Airtel is a leading telecommunications service provider in Bangladesh. It is a subsidiary of the Indian multinational company Bharti Airtel. Although Bharti Airtel announced that they would merge Airtel’s operations in Bangladesh into Robi.

The merger was completed in November 2016. Now Axiata Group (owner of Robi) own 68.7% of Airtel’s share and  Bharti Group own 25.0% and  NTT DoCoMo owns the remaining 6.3% shares.   

Internet Offers At a Glance with Price & Activation Code

Airtel offersdifferent types of offers like internet offers, talk-time offers, internetbonus, and free internet to its subscriber. Airtel has a lot of internet offersfor its subscriber. In this article, we have discussed all the internet offersof 2019.

Airtel 1 GB at 18 BDT

You can get 1 GBinternet at only 18 BDT. The validity of this internet offer is 3 days. Toactivate this offer dial *21291*018#. This offer is available for a limitedtime, and condition applies.

Airtel 1 GB at 21 BDT

This is a very fantasticinternet offer for people with low budget.  You can get 1 GB internet data pack at only 21BDT. The validity period for this offer is 5 days. Activation code of thisoffer is *21291*021#. A user can only buy this package 2 times.

Airtel 1 GB at 29 BDT

Airtel 1 GB at 29BDT offer is available at airtel app. You will get 1 GB data in this offer. Thevalidation time for this offer is 3 days. A user can activate this offer oncefor a SIM card. To enable this offer dial *123*025*1#.

Airtel 1 GB at 49 BDT

It is the dream offer from Airtel Company to its users. Airtel always serves for the betterment of their customer. It is a monthly internet data package. To activate this offer dial *21291*049#. This offer is for 2G and 3G users. In this offer, you will get 1 GB mobile Data.

Airtel 2 GB at 38 BDT

One of the mostexciting internets offers for Airtel user is 2 GB offer at 38 BDT. A user canpurchase this offer maximum 4 times. The validity of this offer is 3 days. Toenjoy this offer dial *123*038#.

Airtel 4 GB at 148 BDT

This is anothernew offer of Airtel internet. It is a monthly internet data package. Theduration of this offer is 30 days. You will get 4 GB of internet data at 148BDT. Moreover, you will get 150 min talk time in this offer.  To activate this offer you have to recharge148 taka to your airtel SIM.

Airtel 5 GB at 198 BDT

You can get 5 GBinternet at only 198 BDT.  It is amonthly internet data package. The duration of this offer is 30 days. To activatethis offer you have to recharge 198 taka to your airtel SIM. This offer is forusers with higher consumption of mobile data. Moreover, you will get 200 mintalk time in this offer. So those who are looking for 5 GB internet at a lowprice can buy this offer.

Airtel 10 GB at 209 BDT

Airtel recently launchesnew internet offer to their customer. This is an excellent internet offer for heavymobile net users.  Users can buy 10 GB at209 BDT. The validation of this offer is 30 days. To activate this offer youhave to recharge 209 taka or dial *123*209*1#.

Airtel All Internet Packages 2019

Here is the list of all Airtel internet packages. In this list, you will find information about the entire data package, their charge, activation code, and validity. We will update the list regularly to make sure you can find all the updated Internet packages of 2019.

30 MB2 Days*121*781#10 BDT
45 MB1 Day*121*782#10 BDT
100 MB2 Days*121*640#15 BDT
100 MB7 Days*121*771#20 BDT
150 MB7 Days*121*027#22 BDT
200 MB3 Days*121*250#25 BDT
250 MB7 Days*121*5003#50 BDT
1 GB7 Days*121*089#73 BDT
1 GB14 Days*121*151#127 BDT
1 GB28 Days*121*209#172 BDT
2 GB7 Days*121*129#106 BDT
2 GB28 Days*121*298#245 BDT
3 GB28 Days*121*398#327 BDT
2.5 GB 1.5 GB Bonus28 Days*121*5020#350 BDT
4.5 GB28 Days*121*498#409 BDT
3 GB 2 GB Bonus28 Days*121*5025#450 BDT
5 GB28 Days*121*711#650 BDT
8 GB28 Days*121*5040#950 BDT
1.5 GB 60 Minute Bonus7 Days*123*098#98 BDT
3 GB10 Days*123*129#129 BDT
1 GB 512 MB (FB + Whatsapp + Viber + IMO)7 Days*123*089#89 BDT

Airtel Recharge Package Offer

This is an exciting offer for Airtel users. Now an Airtel user can enjoy MB Bonus when they recharge their SIM. Here are the details of all the recharge packages, their validation and charge values.

60 MB3 Days17
150 MB7 Days27
1GB + 512MB Social7 Days89
1.5 GB28 Days209
3 GB10 Days129
3 GB28 Days298
4 GB28 Days398
5 GB28 Days498
3 GB 2 GB Bonus28 Days517
6 GB90 Days863
50 MB7 Days34
500 MB7 Days88
2 GB 3G 1 GB 4G7 Days38

Airtel Social Package Offer

There is a different social package available for Airtel users. Here are the details of all the social packages, their validation and charge values.

4 MB Facebook1 Day*121*92#2 BDT
50 MB Facebook2 Days*121*90#5 BDT
100 MB Facebook7 Days*121*126#35 BDT
120 MB Facebook3 Days*121*91#10 BDT
250 MB Facebook15 Days*121*125#80 BDT
500 MB Facebook30 Days*121*124#150 BDT
75 MB Video pack2 Days*121*641#10 BDT
400 MB Video pack7 Days*121*642#50 BDT
1 GB Video pack30 Days*121*643#130 BDT

Airtel Internet Balance Check

If you are a prepaid SIM user and want to check the internet balance of Airtel then dial *778*555#. If you want to check the internet balance of Airtel postpaid SIM then dial *121*70#. These codes are applicable only for internet offers. For the recharge offer balance, you have to dial *3# or *778*4# or *778*41#. To check the internet balance of Airtel social packs you have to dial *778*38#.

Bottom Line

If you have anyquery regarding Airtel Internet Offers & Internet Packages 2019, thencomment below your question. We will reply as soon as possible. Bookmark thispage for further use and share this post with your friends & family as thisarticle may also be relevant to them.

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