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Grameen Phone was founded (in Bangladesh, partnered with Telenor) by noble laureate Dr. Mohammad Yunus , has now about 54.6 million subscribers. Now it is the country’s most dependable & ever growing telecom industry.GP offers most convenient and competitive package for all classes’ peoples of Bangladesh.

Recently, Grameenphone has initiated it’s package purchase system through online. Just visit www.grameenphone.com.

Here are all the GP Call rate offers and GP Internet offers at a glance –

1) New connection offers

Recharged based rate-cutter


Pre-paid (Nishchinto), Djuice, Ekota 1, 3 and BS 1, 3, 4 (Shofol) & 5, Bondhu, Grameenphone Public Phone and Village Phone connections

First Easy load recharge of 34 taka
GP to GP             0.5(Paisa-Second)
GP to Other Operator             1(Paisa-Second)
 Validity             30 Days


Data pack or Internet offers of New Connection

Recharged detailsData volumeValidity


Internet using timeFrequency of recharge time
   9 Tk1GB7 calendar days  24 hoursOnce in a month for five calendar months


To check bonus & validity dial1211*2#    Pre-loaded amount for new SIM Tk 5/- & Village phone 50/-

To check pre-loaded amount dial *566#

1(a) Pre-paid package are below.

Package nameGP to GP rateGP to another operator rateSMSFnFPulse
Nishchinto21Poisa/10 Second21Poisa/10 Second50 Poisa n/a   10 second
Bondhu27.5 poisa/10 second27.5 poisa/10 second50 Poisa1 Super FnF (5.5 poisa/10 second) & 17 FnF (11.5 poisa/10 second) 

10 second

Djuice27.5 poisa/10 second, Community: 11.5 poisa/ 10 second27.5 poisa/ 10 second50 Poisa10 FnF (11.5 poisha/ 10 second)10 second


2)Post paid package

   XPlore post paid package

Offer details   RateSMSPurchase code  Condition
GP to GP

Or Any local operator.

Round the clock time.


0.07 Tk/Min 

0.30 Per

Type XPS & then send to 4444Customer has to pay

Bills after 15 days.

SD+VAT+SC Applicable


3)GP exclusive voice bundle offers

  1. a) 01Poisa/Second package
 Package price  Offer  detailsUsing Time    ValidityMore deails
   Taka 29/-To any local operator +4 SMS  24 Hours 3 Days*121*1*2# or *121*4601#

To know offer validity of post paid


SD +VAT+SC Applicable

   Taka 39/-To any local operator +39 MB + 4 SMS  24 Hours5 Days & 3 Days Internet
   Taka 79/-To any local operator + 4 SMS24 Hours   15 Days
  Taka 109/-All operator + 4 SMS24 Hours   30 Days


4) Special bundle voice packages

Package detailsRate(Inclusive SD+VAT+SC)Purchase code     Validity
40 Minute (GP to GP )   @ 14 Tk/-*121*4001#   16 Hours
100 Minute+ 50 SMS (GP to GP)   @ 53 Tk/-*121*4004#    07 Days
100 Minute( GP to Any Net)   @ 78 Tk/-*121*4026#    07 Days
75 Minute GP to GP   @ 24 Tk/-  *121*4002#    24 Hours
100 Minute GP to GP   @ 43 Tk/-  *121*4003#    03 Days
300 Minute GP to GP   @ 43 Tk/-  *121*4006#     07 Days
350 Minute GP to GP   @ 113 Tk/-  *121*4007#     07 Days
750 Minute GP to GP   @ 113 Tk/-   *121*4008#     15 Days


5) (a) Any use Internet package

Package namePrice(Including SD +VAT +SC)Validity DaysDirect dialing code

Pre & post paid

4 MB2.52*121*3002#
35 MB187*121*3003#
60 MB223*121*3029#
75 MB377*121*3004#
100 MB5630*121*3005#
250 MB11928*121*3006#
500 MB14928*121*3007#
1.5 GB22928*121*3027#
2 GB33728*121*3009#
3 GB42728*121*3010#
5 GB60928*121*3012#
10 GB115728*121*3013#
12 GB152228*121*3014#
20 GB243628*121*3015#
1GB Weekly947*121*3056#
2GB Weekly1297*121*3058#
4GB Weekly1797*121*3084#
250 [email protected] 31 Tk313*121*3083#


