Blue Whale Effect on Bangladesh

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The horror about the controversial online game Blue Whale has spread after a teenager’s suicide in Dhaka. Psychologists and online game experts say parents need to be cautious and take action on BTRC.

Talking to reporters in the ministry, the Home Minister said, “The matter has come to my notice. I have directed the BTRC chairman at noon to investigate the matter and to make the next decision. The BTRC has been asked to investigate whether the student was involved in playing the game, whether it was motivated to commit suicide or not playing the game from Bangladesh.


Meanwhile, State Minister for Information and Communication Technology Junaid Ahmed Palak said, “Attempting to stop linking the ‘Blue Whale Game’ link in Bangladesh is being monitored and it is being monitored carefully. Speaking to intelligence agencies and BTRC, we tried to block them who are trying to play the game. Apart from this, the BDCIRT of our ICT Division is also tracking that. It’s advised to everyone to be aware of this type of risky game that everybody on the Internet should be aware of it, Palak said. ‘Blue Whale’ or ‘Blue Whale Challenge’ is an online game that takes participants to the point of death. In this game, players are given various tasks as challenges, although given some mild work at the beginning, they are given a lot of dreadful work. After confronting all the hazardous challenges, the player was asked to commit suicide as a final task at the end.


Cyber experts say that if you play the Blue Whale game, it will make you feel to do suicide, this black game by creating a favorable attitude towards suicide. App Store, Play Store, Internet or Google can’t find anywhere in this game because it is virtually invalid. Only a gamer invites someone to inbox or mail, then someone can find the game. The hackers’ activism goes through some hidden links sent to anyone.


Associate professor of information technology ethics at the University of Wollongong in Dubai- Jainat Reza Khan, said:  There is no any evidence of any incident in Bangladesh yet because of this game but there is no way to wait. This game has its existence in the world. Authentic videos were found in India, where some people committed suicide because of the Blue Whale Game. Jinnat Reza Khan also said that the Russian boy who was the builder of Blue Whale was arrested. This boy is mentally ill. Master Mind of the game was a Russian youth named “Philip Budinkin”, who was studying in the Department of “Psychology” in a Russian university. After being expelled from the University, he is known to concentrate on creating this game.   Recently Russian law enforcers arrested him. He thinks this game is for them whose mental strength is less, who is depressed; they are ‘biological West’. The purpose of this game is to remove the ‘waste’ from the earth.


So be aware all parents. It is time to tell the child about the extreme consequences of such games. Not only parents, teachers should also inform the learners about this game. Without such awareness, such situations can’t be tackled.