Dutch Bangla Bank Limited (DBBL) Routing Numbers | All Districts of Bangladesh

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Dutch Bangla Bank Bangladesh is a bank that was founded in 2003 by two Dutch entrepreneurs. It offers services primarily to customers in Dhaka and Chittagong and now covering all the districts of Bangladesh. It also has branches in Amsterdam and Dordrecht. They primarily serve retail banking, but they also offer lending products for microfinance and financial inclusion.

Dutch-Bangla Bank is the first joint venture bank in Bangladesh. It was started by local shareholders and led by M Sahabuddin Ahmed, founder chairman of the bank. The Dutch company FMO also played a significant role in its success.

DBBL was founded with the intention of providing banking services to an underserved population in South Asia. DBBL will also help to increase formalization of the economy, through investments in small and medium enterprises (SMEs). The bank has already established branches across Bangladesh with plans to open more branches across India and Sri Lanka. The bank provides a platform for SMEs to grow, increase their earnings and scale up their operations.

Routing Numbers of Dutch Bangla Bank Limited (DBBL) Bangladesh.

The Dutch Bangla Bank Bangladesh Limited (DBBL) is a private commercial bank in Bangladesh that provides banking services to the domestic market and international markets. The bank has been listed on Dhaka Stock Exchange since 1997. It is the second-largest bank in Bangladesh after the state-owned Bangladesh Bank in terms of assets and deposits.

We have collected all the routing numbers of Dutch Bangla Bank Limited for all of their branches in the Bangladesh. Here you go:

DistrictsBranch NamesRouting No.
BagerhatBagerhat Branch90010071
BarisalBarisal Branch90060289
BograBogra Branch90100378
BrahmanbariaAshuganj Branch90120103
BrahmanbariaBrahmanbaria Branch90120437
ChandpurChandpur Branch90130319
Chapai NawabganjChapai Nawabganj Branch90700257
ChittagongAgrabad Branch90150131
ChittagongChittagong EPZ Branch90152005
ChittagongFatikchhari Branch90152742
ChittagongHalishahar Branch90153167
ChittagongHathazari Branch90153220
ChittagongJubilee Road Branch90153646
ChittagongKadamtoli Branch90153738
ChittagongKhatunganj Branch90154274
ChittagongLohagara Branch90154661
ChittagongMuradpur Branch90155323
ChittagongOR Nizam Road Branch90151480
ChittagongPatherhat Branch90156135
ChittagongRaozan SME Branch90156506
ChuadangaChuadanga Branch90180198
ComillaComilla Branch90191158
ComillaCompaniganj Branch90191424
ComillaGouripur Branch90192115
ComillaJhawtala SME Branch90191161
ComillaLaksam Branch90192715
ComillaMainamati Branch90190320
Cox’s BazarChakaria Branch90220166
Cox’s BazarCox’s Bazar Branch90220258
DhakaAbdullahpur Branch90270129
DhakaAganagar Branch90270132
DhakaAminbazar Branch90262058
DhakaAshkona Branch90260205
DhakaAshulia Branch90260221
DhakaAshulia Bazar Branch90260250
DhakaAtibazar Branch90270345
DhakaBanani Branch90260434
DhakaBandura Branch90270640
DhakaBashundhara Branch90260555
DhakaBijoynagar Branch90271094
DhakaDakshinkhan SME Branch90260926
DhakaDania Branch90271423
DhakaDhaka EPZ Branch90261091
DhakaDhaka New Market Branch90270545
DhakaDhanmondi Branch90261183
DhakaDumni Branch90260368
DhakaElephant Road Branch90261338
DhakaForeign Exchange Branch90274309
DhakaGulshan Branch90261725
DhakaGulshan 1 Branch90260463
DhakaHasnabad Branch90272569
DhakaHemayetpur Branch90260500
DhakaImamganj Branch90272806
DhakaIslampur Branch90272985
DhakaJoypara Branch90273289
DhakaKalampur Branch90262445
DhakaKarwan Bazar Branch90262537
DhakaKeraniganj Branch90273647
DhakaLocal Office Branch90273889
DhakaManda Branch90262874
DhakaMatuail Branch90274004
DhakaMirpur Branch90262982
DhakaMirpur 10 Branch90263136
DhakaMohakhali Branch90263194
DhakaMohammadpur Branch90263286
DhakaNawabganj Branch90274691
DhakaNawabpur Branch90274725
DhakaNayabazar Branch90274817
DhakaPallabi Branch90263581
DhakaPanthapath Branch90270424
DhakaPragati Sarani Branch90263707
DhakaRampura Branch90275740
DhakaRing Road Branch90263978
DhakaRuhitpur Branch90275832
DhakaSatmasjid Road Branch90264030
DhakaSavar Bazar Branch90264122
DhakaSavar Palli Bidyut Branch90260892
DhakaShantinagar Branch90276349
DhakaSonargaon Janapath Branch90264656
DhakaTejgaon Branch90264485
DhakaUttara Branch90264630
DhakaUttarkhan Branch90264601
DhakaVatara Branch90261804
DhakaWari Branch90277001
DhakaZirabo Branch90264814
DinajpurDinajpur Branch90280672
FaridpurFaridpur Branch90290525
FeniDaganbhuiyan Branch90300378
FeniFeni Branch90300523
FeniSonagazi Branch90301485
GaibandhaGaibandha Branch90320529
GaibandhaGobindaganj Branch90320587
GazipurBagher Bazar Branch90330180
GazipurBoard Bazar Branch90330227
GazipurGazipur Branch90330522
GazipurGazipur Chowrasta Branch90910313
GazipurKaliganj Branch90330827
GazipurKapasia Branch90330885
GazipurKonabari Branch90330948
GazipurMawna Branch90331000
GazipurMirer Bazar Branch90330056
GazipurShafipur SME Branch90331468
GazipurTongi Branch90331639
GopalganjGopalganj Branch90350373
HabiganjAushkandi Branch90360105
HabiganjHabiganj Branch90360613
JamalpurDigpait Branch90390625
JamalpurJamalpur Branch90390854
JessoreBenapole Branch90410284
JessoreJessore Branch90410947
JhenaidahJhenaidah Branch90440641
JoypurhatJoypurhat Branch90380406
KhulnaKhulna Branch90471544
KishoreganjBhairab Bazar Branch90480193
KishoreganjKishoreganj Branch90480672
KurigramKurigram Branch90490404
KushtiaKushtia Branch90500949
LakshmipurLakshmipur Branch90510739
MadaripurMadaripur Branch90540404
MaguraMagura Branch90550557
ManikganjManikganj Branch90560613
ManikganjSingair Branch90560826
MoulvibazarBarlekha Branch90580101
MoulvibazarMoulvibazar Branch90581184
MoulvibazarSreemangal Branch90581726
MunshiganjMunshiganj Branch90591037
MunshiganjSreenagar Branch90591424
MymensinghMasterbari Branch90610150
MymensinghMymensingh Branch90611759
NaogaonNaogaon Branch90641187
NarayanganjBB Road Branch90670079
NarayanganjBhuigor Branch90670208
NarayanganjBhulta Branch90670224
NarayanganjGopaldi Branch90670608
NarayanganjKanchpur Branch90670129
NarayanganjMadanpur Branch90670974
NarayanganjNarayanganj Branch90671186
NarayanganjNarayanganj BSCIC Branch90670237
NarayanganjNetaiganj Branch90274996
NarayanganjPagla Branch90671302
NarayanganjShimrail Branch90671573
NarayanganjSonargaon Branch90671694
NarsingdiBaburhat Branch90680106
NarsingdiManohardi Branch90680735
NarsingdiNarsingdi Branch90680885
NarsingdiVelanagar Branch90681392
NatoreNatore Branch90691090
NetrokonaNetrokona Branch90720732
NilphamariSaidpur Branch90730793
NoakhaliBasurhat Branch90750252
NoakhaliChowmuhani Branch90750678
NoakhaliMaijdee Court Branch90751572
PabnaKashinathpur Branch90761333
PabnaPabna Branch90761788
PanchagarhPanchagarh Branch90770553
PatuakhaliPatuakhali Branch90781092
PirojpurPirojpur Branch90790762
RajbariRajbari Branch90820737
RajshahiRajshahi Branch90811933
RangpurRangpur Branch90851456
SatkhiraSatkhira Branch90871094
SirajganjShahjadpur Branch90881905
SirajganjSirajganj Branch90881871
SunamganjChhatak Branch90900228
SunamganjGobindaganj SME Branch90900444
SunamganjSunamganj Branch90901122
SylhetAmbarkhana Branch90910047
SylhetBeanibazar Branch90260463
SylhetBishwanath Branch90910434
SylhetDhakadakshin SME Branch90911309
SylhetGoalabazar Branch90911541
SylhetGolapganj Branch90911604
SylhetShahjalal Upashahar Branch90913257
SylhetSylhet Branch90913552
TangailElenga Branch90930827
TangailMirzapur Branch90931518
TangailTangail Branch90932296
ThakurgaonThakurgaon Branch90940970


