Banglalink Recharge Internet Offer & Minute Offer 2023

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Banglalink is a leading telecommunications service provider in Bangladesh and it is the third-largest cellular service provider in Bangladesh. Telecom Ventures Ltd is the full owner of Banglalink Digital Communications Ltd. Banglalink has more than 45 million subscribers and a 27.8% subscriber market share as of January 2019. Banglalink is the first company in Bangladesh to provide free incoming calls from BTTB for both postpaid and prepaid connections.

Updated Banglalink All-Minute Offers

SerialMinutesDurationActive CodePrice (BDT)
1. 23030 Days*166*147#147/-
2. 25030 Days*166*157#157/-
3. 46030 Days*166*297#297/-
4. 34030 Days*166*207#207/-
5. 51030 Days*166*307#307/-
6. 30030 Days*166*197#197/-
7. 23530 Days*166*137#137/-
8. 15515 Days*166*97#97/-
9. 1757 Days*166*175#107/-

As 2023 dawned, Banglalink introduced several exclusive recharge offers to suit every lifestyle and budget. From the cost-effective 1GB pack available for just 36 Taka to a more lasting 1GB plan costing 76 Taka that lasts a full week, these offers cater to everyone, from light users seeking short-term data solutions to heavy users needing consistent internet access. There’s also a balanced 2GB offer for just 49 Taka. Each of these plans can be activated quickly by dialing specific codes or via a hassle-free recharge.

Banglalink All Recharge Offer

DataValidityRecharge BDTActivation Code
3 GB30 Days249*5000*249#
12 GB30 Days399*5000*599#
6 GB30 Days399*5000*299#
1GB7 Days36*5000*36#
6 GB7 Days108*5000*108#
9 GB (7GB+2GB 4G)7 Days114*5000*114#
12 GB (12GB+1 GB Toffee)7 Days129Activated By Recharge
15 GB7 Days149Activated By Recharge
18 GB7 Days169Activated By Recharge

Banglalink 1GB 36 Tk Offer

In 2023, the Banglalink 1GB 36 Tk Offer has emerged as an all-time favorite among users seeking budget-friendly yet reliable internet connectivity.

Details of the 1GB internet package for 36 Tk

The exclusive Bhaglalink 1GB bundle offers a generous 1GB of data for just 36 Tk. It’s an exceptional value, perfect for light internet users or those in need of a short-term data solution.

Validity period and usage guidelines

The package, once activated, is valid for 4 days, allowing for uninterrupted browsing, streaming, downloads, and more. It’s a cost-effective solution for those looking for reliable internet access on a budget.

Activation process and code

Activating this offer is as simple as dialing the code 500036# or through a Tk 36 recharge. The user-friendly activation process ensures you can start enjoying your data bundle almost immediately. Stay connected with Banglalink’s affordable variety of internet packages to meet your specific data needs.


III. Banglalink 2GB 49 Tk Offer

This section focuses on an outstanding Banglalink package, the Banglalink 2GB 49 Tk Offer.

Information about the 2GB Internet Package for 49 Tk

The Banglalink 2GB 49 Tk Offer is tailor-made for users who require a fair amount of data for a short-term use. This internet package grants users 2GB of data for only 49 Taka. With a validity period of 4 days, this package offers an economical solution for users who wish to surf the internet, watch online videos, or stay connected with friends and family on social networks.

Benefits and Features of the Package

  • Cost-efficient data plan
  • Wide internet coverage
  • Smooth browsing experience
  • Suitable for short-term use

Activation Method and Code

To activate the Banglalink 2GB 49 Tk Offer, simply dial the activation code –500049# or recharge exactly 49 TK. Experience high-speed internet connectivity without worrying about expenditure. You can also visit the official Banglalink website for more details on activation and terms of service.

This package is a fantastic solution for those seeking an affordable and sufficient data plan. Its user-friendly features and easy activation process make it a standout offer in 2023.

IV. Banglalink 1GB 76 Tk Offer

In the array of Banglalink’s recharge internet offers, the Banglalink 1GB 76 Tk Offer stands out with its generous data pack and extended validity period.

Details of the 1GB internet package for 76 Tk

This specific Banglalink 1GB 76 Tk Offer provides a sumptuous 1GB data pack. It is obtainable for just 76 TK, making it a budget-friendly choice for those inclined towards bang for buck deals. From students to professionals, this plan caters to everyone, even frequent users who tireless pursue online activities requiring a reliable flow of internet data.

Validity period and usage instructions

The Banglalink 1GB 76 Tk Offer, which is a weekly package, comes with a validity period of 7 days. This ensures that users enjoy uninterrupted browsing and online activities throughout the week. Activation is straightforward – simply dial the activation code 500076# or recharge 76 TK on your Banglalink account. Upon successful activation, you will have instant access to high-speed internet connectivity.

Lastly, while you’re logged into your account, remember to explore other great internet offers. It is always prudent to select the one that fits both your budget and data requirements.


