The daughter of the sea – Kuakata, Bangladesh

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Kuakata is a beach and tourism center in southwest Bangladesh. To the tourists, Kuakata is known as “the daughter of the sea”. Kuakata, with a length of 18 kilometers, is one of the largest natural beaches in Bangladesh. It is the only beach in Bangladesh from where both sunrise and sunset can be seen (Unlike Coxsbazar).

Kuakata is located in Latachapali union of Mahipur thana of Kalapara upazila of Patuakhali district. The distance from Dhaka to 380 kilometers, Barisal 108 kilometers.

According to the 2011 census, the total population of Kuakata is 9,077 and the number of families is 2,065.

Naming History of The daughter of the sea – Kuakata, Bangladesh

The history behind Arakan’s arrival in the country is behind the Kuakata name. The word ‘koua’ comes from ‘koup’. It is believed that in the 18th century, the Arakans Burma migrated to this region after being expelled by the Mughal rulers. So here they had digged a lot of koua or koupes to fill the need for the water. Since then the name of this place is called Kuakata!

Spectacular Places of kuakata

The other places that are close to it are:

Fatrar Forest – Protected mangrove forest on the west side of the beach, which has been known as the ‘second Sundarbans’

Kuakatar’s ‘Kua’ – At the beginning of the Rakhain Palli Keranipara near the Kuakata beach, there is an old koup near a Buddhist temple

Shima Buddhist Temple – In front of the ancient koua, ancient temples Buddhist temple located, There is a meditated Buddha statue made of thirty-seven-sided gold oysters

Karynipara – the village of Rakhain Adivasis started from the front of the boundary Buddhist Temple

Alipore Port – Alipore is one of the largest fishery business centers in the southern region, about four kilometers north of Kuakata

Mishripara Buddhist Temple – About eight kilometers east of Kuakata beach, There is a Buddhist temple in the region of the Rakhine indigenous people, there have the largest Buddhist statue in the subcontinent

 Gongamati jungle – The eastern side of the Kuakata beach beside of Gangamati canal Gongamati jungle located

Now I am going share with you some picture of The daughter of the sea – Kuakata, Bangladesh

Fatrar Forest of kuakata

Fatrar Forest of kuakata

Gangamoti forest of kuakata

Gangamoti forest of kuakata

kiranipara of kuakata

kiranipara of kuakata

kuakata’s kua

kuakata's kua

sunset view of kuakata

sunset view of kuakata

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