How to Apply for a Passport in Bangladesh

Last Updated on May 3, 2019 by Aminul Haque Shahin

A passport functions as a travel document. It is usually issued by a country’s government, verifying the identity and nationality of its holder. A standard passport includes information on the holder’s name, place, and date of birth, the holder’s signature and fingerprint, and other information that identify the person traveling.

The Bangladeshi Passport

The Government of Bangladesh issues passports to its citizens by birth or by descent for international travel. A Bangladeshi Passport holder can travel to any country of the world except Israel.

Machine Readable Passport (MRP)

Following a guideline of the International Civil Aviation (ICAO), the Bangladesh Government initiated a project in April 2010 to issue Machine Readable Passports and Machine Readable Visas. The Bangladesh Government mandated that all traditional non-MR passports be withdrawn by November 2015.

Step by step process of Applying for a Passport

Download the Passport Application Form – one has to procure online application form to apply for Passport. Download the Passport Application Form from Go to the designated site and browse the site for Central E-Service and click on Online Passport Application following the image below:

passport in bangladesh

  1. How to Fill up the Form – this Online Application Form you just downloaded is the Machine Readable Passport Application Form. Follow the instructions listed below to fill up the form:
  2. Use capital/block letter only. Information you will include in the form will be pasted onto the Passport, so be careful in filling up the Form.
  3. Use either a black or blue pen.
  4. Do not use pencils or ink-pen to fill up.
  5. Write clearly within the box boundaries.
  6. Avoid writing anything outside the box boundaries.
  7. Do not overwrite
  8. Complete all the information required.
  9. If you are applying for a passport first time, you will have to submit two copies of application form along with all the attested documents attached for each copy. If you already have a passport, then you will have to turn in only one application form. Furthermore, you may not have to go through Special Branch (SB) Police verification if you already hold an MRP.

Photograph Instructions

To enclose a required photo, you need to take a color photo with a white background. The dimensions of the photo should be height 5.5 cm × width 4.5 cm. Do not wear a white dress on a white background. Follow the same instructions for the Passport Office. Write down your name on the empty side of your photo. Attach the photo on to the designated space. Finally, have photograph attested with half of the attestation signature and seal covering the photo. The person doing the attestation should use a seal mentioning his/her name and designation.

Types of Documents for Identification

  • 1. National Identity Card of Bangladesh – provide the attested photocopy of National Identity Card. The copy should contain both sides of the ID card.
  • 2. You may also need to submit a certificate, authenticated by a Ward Commissioner or Officers of Local Governing Bodies, determining your current residence if you no longer reside in the location your ID card mentions.
  • 3. Profession Proof – submit a document detailing your profession.4. If you’re a student, procure a certificate attested by the head of your institution. For a technical job-holder, submit your professional degree’s attested certificate. Also, submit a certificate from the Human Resource Department of your working place.

Required Fees For Opening a Passport in BD

  • Regular (30-day Service) – BDT 3,450 with VAT
  • Express (9-day Service) – BDT 6,900 with VAT