Top 10 Magazines of Bangladesh

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If you want to read all the Online Magazines in Bangladesh, then you are in the right place.

In Bangladesh, magazines became popular since the Bangla newspapers started its journey. Due to enhanced color and visual appeal, Magazines always are kept aside to read them later when a reading newspaper is done!

Top 10 Magazines of Bangladesh

  1. Canvas
  2. Unmad
  3. Rohosso Patrika (Seba Prokahshoni)
  4. Anannya
  5. The Star
  6. Sananda
  7. Shaptahik Bicitra
  8. Kishore Alo
  9. Computer Jagat
  10. Ananda Alo

I myself personally love reading the magazine a lot because the information is properly categorized and bulleted here and so I can scan them whenever I need.

Like me, I think you are also an avid fan of Magazines and that is why you are here.

List Of Top Bangladeshi Magazines

Canvas: One of the leading magazine in Bangladesh. They talk about Fashion, Beauty, Food, Lifestyle, Trendy News, Zoroastrianism and editorial. People buy this mag due to the colorful pages with loads of information about entertainment and Bangladeshi media.

Unmad: A satire magazine which is hugely popular amongst the Bangladeshi young people. Edited and conceptual idea by Ahsan Habib (my personal favorite cartoonist).

Rohosso Patrika: A magazine that well-embraced by all the 90’s kid of Bangladesh. I still remember the day when my first article was published on Rohosso Patrika.

Ananya: Anannya is totally dedicated to the female audience of Bangladesh.

The Star: Born with The Daily Star. Awesome writeups by different good writers from Bangladesh. Loads of trendy information found in this magazine.

Sananda Magazine: If you ask 100 women about what is Sananda, they will answer you with – “I read it last week”. 🙂 Its that much popular here in Bangladesh.

Shaptahik (Weekly): Dedicated to the entertainment industry.

Kishore Alo: An initiative of Prothom Alo Newspaper as they dedicatedly publish this mag targeting to little kids.

Computer Jagat: the Most renowned and very old magazine of Bangladesh (Probably the very first magazine that was published based on Technology only).

Ananda Alo: Covering all the cinema news of Bangladesh (dhallywood industry).

Top Fashion Magazines in Bangladesh (Mostly are English Magazine)

Well, we have listed the common magazines list above. Here you go for some popular Fashion and Lifestyle related magazines with their official site link.

Top Business Magazines List of Bangladesh

If you are a businessman or want to be one by staying in BD, then go through the list below –

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