How to Get Indian Visa from Bangladesh | Step-by-Step Guide

Last Updated on May 3, 2019 by Aminul Haque Shahin

Are you thinking of applying for the Indian visa from Bangladesh?

Being a Bangladeshi citizen, and applying for Indian visa has its perks. Bangladeshi citizens wishing to visit India will be able to do so without prior appointments. The decision is in effect since 2017.

That means, if you wish to travel to India, you can submit your Indian visa applications without prior appointments. If you have confirmed air, bus, or train tickets from authorized operators, then you can submit your visa application directly to Indian High Commission without prior appointments.

New Visa Application Rule

Previously the visa application made to Indian High Commission is used to be made via the eToken system. However, the Indian High Commission has confirmed in 2016 that they have taken initiatives to ease the visa application processing.

Tourist Visa Application Rule

Starting from January 01, 2017; Bangladeshi nationals can walk in, and put forward their applications to the Indian Visa Application Center (IVAC). The Indian Visa Application Center is located in Mirpur, Dhaka. You are eligible for Indian visa without arranging a prior appointment from October 10 onwards.

The new visa application rule is intended to ease access to the Indian visa, and strengthen people to people relationship between India and Bangladesh. At least that is what the Indian High Commission in Bangladesh said.

Visa applicants are hereby requested to submit their application between 8:30an to 12:30 pm. Once you have submitted the application to the Indian High Commission for the tourist visa, you won’t be required to submit confirmed tickets to India.

Since there are other schemes based on non-tourist visas, such as business visa, medical visa, conference visa, etc., you have other walk-in application schemes available for them as well. Separate counters for walk-in tourist visas are also opened.

Step By Step Instructions on How to Fill Up your Visa Application Form Online To Go To India from BD

  • First visit the website: to start filling up your online visa application form
  • You have to have a digital photograph and one color photograph of yourself. Paste both photos at the top right corner of your form. Both of your photos should be the same. And, they shouldn’t be more than 3 months of age.
  • Fill in all the compulsory columns carefully. You have to be careful when filling up the form as an incomplete form will get your visa application form rejected completely.
  • Make sure you save web file number for future references
  • There are fields at the top right corner of the visa application, as well as on the last page of visa application, make sure you sign in both fields.
  • Duly note that your IP address will be logged by the Indian High Commission, therefore do not make any fictitious entries.

Important Points to Remember: Checklist

  • Both photos should be same when attaching on the Visa application processing form
  • The name should be same as in passport
  • Surname should be same as in passport
  • The signature must be the same as in passport
  • Date of birth should be the same as in passport
  • Place of birth should be as same in the passport
  • Government-issued photo ID card number should be as same in the passport
  • Provide your valid passport number
  • Provide your valid mobile number and email address
  • Your current address must be same as in utility bill address
  • Nationality should not be left behind
  • Port should be specified
  • Provide your previous visa number and issue date
  • Previous visa details shouldn’t be left blank
  • Provide genuine contact details
  • The signature must be same as in passport

Visa Application Form Particulars

  • Column-A Personal Particulars: in this column, you have to fill up the fields with your name, surname, and other details mentioned in the passport particulars.
  • Column-B Passport Details: your valid Bangladeshi passport details must be entered carefully in the fields given. The details include your Passport No., date of issue, and date of expiry should be inserted as similar as mentioned in your passport.
  • Column-C Applicant’s Contact Details: your utility bills have the address. You should include the address in the field. You have to provide your email address as well. So, make sure you include all the necessary information for given in your passport.
  • Column-D Family Details: filling in information on your previous nationality is compulsory.
  • Column-E Details of Visa Sought: this column is mandatory too.
  • Column-F Previous Visit: if you have previously made trips to India, then you shouldn’t leave this column empty.
  • Column-I-Details of Two Reference: you have to provide contact details for two references.

Hot Line for Indian High Commission

  • 09612 333 666
  • 09614 333 666


  • IVAC, Gulshan

Bottom Line

In this article, I discussed how you can apply for an Indian visa from Bangladesh. It is now much easier to apply for an Indian visa. Make sure you follow the steps described in the article carefully.