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Train is a popular mode of transportation. Despite being time-consuming, train journey is preferred by many. People wish to travel on train because it’s thrilling, adventurous, and fun.

The scene of trains piercing through the green and moving forward with indomitable force evokes the adventurous spirit and exciting opportunity. Moreover, you get to watch a number of diverse people from different regions traveling to the same route as you are.

Furthermore, you get to see people attending to their everyday life on the railway sidetrack and beyond. All these make moments on the train surreal to experience.

Bangladesh Railway is the most secure medium of traveling all over the country. Most of the people of the country prefer traveling on a train to bus. As a result, Railway has become the most prominent and safe way of traveling. Right now Bangladesh Railway is not providing their service inside of the country only, but also we have direct rail communication to India.

Bangladesh Railway is a secured transport medium most of the goods are now being carried through the railway. And it is making a large contribution to the economic growth of Bangladesh.  We almost all prefer traveling in the railway, but, it is a matter of sorrow that most of us don’t know the exact ticket price of traveling on various routes. So, when we plan to travel anywhere we get confused about the ticket price. In this article, we will inform you of the Bangladesh railway ticket price of various routes.

Bangladesh railway has started its journey on 15 November 1862 having only 53.11 KM internal railway route.  The first railway station in Bangladesh was Darshana. In recent years, Bangladesh Railway has reintroduced itself as a complete prominent transport system. The Peoples Republic of Bangladesh has separated Railway division from the Ministry Of Communication. Right Now Bangladesh Railway is under the   Ministry of Railway. Ministry of Railway is a complete Ministry to operate all the internal activities smoothly.

Bangladesh Railway at a Glance

  • Train Operator: Bangladesh Railways (BR)
  • Official Website:
  • Route Length: about 2,855 km
  • Rail Transport Began in Bangladesh: November 15, 1862
  • Network: Eastern and Western-based

Bangladesh railway ticket price list in 2018

Bangladesh Railway had been subject to fierce criticism for quite some time. Delaying train arrival, malfunctioning train, and expensive train ticket prices – lots of criticism sullies this popular transportation means.

However, the time has changed. The new administration took effective plans to bring the train passengers back to the station and platform. With ample amounts of money, pouring into the development of tracks, rails, and better services, the rail sector of Bangladesh is getting revamped.

Here you will have the ticket price for all routes:

Bangladesh Railway Ticket Fare For West Zone: Download Now

Railway Ticket Price For East Zone: Download Now

How to Buy Train Tickets in Bangladesh

We usually buy tickets by standing in a serial in the ticket counter. Very often it creates lots of problems. Many of us become victim of pickpocket while purchasing a ticket. Now buying a ticket is very much easy. We can now purchase tickets online. It can be done easily online by entering Bangladesh railway official site.

You can buy a ticket using your Visa Master Card, Online Credit or Debit card. From the year of 2015 Bangladesh railway is providing this facility to buy a ticket online. You can buy the ticket for intercity trains only. Any local route is not allowed here. You can buy tickets of any route, Dhaka to Chittagong, Dhaka to Rangpur, Dhaka to Khulna, and Dhaka to Sylhet. Bangladesh Railway Online Booking System has made the procedure easier.

After creating an account in Bangladesh Railway  Ticket Selling site named CNSBD you will have to select “Purchase Ticket”.

buy train tickets bangladesh

Then you will need to select your boarding station and your destination, and then you will need to select your desired train you want to travel in.  Then you will be prompt to select the seats.  This process is too smooth and actually, you don’t need to stand in serial to buy your ticket. After everything was done successfully, you will be able to download the ticket. Your printed ticket is enough to travel if you yourself travel.  If you are buying the ticket for someone else, you will need to collect the original ticket by showing your printed ticket from the railway e-ticket center.

Rail Network of Bangladesh

Bangladesh has a British-built rail network that emphasizes the major two divisions in the country and links them to create this network. The major two divisions are Dhaka and Chittagong.

