains to climb to these two mountain ranges. Tourists usually walk to Baga Lake and go to Kekrudong.

There are many who came back from the Baga lake without going to Keokradong. This lake is also a special tourist spot. The Left tribes live in the adjacent areas.

Tourist areas of Bandarban District

Shoilo Propat

Shoilo Propat

It is located 8 kilometers away on Bandarban Ruma road. It is an amazing creation of natural beauty. The frosty water of the spring is always flowing here. The water of this fountain is very transparent and the is cool.  In the rainy season, the fountains are seen in the rainy season, there are many floods in the spring, most of the time of the year is filled with foreign tourists. Because of the location, there always have a tourist crowd. Here in front of the remote hills, the eyes of the struggling life of the indigenous Vam community of Gala Gash. From Bandarban, rent to taxi, chander cars or private cars and jeeps can go to the Shoilo Propat. From the city, the jeep car will cost Tk 600-700 and in the Chander car costs 450-500 taka.

Chimbook hill

chobok hill

The fullBandarban district is full of natural scenes. The whole road from Bandarban is uprooted. There are many tribal habitats along the route to Chimbu. From the peak of the whistle, the mountain, and the hills, only to the side.  You will see the scenery of the bushes and the hills. The river that flows through the mountains, which will take you far away. Talking to local tribes, it is known that there are several times a cloud standing on the peak of Chimbuk.



One Bandarban, one of the three hill districts of Bangladesh, has the lowest population of Bangladesh. Within Bangladesh, there are around Cox’s Bazar, Chittagong, Rangamati, and Khagrachari surrounded Bandarban. On the other hand, the border between Myanmar’s Chin Province and Arakan Province The highest mountain of Bangladesh is located in Bandarban district of Tajingdong (1003 meters), which is also known as “Bijoya” or “Madak Mual”. The second largest mountain range of the country, “Keukradong” (883 meters) and the highest canal “Raikhiang” is located in this district.

Distance about 70 kilometers from Bandarban Sadar. Traveling is possible nearby only the car in the dry season. Chander car from Bandarban Sadar or Ruma upazila headquarters is available.  Staying at night arrangement is in the Ruma district councils and other rest houses in the district.



It is the second largest highest mountain of Bangladesh. Its height is approximately 4330 feet. Located in Ruma upazila.  Distance 30 kilometers from Ruma upazila headquarters  and15 km distance from Baga lake.
In the dry season from Baga lake, climbing the mountain by the chander car. However, because the number of such vehicles is very low, the car must be rented before going there.

More Tourist Area Of Bandarban District

  • Nillgiri
  • Baga Lake
  • Baklai Jharna
  • Buddhu Dhato Jadi
  • Chinri Jhiri Jharna
  • Faipi Jharna
  • Jadipai Jharna
  • Meghla
  • Miringja Parjatan
  • Nafakhum
  • Remakcrie
  • Nilachul
  • Thanchi
  • Potungjhiri Jharna
  • Rajbihar
  • Ujanipara Bihar 
  • Rijuk Jharna
  • Shanggu River

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