Scratch card or urgent loan or data


   TakaValidity Purchase code
Emergency data loan(10MB)   5   2 *121*3021#
100 MB Internet Scratch Card@19 Tk/-  03 Days  N/A
35 MB@10 Tk/-   03 Days   N/A

***Internet Packs are not applicable for Skitto users

5(b) Social Pack

Package namePrice(Including SD +VAT +SC)Validity DaysDirect dialing code

Pre & post paid

20 MB Whats app


      2.5         01*121*3063#
20 MB Viber


       2.5         01*121*3070#
Daily heavy video pack         6         01*121*3020#
Weekly video pack        18         07*121*3020#
Facebook 01 day        1.5         01*121*3022#
Facebook 07 days         6         07*121*3023#
Facebook 28 days        18         28 *121*3024#


Dial 1211*2# to know about the remaining data, talk-time & SMS balance.

6) Awesome GPAY Wallet offer and get bonus:

Recharge amount (Tk)  PackValiditySpecial Bonus
   113350 Minute(GP-GP)  7 Days    10 Tk
    237750 Minute(GP-GP)   15 Days   10 Tk
  • To register GPAY, customer needs to dial *777#.


7) Device Offers

Name of deviceOffer availability Details         Rate Purchase code/Tagging


GPC, Online and Walton Outlets only.2GB+2GB Free Internet   337 TK(Inclusive all)Type NOV2 and SMS to 5050 or dial  121


GP Sales Channels & Symphony Outlets.1.5GB Internet +1.5 GB Free(validity 28 days) 229 TK (inclusive all charge)Type SEP1 and SMS to 5050  dial  121
SamsungEnterprise Channel, GP Online Shop, Grameenphone Centers & Samsung Outlets 

2GB+4GB Free Internet

(validity 28 days)

  337 TK(Inclusive all)

Free Internet Validity 07 Days

Type SAM4G and send to 5050


OPPO Outlets only3GB+4GB Free Internet

(validity 28 days)

   255 TK(Inclusive all)


type GP4G and SMS to 5050
iPhone 8 GPC and GP Online shop8GB+10GB Free Internet400 TK(Inclusive all)


Type IP8 & send to 5050



·       GP Sales Channels & Huawei Outlets.



3GB  + 4GB Free Internet

(validity 28 days)


BDT 255 (inclusive all)

 Type GP4G and SMS to 5050 
·       Lava Iris 505

·       MicromaxQ354

·       Fatafati Smartphone1.5 GB FreeBuy 50 GP-GP Minutes at Tk. 29 (inclusive of all charge) then, it will be able to enjoy 1GB(Validity: 7 days)Type GPSP and send SMS to 5050

***Dial 121 for more details.

8) Nirvoy-Free Life Insurance

  1. in partnership with Micro Ensure Bangladesh and Pragati Life has introduced another attractive package of life insurance. It offers protection against the risk of loss of life by providing monetary compensation in the direct need of family emergency. Just from your handset you can avail. Details are bellow.
Recharge in previous calendar month 1(Excluding VAT)Free life insurance cover     Process
Start BDT 150/- to 500 & aboveBDT 10,000/- to 50,000/-Mobicash’ outlets to register for this offer. It can be availed  either using the Nirvoy Portal (Web) or using their Mobile (via USSD).

How To Get Your 4G GP SIM Directly On Your Home?

Yes, Grameenphone is giving the Bangladeshi people a great opportunity to get your SIM card replaced and send you directly to your home. You just need to pur your Mobile Number (to be replaced), an alternative number for contact and your National ID number. That’s it.

Step 1: Go to this link.

Step 2: Enter your details.

Step 3: Click on Add to Cart (you may pay 110 Taka by using your Mobile Balance or other cards).

And wait for your SIM staying at your home.

Have a great moment with Grameenphone! We will update this post once we find new Grameenphone offers for Internet and Call/voice.

GP Offers | Call Rate & Internet Prices By GrammenPhone
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