Flowers of Bangladesh (And What Is National Flowers of BD)

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Bangladesh is a very beautiful country and this beauty is further enhanced by the many flowers of this country. Bangladesh has 6 seasons of the country, every season come with different kind of flowers. Who doesn’t like flower?!! I think every person is a flower lover like me. Let’s know about our own country’s flower name and some detail information.


flowers of bangladesh

Local Name:  Belly

English: Arabian jasmine

Scientific name: Jasminum sambac

Belly is a type of aromatic white flower of jasmin mass. The height of this species may be one meter. The young Dal is Romash. The leaves are single, oval, 4-8 cm long. The page is dark-green and smooth. In summer and rain, some flowers blossom in a bundle. There are several varieties according to the size and shape of flowers. This can be cultivated from roots.  In winter grow in trunks and tubes well.


flowers of bangladesh

Local Name: Sheyuli 

Scientific name: Nyctanthes arbor-tristis

Sheyuli is a flower of the Nyctanthes species. It is found in Southeast Asia from South Asia, across Bangladesh, India in the west, Nepal in the north, and East Pakistan. It is also known as Shefali. This flower is the state flower in Kanchanaburi province of West Bengal and Thailand. The chestnut tree is soft gray bark or bark and is 10 meters long. The leaves of trees are 6-7 centimeters long and opposite sides of the parallel edge.

The scent of this fragrance consists of five to seven white pans and sometimes stems like red-orange tubes. Its fruit is flat and brown heart-shaped. Fruit diameter is 2 centimeters and it is divided into two parts. Each part has one seed. This flower blooms in autumn. Its flowers bloom in the night and fall in the morning. Shishu lying in the morning and morning dew of autumn and autumn created an impressive beautiful scene with this flower.


flowers of bangladesh

Local Name: Shapala 

English: Waterlily 

Shapala is a type of aquatic plant of the pod’s tree family. All the plants in this family are known as Shapala. The white flowers are the national flowers of flowers. This flower is usually seen in the Indian sub-continent. This plant has been spread in different areas since ancient times. In Thailand and Myanmar,  this flower is very popular in pond and garden decoration.

White shapala is found in ponds and lakes of Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Yemen, Taiwan, Philippines, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Myanmar etc.This flower is also seen in Papua New Guinea and some areas in Australia. This flower is seen as a land of cultivation, so is the wild area. This flower is seen in small water accumulated in low field. About 35 species of this plant have been found in the world. Shapala is our national flower.


flowers of bangladesh

Local Name: Hasnaheena

English Name: Night-blooming jasmine

Hasnaheena is a simple flower, but it can not be avoided that wherever she grows, she will let you know by its beautiful fragrance. West Indies species Soothing jaw tree There are many white sesame seeds on the pulse, their name is Lentisel. The leaves are long, 14.4 to 3-4 cm, smooth.  Flowers bloom several times a year but in the summer and rainy season come to see to bloom more. Small branches of flowers on the branches of the leaves bloom in the evening and spread fragrance. White flowers are cylindrical, 2 cm long, 5 petals. Cestrum diurnum is a wild species, also grown in Bangladesh.


flowers of bangladesh

Local Name: Dhalia 

Scientific Name: Dahlia variabilis 

The original residence of this flower is Mexico, Guatemala. There are lots of varieties under Daliya 10 categories. One of the better varieties of dalai is seen in many gardens in winter in our country. There are also stars, anamen favors, callarts, peony favors, formal decorative etc.

Flowers are light, petals are flat, the middle disc is almost unmistakable. Larger varieties of flowers are more than 20 cm wide, medium 15 to 20 cm wide, small 15-10 cm. Full flame, the middle disc is covered in the edge – the flowers are straight, diffused, some like mores or stars. Large varieties of flowers are 20 cm wide, medium 15 to 20 cm wide, small 10-15 cm.


flowers of bangladesh

Local Name: Jui

English: Jasmineen 

Scientific name: Jasminum

This flower contains more than 200 species of warm climate such as Eurasia, Australasia and Oceania. Jui is more cultivated due to its own characteristics. It is the National Flower of Tunisia. Jui tea is made in China, where it is called jasmine flower tea. Jasminum sambac flowers are used to make jute teas, often at the core of green tea or white tea.


flowers of bangladesh

Local Name: Golap 

English Name: Rose

Golap is one of the well-known flowers that symbolizes beauty and love for modern people as a symbol of love. The rose is called the queen of flowers. There are about 100 species of roses in different colors. There is aesthetics in the form of rosemary and style that attract people. The smell of perfume rose is a favorite of people.

However, there is no smell of roses. There is no ability to produce the smell. Many roses are born like pink, red, yellow, white, green etc. Meanwhile, various hybrid roses named “Garden Rose” are being produced and produced. Which can be two or more colors of the same flower petals.

There is the thorn in the tree of the rose tree. There are small spines on the edges of the leaves. The origin of the rose is on the continent of Asia. The origin of a few species of Europe, North America, and Northwest Africa Roses are known worldwide for their beauty and fragrance.


flowers of bangladesh

Local Name: Aparajita

English Name: Butterfly pea, blue pea vine, mussel-shell climber, pigeon wings

Scientific name: Clitoria ternatea 

The dark blue flowers, but the lower part and the inside is white, sometimes slightly yellowish. The acrobatics are useful in the pain of arthritis.Aparajita used to treat eye diseases and cure constipation.

Totapakhi fhool 

flowers of bangladesh

English: parrot flower or parrot balsam

Scientific name: Impatiens psittacina 

The first invention of parrot flower was discovered in the Shan region of Burma, and “A, H, Hildberg”. After the discovery, not everyone was informed about the existence of this flower. In 1899, this flower was first collected and sent to London’s “QR Garden” and then in the Royal Garden, it was the first flower blossom in 1900. It is said that the first flower is bloomed in the observation of the people because this flower blooms down to the forest in front of everyone. Then in 1901, English plant scientist “Joseph Dalton Hooker” first united the world about the existence of this flower.

Totapakhi flower plants are about 6 feet in height. And its surface is like 6 cm long and the flowers are almost like 5 cms. These flowers usually bloom from October to November. This totapakhi flower tree can not be grown everywhere, because they are much more affected by the environment. Generally, in the coastal areas where the air humidity is much higher, it is more likely to grow and the color of this flower is light purple and dark red and these two colors have separated the white color in the middle.

What Is The National Flower of Bangladesh

The lotus (Sanskrit: मण्डल, শাপলা, maṇḍala; also water-lily, or Indian-arrowroot) is a water lily that is native to the Indian subcontinent. The lotus flower is widely used in Asian culture, from Hinduism and Buddhism to Taoism, as a symbol of love, peace, purity and grace. The lotus is often confused with the water lily (Nymphaea and Nelumbo), that differs in having a wider labellum and being rooted in mud. The lotus is a perennial and is a herbaceous aquatic plant growing in shallow water. It grows up to 1m.

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