How To Make Money Online In Bangladesh

Last Updated on May 3, 2019 by Aminul Haque Shahin

Do you want to make online?

Are you looking for the reliable and easy ways to make online in Bangladesh?

One of the great things about surfing the Internet is that you can easily start or get into a business. Whether you live in Bangladesh or in the USA, you can make money online. In order to make money online, all you have to have is an Internet connection.

If you are living in Bangladesh, and looking for the easiest and reliable ways to earn some Taka online, then you have come to the right place. Thousands of people in Bangladesh are making fast cash and enjoying the sustainable income.

Make Money Online in Bangladesh

Finding conventional employment in the context of Bangladesh is increasingly becoming difficult in recent times. The number of job openings the country has is unfortunately meager to the number of students graduating each year.

So, what’s the solution?

With the advent of the Internet, we have both public and private sectors in Bangladesh getting reshaped and revamped to make the transition to the Web. The advent of the Internet created job opportunities for all of us.

Why Would You Want Some Income Online?

  • Trusted ways
  • No upfront investments
  • Easy to get started
  • Quick to start making money

What Does It Take to Earn Money Online

  • An Internet connection
  • A profitable niche market
  • Discipline
  • Passion
  • Patience
  • Understanding

Every second, the Internet is in dire need of skilled labor and enthusiasts. Bangladeshis can utilize the ample opportunities the Internet offers and can supplement their income or produce sustainable income results.

In this article, I discussed the best ways you can make money in Bangladesh. These are proven, trusted ways, therefore you can surely have a solid boost in your income in no time.

5 Best Ways to Make Money Online in Bangladesh

No matter what your ways are to make money, you will end up generating an income on the Internet. What it requires is a firm mindset to keep you going instead of feeling discouraged and quitting altogether.

Below are the proven ways you can make money online in Bangladesh:

  1. Blogging

It is the most effective and popular way to make money online. Although it takes time to succeed through blogging, building an audience is the key. Making money through blogging isn’t easy and simple.

So, what does it take?

  • You have to have great writing style
  • You have to create interesting content
  • You have to attract audience to your content

Once you are able to build an audience, you can generate income through product sales, advertising, and services.

Steps to Follow When Trying to Make Money through Blogging

  • Learn how to operate a WordPress blog
  • Learn the basic concepts of guest blogging, SEO, and Email Marketing from any SEO Experts from Bangladesh. 
  • Learn how to stimulate your target audience’s interest in your content
  • Focus on delivering useful content in the forms of an article, video, eBooks, discounted products, etc.

Important Things to Remember

  • Stick to a specific niche, and try to build your authority over it
  • Share your content pieces on your social media profiles
  • Try to create value in your audience’s lifestyle
  1. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the most popular ways to make money. What an affiliate marketer does is promote businesses’ products, content, etc. on their websites or content, in turn, earns a commission if a conversion is completed.

In order to be successful in affiliate marketing, you have to have a solid following on your blog. If you have a great blog site, you can become an affiliate marketer quickly.

Here’s how you can be an affiliate marketer:

  • Look for the affiliate conversion rates, and find the one suitable for your income
  • Amazon Affiliate is a good place to start
  • Sign up as a publisher
  • Grab your affiliate link and share the link on your social media profiles
  • Place banner ads on your website or blog
  • Promote the product with YouTube Video as well and earn as an affiliate and get some Adsense Money as well.
  1. Leverage Existing Freelancing Websites

There are numerous freelancing websites that you can use to sell your professional service and make money online. These websites include both active and passive income methods. Of course, these websites have particular apps that will make selling your service easier.

Here are some of the best sites to monetize your professional service online:

  • Upwork: Upwork is a popular marketplace for selling your professional services easily. All you have to have is an Upwork account to sell your professional service on the website
  • Fiverr: another great marketplace to sell just about any professional service online. Fiverr terms your ads as gigs. By publishing your gigs on Fiverr, you can start earning as low as $5.
  • Etsy: love crafting handmade items? Ever considered selling the items online? Now, you can. Etsy is the best marketplace to sell your handmade items online.
  • Shutterstock: have a keen interest in photography? Why not earn extra bucks from your photos? Thousands of photographers use Shutterstock to sell their photos. Start selling your photos on Shutterstock right now!
  1. Email Marketing

Email Marketing offers the highest ROI (Rate of Investment) for every $1 spent. Through email marketing, marketers are likely to earn approximately $40 for every $1.

What It Takes to Make Money through Email Marketing

  • An email software application

How to Make Money through Email Marketing

  • Set up your profile with an email software application
  • Create a lead magnet that can be integrated into your sales funnel
  • Build up an email list

Checklist for Email Marketing

  • Prepare eBooks
  • Do content upgrades
  • Add resources
  1. Website and App Reviewing for Cash

Have opinions on particular websites or apps? You can earn money by simply reviewing websites or apps. is one of the websites that pay money to people for reviewing websites and apps. Each review will get you $10 from that website with PayPal being the transaction medium.

Bottom Line

If you want to make money online in Bangladesh, then there are proven and effective ways to do so. In this article, I discussed the 5 best ways you can have some income online in Bangladesh.