Banglalink All Internet Offers & Internet Packages 2021

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Banglalink is a leading telecommunications service provider in Bangladesh and it is the third-largest cellular service provider in Bangladesh. Telecom Ventures Ltd is the full owner of Banglalink Digital Communications Ltd. Banglalink has more than 45 million subscribers and a 27.8% subscriber market share as of January 2021. Banglalink is the first company in Bangladesh to provide free incoming calls from BTRC for both postpaid and prepaid connections.

Updated BanglalinkInternet Packages ( 3 Days Pack )

SerialData PlanDurationPrice (BDT)Dial
1. 200 MB3 Days18/- *121*18#
2. 512 MB3 Days23/-*121*23#
3. 1 GB3 Days36/-*121*36#
4. 2 GB3 Days49/-*121*49#
5. 1.5 GB3 Days41/-*5000*41#
6. 4 GB3 Days64/-*121*64#
7. 5.5 GB3 Days73/- *121*73#
8. 8 GB3 Days89/-*121*89#

Updated Banglalink Internet Packages ( 4 Days Pack )

SerialData PlanDurationPrice (BDT)Dial
1. 500 MB4 Days9/-*5000*309#
2. 75 MB4 Days13/- *121*13#
3. 1 GB4 Days9/-*121*309#

Updated Banglalink Internet Packages ( Weekly Pack )

SerialData PlanDurationPrice (BDT)Dial
1. 1 GB7 Days16*121*16#
2. 2 GB7 Days50*5000*50#
3. 4 GB7 Days108*121*108#
10 GB

7 Days129*121*129#
5. 18 GB7 Days169*121*169#
500 MB

7 Days42*121*42#

13 GB

7 Days149*121*149#
8. 7 GB7 Days114*121*114#

Updated Banglalink Internet Packages ( Monthly Pack )

SerialData PlanDurationPrice (BDT)Dial
1. 5 GB30 Days46*121*46#
2. 2.5 GB30 Days209*121*209#
3. 6 GB30 Days299*121*299#
4. 12 GB30 Days399*121*399#
5. 45 GB30 Days699*121*699#
6. 15 GB30 Days96*5000*396#
7. 3 GB30 Days249*121*249#
8. 50 GB30 Days300*5000*300#
9. 40 GB30 Days499*121*499#
10. 55 GB30 Days999*121*999#

Banglalink All Internet Packages With Offer Value & Pricing

Banglalink offers different types of offers like internet offers, talk-time offers, internet bonuses, and free internet to its subscriber. Banglalink has a lot of internet offers for its subscriber. In this article, we have discussed all the internet offers of 2019.

Banglalink75 MB at 13 BDT

You can get 75MB internet at only 13 BDT. The validity of this internet offer is 3 days. Toactivate this offer dial *5000*543#. This offer is available for a limited time,and condition applies.

Banglalink500 MB at 49 BDT

This is a very fantastic internet offer for people with a low budget.  You can get a 500 MB internet data pack at only 49 BDT. The validity period for this offer is 7 days. The activation code of this offer is *5000*588#. A user can only buy this package 2 times.

Banglalink1 GB at 31 BDT

Banglalink 1 GB at 31 BDT offer is available for their users. You will get 1 GB of data in this offer. The validation time for this offer is 3 days. A user can activate this offer once for a SIM card. To enable this offer dial *5000*31#.

Banglalink2 GB at 42 BDT

One of the most exciting internet offers for Banglalink users is a 2GB offer at 42 BDT. A user can purchase this offer maximum of 4 times. The validity of this offer is 3 days. To enjoy this offer dial *5000*42#.

Banglalink2 GB at 209 BDT

One of the most exciting internets offers for Banglalink users is the 2GB offer at 209 BDT. It is a monthly internet data package. The validity of this offer is 30 days. To enjoy this offer dial *5000*581#.

Banglalink3 GB at 99 BDT

This offer is for heavy users. Recently Banglalink launches a super offer for their customers. A User can enjoy a 3 GB data pack at only 99 BDT. This offer is available for 7 days from the activation date. To start this offer dial *5000*799#.

Banglalink5 GB at 399 BDT

This is anothernew offer of Banglalink internet. It is a monthly internet data package. Theduration of this offer is 30 days. You will get 5 GB of internet data at 399BDT.  To activate this offer you have to dial*5000*599#.

Banglalink6 GB at 129 BDT

You can get 6 GB of internet at only 129 BDT.  It is a weak internet data package. The duration of this offer is 07 days. To activate this offer you have to dial *5000*577#. This offer is for users with higher consumption of mobile data. So those who are looking for 6 GB internet at a low price can buy this offer.

Banglalink 7 GB at 499 BDT

This is amonthly data offer for Banglalink users. A user can enjoy this offer at 499BDT. The cost of this offer is a bit high for its validation period. Thevalidity of this offer is 30 days. Dial *5000*508# to activate this offer.

Banglalink10 GB at 199 BDT

Banglalink recently launches a new internet offer to their customer. This is an excellent internet offer for heavy mobile net users.  Users can buy 10 GB at 199 BDT. The validation of this offer is 07 days. To activate this offer you have to dial *5000*199#.

Banglalink All Internet Packages 2021

Here is the list of all Banglalink internet packages. In this list, you will find information about the entire data package, their charge, activation code, and validity. We will update the list regularly to make sure you can find all the updated Internet packages of 2021.

2 MB1 Day85 Paisha*5000*519#
3 MB1 Day1.5 BDT*5000*518#
9 MB1 Day3 BDT*5000*513#
12 MB1 Day4 BDT*5000*520#
32 MB1 Day9 BDT*5000*529#
45 MB1 Day10 BDT*5000*543#
60 MB3 Days15 BDT*5000*502#
100 MB7 Days20 BDT*5000*522#
120 MB30 Days50 BDT*5000*523#
160 MB7 Days30 BDT*5000*501#
250 MB10 Days75 BDT*5000*517#
300 MB30 Days99 BDT*5000*503#
500 MB7 Days100 BDT*5000*582#
600 MB30 Days150 BDT*5000*504#
1 GB30 Days210 BDT*5000*581#
1.5 GB30 Days275 BDT*5000*511#
2 GB30 Days350 BDT*5000*506#
4 GB30 Days500 BDT*5000*508#
8 GB30 Days900 BDT*5000*509#
15 GB30 Days1500 BDT*5000*510#
1 GB Youtube2 Days19 BDT*5000*345#
250 MB Imo7 Days10 BDT*5000*725#
100 MB Facebook, Whats app, Twitter7 Days7 BDT*5000*576# 

Banglalink Recharge Package Offer 2021

This is an exciting offer for Banglalink users. Now a Banglalink user can enjoy MB Bonus when they recharge their SIM. Here are the details of all the recharge packages, their validation, and charge values.

3 GB30 Days399 BDT
1.5 GB 200 MB Bonus30 Days209 BDT
2.5 GB7 Days129 BDT
1.5 GB7 Days99 BDT
500 MB7 Days49 BDT
250 MB7 Days36 BDT

How To Check Balance of Banglalink Internet

1. If you are a Banglalink prepaid SIM user and want to check the internet balance then dial *5000*500#.

2. If you want to check the internet balance of Banglalink postpaid SIM then dial *5000*500#. These codes are applicable only for internet offers.

3. For the recharge offer balance, you have to dial *124*50# or *121*1# or *222*3#.

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