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Mankind has the tendency of forgetting things and it’s natural. But sometimes forgetting things can be a problem for example if you forget your SIM number or the number of a SIM that you don’t use for a long period of time. For different reasons, we require a SIM number and if we don’t have the valid papers of the SIM number or we don’t remember the SIM number or our own mobile number, then we are in a lot of trouble. If you forget your SIM number there is nothing to worry about as in this article I have discussed how you can check your SIM number very easily from your phone. From this post, you will learn how you can check the SIM numbers of Grameenphone, Robi, Banglalink, Airtel, and Teletalk. Make sure you bookmark this post for further use.

How To Check Own SIM Number

Over the years there are some revolutionary changes in the telecommunication sectors of Bangladesh and there are five mobile phone operators providing service right now in Bangladesh. They are:

1. Grameenphone

2. Robi

3. Banglalink

4. Airtel

5. Teletalk 

It’s very easy to check your own SIM number. You only have to dial the USSD codes to check the Sim numbers. Here are the USSD codes of all operators:

1. Grameenphone SIM Number Checking USSD Code:  *2#

2. Robi SIM Number Checking USSD Code: *140*2*4#

3. Airtel SIM Number Checking USSD Code: *121*7*3#

4. Banglalink SIM Number Checking USSD Code: *511#

5. Teletalk SIM Number Checking USSD Code: *551#

How To Check Grameenphone SIM Number?

Grameenphone is the largest telecommunications service provider in Bangladesh. Grameenphone is widely abbreviated as GP. They have more than 74 million subscribers and a 46.3% subscriber market share. GP built the first cellular network to cover 99% area of the country. The USSD code to check the Grameenphone SIM number is *2#.

How To Check Robi SIM Number?

Robi is the 2nd largest telecommunications service provider in Bangladesh. Robi started their operation in 1997 as the brand name ‘AKTEL’. In 2010 the company was re-branded to ‘Robi,’ and the company changed its name to Robi Axiata Limited. Robi SIM number can be checked by dialing *140*2*4#. 

How To Check Banglalink SIM Number?

Banglalink is the 3rd largest telecommunications service provider in Bangladesh. Banglalink is fully owned by Telecom Ventures Ltd. of Malta, which is a 100% owned subsidiary of global telecom holding. Banglalink has more than 45 million subscribers and a 27.8% subscriber market share as of January 2019. Banglalink is the first company in Bangladesh to provide free incoming calls from BTTB for both postpaid and prepaid connections. You can check the SIM number of Banglalink by dialing *511#.

How To Check Airtel SIM Number?

Airtel was a very popular telecommunications service provider among the young generations in Bangladesh. Airtel’s operation in Bangladesh is merged into Robi. The merger was completed in November 2016. Now Axiata Group (owner of Robi) owns 68.7% of Airtel’s share, and Bharti Group owns 25.0% shares. The USSD code for the Airtel SIM number check is *121*7*3#.  

How to Check Teletalk SIM Number?

Teletalk is the 4th largest telecommunications service provider in Bangladesh and it is the only state-owned GSM, 3G, LTE-based mobile phone operator in Bangladesh. Teletalk was established in 2004. As of September 31, 2021, Teletalk has 4.527 million subscribers. The vision of Teletalk is to know their customers and meet their needs better than anyone else. You can check the SIM number of Teletalk by dialing *551#.

Finally, I hope this article was helpful for you, and you have got the necessary USSD codes for your own phone number check of different operators. Don’t forget to share this article with your friends and family if you think it can help them.

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