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Bangladesh Railway (BR) is the national rail transport agency of Bangladesh. The agency is tasked with operating and maintaining such an important transportation system. Bangladesh Railway route stretches to 2,855 kilometers.

But, how are you supposed to buy train tickets? Yes, most railway stations in Bangladesh have staffed ticket counter. However, it can be hassling to travel to a train station, then stand in a long queue for tickets. So, why not buy railway tickets online? BR launched its online ticket purchasing system on May 9, 2012. Let’s find out how to purchase railway tickets online.

How to Purchase Railway Tickets Online?

  1. Go to and register with your own mobile number.
  2. Click on Purchase Ticket and fill up all the information regarding the date and starting point of travel, destination, the name of the train, the number of seats & tickets in the class.
  3. Complete the Payment Process through your any VISA/MASTER, DBBL Nexus/VISA/MASTER/Mobile Banking and City Bank Amex Cards.
  4. Print out the payment document and bring it along with a valid ID card to the station.

It’s recommended that you purchase your ticket 3 days prior to your journey and obviously you must check Bangladesh Railway Ticket Price before you proceed. And, you may not be able to purchase more than 4 tickets online by a card.

Bangladesh railway communication system is regarded as the safest and most comfortable means of travelling. Travelling by train has long been popular in Bangladesh. Railway transportation becomes such an important and essential means of traveling across the country during religious festivals and special days.

Taking the train is almost considered a rite of passage for the people rushing to their native homes, countryside escaping concrete jungle during Eid al-Fitr, Eid al-Adha, and Puja festivals. Also, students sitting for enrollment examinations at various public universities scattered across the country prefer traveling by train.

Bangladesh Railway reported that, in 2014 it carried 65.00 million passengers. Such overwhelming number of passengers testify to the popularity of railway transportation system.

Due to a massive expansion of rail tracks, and retrofitting of the train, the transportation system is now attracting people who were once apathetic to the system.

Therefore, traveling by train has become more popular than ever among people of all ages on account of festivals and university admission. Whatever your reason may be for traveling by train, you will have to buy tickets to travel. Don’t worry, Bangladesh Railway fares are much cheaper than the bus fares and it’s a cost-effective alternative to airplanes too.

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