Bangladesh Public Service Commission – BPSC | History, Roles & Contact

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Bangladesh Public Service Commission (BPSC) is a quasi-judicial, constitutional body. The Commission was established with the objectives of recruiting civil servants for the Bangladesh Government. Following Section 137 of Part IX, Chapter II of the Constitution of Bangladesh, BPSC was established in 1972.


Establishing an independent, governing body with sufficient powers to recruit civil service servants based on the principles of merit and equity was always cherished since British Colonial Period in South Asia. As a result, a Public Service Commission was established in India in 1926. The fundamental structure of the Commission was similar to that of the British Government.

In 1947, when the Subcontinent was partitioned, models of the Public Service Commission were built in Pakistan. Also, a body named Public Service Commission was founded in East Pakistan (present-day Bangladesh) in August 1947.

After the emergence of an independent Bangladesh in 1971, East Pakistan Public Service Commission was developed as Bangladesh Public Service Commission in 1972. Initially, there were two Public Service Commissions, but in November 1977, the Government decided to establish a single body replacing the initially existing two Commissions.

The decision fully came into effect on December 22, 1977, a single Commission came into being as Bangladesh Public Service Commission (BPSC). It remains the same to date.


BPSC serves as the main governing body for recruiting civil servants for various services and posts in the government. BPSC handles a variety of service matters related to promotion, discipline, posting, appeal and transfer of the civil servants.

BPSC is the Commission that holds the largest nationwide competitive examination; i.e. Bangladesh Civil Service Examination, for recruiting civil servants.

The most important feature of BPSC is that it is determined by the Constitution of Bangladesh for such Commission to operate. So, its existence is not statutory basis. The Constitution of Bangladesh entrusted with BPSC to perform all the examinations and tests required to select persons for government services.

Besides holding competitive examinations for civil servants’ recruitment, BPSC also performs the following actions:

  • To conduct competitive examinations and/or interviews for direct recruitment of persons in the government service.
  • To conduct psychological and intelligence tests for candidates who qualify in the competitive examinations seeking selection to the various civil service cadres.
  • To conduct tests and/or interviews for the promotion of government servants from one service to another (eg, from class II to class I).
  • To select candidates from among the serving temporary government servants for appointment to permanent posts.
  • To endorse ad hoc appointments made under various ministries/divisions.
  • To advise on matters in respect of framing necessary recruitment rules as well as the principles to be followed in making recruitment, promotions and transfers in the government service, including the determination of inter
  • seniority position of government officers.
  • To examine and approve rules and syllabi of various departmental and professional examinations as well as conduct such examinations for government servants.
  • To advise on matters affecting the terms and conditions of service of government servants.
  • And to advise on disciplinary and appeal matters affecting government servants.

Contact of Bangladesh Public Service Commission

Address: Statistics Road, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Phone: +880 1735-028024