Top 10 Online Shopping Sites in Bangladesh

Last Updated on April 16, 2017 by Aminul Haque Shahin

Online shopping offers a platform on the Web for consumers to buy goods or services directly from a seller. A potential customer can easily place an order for products to purchase over the Internet from the comfort of his couch.

A typical online shopping site contains a shopping search engine that a consumer can use to look for a product of interest. There should be a multitude of alternative vendors on an online shopping site offering same products at different prices.

A consumer can utilize the publication of classified ads and compare among many different vendors for competitive prices. Online shopping sites fairly dispelled the unavailability of products sometimes existent in regular bricks-and-mortar retailers.

Bangladeshis are not far from enjoying the opportunities provided for by the online shopping sites. A typical Bangladeshi online store allows the customer to browse through the firm’s wide range of products and services and view photos and images of the products. A consumer can also view the information about the products too if included.

Below is a list of Top Online Shopping Sites in Bangladesh:

  1. PriyoShop – PriyoShop is the leading online shopping store in Bangladesh. It was launched on February 7, 2013 at an eCommerce fair. Since then, the online store emerged as a powerful platform showcasing products from categories such as clothing, footwears, jewelry, electronics, health and beauty and much more. The online store stays up-to-date with the latest fashion trends and offers the all-time favorites as well.
  2. AjkerDeal – AjkerDeal boasts as “largest shopping mall in Bangladesh”. The wide range of categories and massive collections of products make AjkerDeal one of the leading stores in Bangladesh. AjkerDeal is renowned for its customized products at feasible rates.
  3. BagDoom – the online shopping portal was previously known as It was the eCommerce platform that originated in 2010. BagDoom wants to be the leading lifestyle platform in Bangladesh. That’s why the eCommerce site tries to offer a one-stop lifestyle platform.
  4. ClickBD – one of the largest eCommerce sites in Bangladesh. The site is specially known for offering a large collection of products. Everything from cars and vehicles to books and to top-notch musical instruments can be purchased easily from ClickBD.
  5. BDHaat – prioritizing in offering quality services and commitment, BDHaat is a pioneer online shopping store. The online shopping portal is known for providing fresh and ttrendy products at low cost. It believes in building relationships with customers. So, it strives for high-quality services.
  6. Kiksha – it is an online shopping store that delivers products all across the country. The store is determined to make everyday more amazing with their unique products. Many international fashion brands convened under Kiksha, so you can get all the famous products at your doorstep.
  7. iFeri – anything from smart, trendy bags to sports jersey, fashionable branded shoes, clothing for men, women or children can be found on iFeri. It offers a multitude of products at competitive prices.
  8. Aponzone – the online shopping portal boasts as a platform offering quality products at reasonable prices. The store provides streamlined services for a person living anywhere in Bangladesh. Everything from perfumes, gadgets, cell phones, leather items can be purchased from here.
  9. Pickaboo – the online shopping store offers a wide range of home appliances, smartphones, cameras, computing, and accessories. The store is exclusive for its electronic products.
  10. ShoppersBD – offering a multitude of consumer products, ShoppersBD is committed to ensuring a wonderful buying experience. The online shopping portal prioritizes its merchants as much as it does for its clients.

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Bottom Line – with the advent of technology and demand for latest fashion accessories, technology, a plethora of online shopping stores are established in recent times. These shopping stores are vying for more customers and offering more competitive prices. It is really difficult to determine which one is the best as they all have unique products to offer and have affordable products to sell. So, make sure you visit the sites listed above and determine which one you trust to make a purchase.

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