How To Transfer Fund From DBBL Account

Last Updated on May 29, 2019 by Aminul Haque Shahin

If you have Dutch Bangla Bank Account and have a Nexus Debit Card or Credit card; then you can easily send or transfer money from any DBBL ATM booth of Bangladesh.

The process is super easy. You just need to make sure that, the recipient Bank Account number has 13 digits in total.

This is a weird system by Dutch Bangla as they offered some Bank Accounts under 13 digit but when you want to make any transaction online or fund transfer, you must have to enter the 13 digit account number.

I hope, DBBL will fix this silly thing soon!

Now, let’s begin.

Step By Step Process of Transferring Fund From One DBBL Account To Another DBBL Account

Step 01. Insert your card and press your secret PIN Code.
Step 02. Select the “Fund Transfer” button on right.
Step 03. Select Third Party Account (The other account you want to transfer your money now)
Step 04. Enter The Account Number of other Account holders (3rd Party Account)
Step 05: Click on “Correct” button.
Step 06. Enter the amount.
Step 07: Click on “Correct”

And the money will be transferred almost immediately.

DBBL 13 Digit Account Number Format 

You may have different digits than you see in other account holders. It’s weird but it’s true. But you must have to make your account number to 13 digits to have or get money online.

Here is the process to make it happen –

a. 108.101.123     will be 1081010000123     (add four zeros to make it 13 Digit)
b. 108.101.1234    will be 1081010001234    (add three zeros to make it 13 Digit)
c. 108.101.12345  will be 1081010012345    (add two zeros to make it 13 Digit) 
d. 108.101.123456 will be 1081010123456   (add one zero to make it 13 Digit)

For more information, please call to the DBBL Call Center Number – 16216 and 01822-222365

Reference: DBBL Official Website

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