PayPal in Bangladesh

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What is PayPal?


The US Company PayPal Holdings serves as the worldwide online payment system. It works as an electronic method rather than online money transfer and conventional paperwork. As the world’s largest internet payment company, the world’s most popular medium for companies and freelancers.
Freelancers of Bangladesh have long been waiting for PayPal in Bangladesh. PayPal has launched in Bangladesh on October 19. For the past several days, the online hot news was worldwide online money transfer platform PayPal is going to be launch in Bangladesh. Because of PayPal online transactions will be easier to collect money from abroad for freelancers.


Is PayPal Launched in Bangladesh?

Wednesday (October 18th) Public Relations Officer of the Ministry of Information Technology Abu Naser confirmed this information that Prime Minister’s Information Technology Advisor Sajeeb Wazed Joy officially inaugurated the service of international pay gateway at Bangabandhu International Conference Center on Thursday (19th October). State Minister Junaid Ahmed said PayPal services will be available in nine banks including Sonali, Rupali Bank. The PayPal authorities have experimented with the market for several days. In view of the potential Bangladesh, the company has decided to introduce fully PayPal services in Bangladesh. This will benefit the freelancers of Bangladesh. Besides, the rate of remittance will increase. The digital transaction will increase.

State Minister for Information Technology Junaid Ahmed Palak said that the client can send direct money to a freelancer account, at day-night 24 hours at low cost. This is how we overcome the first step in the succeeded.

Sounds good, isn’t it? But PayPal and Zoom PayPal is not the same thing, Zoom is a service of Paypal organization.

How do Zoom PayPal works?

Zoom PayPal

Actually, the zoom will not help to open any type of PayPal account. Through this, only your client can send you payment if the clients have the following requirements.

1.     American bank account

2.     PayPal or Zoom Account

3.     American address


Previously the client had to send you your payment by going to his bank or send from the online bank or the Western Union. Now he will be able to make payments to you through joint efforts of his bank and PayPal account.  The Zoom website clearly states that there is no way to transfer PayPal money to Jumbo. PayPal and Zoom will be considered to be a different service.

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