What is a routing number?

Routing numbers were originally a way for banks to identify money transfers. The first four digits of a bank’s routing number identify the bank, the fifth and sixth digits identify the branch and the seventh digit is used by banks to identify individual transactions.
This is an example of how historically, routing numbers were not assigned in an orderly fashion, but rather as needed by banks. For example, as branches became more numerous, it became necessary to assign unique numbers for each branch.

Does DBBL agent bank has a routing number?

No. The agent account holder doesn’t have routing numbers.
A DBBL agent bank is like any other bank in the way it operates: they have branches and tellers who may be able to assist their customers with their day-to-day mortgage or loan needs. However, agents also work outside these banks and provide financing directly to individuals with high risk or no credit score.

What is the Dutch-Bangla Bank code?

Dutch-Bangla Bank code is a type of bank code that is used to communicate with a bank or other financial institution in the Netherlands and Bangladesh.
The Dutch-Bangla Bank code, known as SWIFT (Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication) codes, were first introduced around 1970. The SWIFT Code is a unique identifier for every institution worldwide. It provides information on the type of institution and location.

What is Dutch-Bangla mobile banking?

Dutch-Bangla mobile banking is a digital banking service that allows customers to transfer money and conduct financial transactions through their mobile phones.
This kind of service was first launched by bKash in Bangladesh and later DBBL followed that path and made the Rocket (A mobile banking system by DBBL in Bangladesh).

This new service aims to increase access to financial services for the unbanked people of Bangladesh, who currently struggle to open bank accounts. The microfinancing aspect of this app is also promising as it gives people an opportunity for small loans and loans from the unbanked themselves.