How To Find Any Mobile Number Location In Bangladesh Easily

Last Updated on July 4, 2021 by Adnan Musa

Do you want the ways to trace a missed call in Bangladesh?

Are you looking for ways to trace a mobile number in Bangladesh?

We all have this sort of experience – being woken up in the middle of the night by calls from unknown numbers persistently. This could go on and on for days, even months. The trail of unknown numbers does not seem to stop.

Bangladeshis aren’t unfamiliar with such situations. We have millions of mobile phone users in this country. Having a stylish, up-to-date phone is quite a trend here. We have half a dozen SIM card operators in the country.

The SIM card operators have various attractive offers to offer with calls, SMSs, and data. Due to the attractive offers, people tend to interchange among SIM cards due to varying offers. Everyone is quick to avail the hot offers currently in the market.

Tracing Phone Calls

Now, with cell phones and cellular communication being available in the country like Grameenphone, Robi, Teletalk, Airtel & Banglalink, people have devised numerous ways to deceive people. There are people who abuse the service by using many manipulating ways.

One of those ways is annoying people with many different unknown numbers. There could be many reasons behind this malicious attack. People with vengeful desire may want to harm you or turn your life into a living hell.

If you have been suffering from persistent calls from unknown numbers, you want to look into the person(s) doing this, or at least where these calls are being made.

For this reason, you may want to find the location of the person making the calls. In this article, I am going to show you how you can find out the details of the person making annoying calls.

How To Trace Any Mobile Number In Bangladesh

You may be considered to have a software application to trace any mobile number on Google Maps. However, the law enforcement agencies or the government won’t use a particular software application for tracking a mobile number user’s location.

1. Law enforcement agencies contact mobile phone service providers whenever they are required to trace a mobile phone.

2. Service providers can trace a call by factoring in the approximate area of the suspect. The service providers can trace a call as soon as a suspect makes it.

3. cellular phone number has to be connected to a mobile phone tower and always adjusts its connectivity as per nearby mobile towers.

4. Service providers utilize this dynamic multiple towers data and use triangulation procedures. They use the triangulation process to receive information about the area of the suspected mobile phone user.

5. Tracing the location of mobile phone users in far remote places can get tough. By far remote places, I meant locations where the density of towers is meager, and the range of towers is high.

6. Once data is triangulated, law enforcement agencies can find the suspect using a combing operation.

7. However, the longitude and latitude (the exact location of the suspect) may never be delivered, even the service providers are unable to deliver such information.

8. If the data connection is on, getting login credentials can be really easy. However, location has been turned on.

IMEI in this case isn’t productive as it has to do with tagged data with phone number.

Track A Mobile Number User’s Current Location On Google Maps

In this method, you are going to be using an IP address. With an IP address, you will be able to track and trace out your location. You can track the current location of your mobile number by deriving the location details of the device.

If a mobile phone is connected to the Internet, it must have an IP address. IP addresses are unique addresses that determine the location of the device connected to the Internet.  The IP address is usually provided by the ISP (Internet Service Provider).

With a valid IP address provided by an ISP, you can stay connected to the Internet.

Step 1: open in any browser in your desktop or mobile browser

Step 2: visit

Step 3: now enter an image URL in URL shorter, then plug in logger

Step 4: Click on ‘Get Code’

Step 5: it will start processing and generating a short URL for the address

Step 6: the image URL will be sent to any person who is to open this image by clicking on the given URL

Step 7: the image will be opened as it is, as a result, the site will get all the required data

Step 8: now copy this URL and send the URL to anyone whom you would like to open the link

Step 9: once the link is opened, you will be able to trace out his/her IP address

Top Mobile Number Tracker In Bangladesh (BD) 

There are some free and Paid mobile number tracker software, tools, and services available which you can use to serve your purposes. Please contact with local Law enforcement agencies or talk with the vendor directly whether you are allowed to use such services or they are affordable to you or not. The due dilligence is yours own. Here you go – 

1. EMobileTracker (Instant Mobile Tracking Facilities)

2. TrackersBD (Vehicle Tracking Via Mobile and Device)

3. Live GPS Search (GPS Mobile Tracker)

4. Mobile Caller Location Tracer (Microsoft Phone App)

5. Mobile Number Locator (Android App)

6. Buddy Tracker (Grameenphone Service via VAS)

7. Mobile Number Tracker (iPhone App)

Please try all the tools and services above and find a suitable one that suits with your needs. It’s because, these tracer apps are for mass people and may not come as handy as you are expecting. And it is advised to test every app and services mentioned above as most of these are free.

Bottom Line

If you are being harassed by phone persistent phone calls, you could take action against them by getting out their IP address.

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