V. Banglalink 3GB 49 Tk Offer

The year 2023 brings forth an array of impressive recharge options from Banglalink, one of which is the highly competitive 3GB 49 Tk offer. This valuable internet plan emerges as a perfect solution for users with medium-term internet needs.

Information about the 3GB internet package for 49 Tk

If ample data within budget is what you seek, this package could be your ideal pick. Just for 49 Tk, you get a whopping 3GB of internet data that remains valid for four days. You can activate this package by recharging your Banglalink SIM with 49 Tk, or manually by dialing the code 500049# on your handset.

Benefits and features of the package

This package condenses a significant volume of data within a pocket-friendly budget. It is designed to cater to users who frequently surf the net, stream, download, or stay active on social media platforms.

A winsome feature of this offer is its budget-friendly setup, making it a popular choice among Banglalink users. This deal does an excellent job of striking a balance between cost-effectiveness and a robust internet supply, thereby catering to a sizable chunk of its user base.

This plan allows users to:

  • Stay online round the clock
  • Enjoy uninterrupted video streaming
  • Keep their apps continually updated
  • Engage in seamless online gaming

In conclusion, the Banglalink 3GB 49 Tk offer in 2023 seamlessly combines affordability with plentiful data, making it a favorite among users of all ages. With such attractive offers, Banglalink continues to uphold its reputation as a provider of customer-friendly internet packages in 2023.

VI. Conclusion

Summarizing the Banglalink recharge internet offers

In conclusion, it’s clear that Banglalink is striving to meet the data needs of however diverse and dynamic the users might be, with their extensive range of recharge internet offers. Here is a quick recap of the standout offers:

  • The Banglalink 1GB 36 Tk Offer: A reliable short-term data solution, offering 1GB at 36 Taka for a period of 4 days.
  • The Banglalink 1GB 76 Tk Offer: A stable, weekly 1GB package for just 76 Taka.
  • The Banglalink 49 Tk recharge Offer: Provides 3GB for just 49 Taka, valid for 4 days.
  • The 2GB 49 Tk Offer: Another offer where you can get a 2GB internet data package for just 49 Tk, valid for 4 days.

Banglalink All Minute Offers

Banglalink offers different types of offers like internet offers, talk-time offers, internet bonuses, minute offers, and free internet to its subscriber. Banglalink has a lot of minute offers for its subscriber. In this article, we have discussed all the Banglalink minute offers.

Banglalink 25 Minute Offers

This is a very popular Banglalink minute pack. The cost of this minute offer is only 14 BDT. The activation code of this minute offer is *1100*3#. The validity of this offer is 24 hours.

Banglalink 40 Minute Offers

Banglalink 40 minute offer is available at 24 BDT. To activate this offer you have to dial *1100*4#. The validation of this offer is 24 hours. A user will also get 25 MB of mobile data and 25 SMS.

Banglalink 75 Minute Offers

Banglalink 75 minute offer is available at 43 BDT. The validity of the Banglalink 75 minute offer is 7 days. To activate this offer you have to dial *1100*5*3#.

Banglalink 148 Minute Offers

You can buy this minute offer from the Banglalink app. It will be the best option for you. Besides this, you can activate this offer by dialing *1100*5*4#. The cost of this minute bundle is 148 BDT. It is a monthly package. The validity of this offer is 30 days. A user will get 148 bonus SMS while purchasing this offer.

Banglalink 160 Minute Offers

This minute offer is available in the Banglalink app. It will be the best option for you. Besides this, you can activate this offer by dialing *1100*1#. It is available for 15 days at 93 BDT. A user will get 150 bonus SMS while purchasing this offer.

Banglalink 212 Minute Offers

Banglalink 212 minutes offer is available at 123 BDT only. Users can use these minutes for any local operator. The validity of this offer is 30 days. If you want to activate this offer, you have to dial *1100*5*2#. A user will get 200 bonus SMS while purchasing this offer.

Banglalink 450 Minute Offers

Banglalink recently launches this minute offer for its user. Banglalink 450 minute offer is available at 293 BDT. The validity of this offer is 30 days. The activation code of this offer is *166*293#. Users can also activate this offer by recharging 293 BDT. In addition, customers will get 1.5GB of mobile data including 300 SMS while purchasing this offer.

How To Check Banglalink Minute Validation?

There are different minute validation check codes available to check the remaining minute of a Banglalink minute offer. Generally, the Banglalink minute check code is *124*100#. If you can’t check your remaining minute balance with this code, then dial *124*24# for further instruction.

Bottom Line

Banglalink’s goal seems to be making internet accessibility as seamless, cost-effective, and user-friendly as possible. By exploring their offerings and finding the right one that aligns with your usage patterns, you can guarantee uninterrupted connectivity, enriching your online experience. Indeed, Banglalink is a provider guaranteeing that when it comes to data, you have it all at your fingertips.