The network is divided into two halves, Eastern and Western for proper management of rail transport. The great river is the point that draws the line between the two halves. The Western Network is the largely broad gauge.

And, the Eastern Network is largely meter gauge.

Dhaka to Chittagong Train

Over the past few years, Bangladesh Railway has become more developed than ever before. The most popular train route is Dhaka to Chittagong and vice versa. Currently, Dhaka to Chittagong railway route has eight trains; carrying hundreds of thousands of passengers along the way.

The good news is both Intercity and Mail trains are available on the route. The names of the trains carrying passengers on Chittagong to Dhaka route are:

Intercity Trains

Intercity Trains are high-speed trains. They move fast. Intercity Trains accommodate AC Class Seats, Snigdha, 1st Class, Shuvon, Shulov, and Shuvon Chair seats.

The list of trains available as Intercity Trains is as follows:

  • Subarna Express
  • Mahanagar Godhuli
  • Mohanagar Provati
  • Mohanagar Express
  • Turna Express
  • Sonar Bangla Express

Mail Trains

Mail Trains of Bangladesh Railway are slower than Intercity Trains. They come with AC class 2-berth sleepers. There are also 1st class 4-berth sleepers. You can purchase tickets for 1st class seats, Shuvon, Shuvon Chair, and Shulov seats.

The list of trains available as Mail Trains is as follows:

  • Chittagong Mail
  • Karnaphuli Express
  • Chattala Express

Dhaka to Chittagong Train Ticket Price and Schedule

  1. Subarna Express

Subarna Express runs on Dhaka to Chittagong, and Chittagong to Dhaka route. Subarna Express is scheduled to run 6 days a week except for Friday.

  • Approximate Length of Journey: 5 Hours 10 Minutes.
  • Subarna Express Ticket Price: Shovan Chair- 355 BDT and Snighdha – 673 BDT (According to the Bangladesh Train ticket price)
  1. Mahanagar Provati

Mahanagar Provati runs on the route 7 days a week.

  • Departure Time: 7.40 am (From Dhaka), 7.20 am (From Chittagong)
  • Sub-Stations: Airports, Bhairab Bazar, B. Baria, Akhawura, Comilla, Feni
  • Mahanagar Provati has a total of 16 compartments. Mahanagar Provati includes one full-fledged restaurant.
  • Ticket Price: AC- 756 BDT
  • First Class: 455 BDT
  • Snighdha Second Class: 345 BDT
  • Shovon Chair: 150 BDT
  • Shovan Chair Second Class: 125 BDT
  • Children aged 3-12, you have to pay half the price of a ticket.
  1. Mahanagar Ghodhuli

Mahanagar Ghodhuli runs on Dhaka to Chittagong route. The tagline of this train is 722/703.

  • Departure Time: 4.40 PM (From Dhaka) and 3.00 PM (From Chittagong)
  • Substations: Feni, Comilla, Akhaura, B. Baria. Bhairab Bazar
  • Train Ticket Price
  • Chair: 320 BDT
  • Snigdha: 610 BDT
  • AC Seat: 731 BDT
  1. Turna Nishita

Turna Nishita Runs every night from Dhaka and Chittagong. The Time schedule of Turna Nishita is 11 PM both from Dhaka and Chittagong.

  • The substations are Feni, Lakhsam, Comilla and B. Baria Turna Nishita
  • Ticket price (Dhaka to Chittagong)
  • Chair: 320 BDT
  • Ac Seat: 731 BDT
  • AC Berth: 1093 BDT
  1. Sonar Bangla Express

Sonar Bangla Train is scheduled to carry passengers every day a week except Friday. It carries passengers from Dhaka and Saturday from Chittagong. Sonar Bangla Express has only one unique train. The train number is 788. It takes only one break during its journey.

Sonar Bangla Express is the second train to take only one break during its journey. It began running in 2016. From  2016, the services of Sonar Bangla Express is very exceptional.

  • Shovon Chair: 600 BDT (Including Everything)
  • Snigdha: 1000 BDT
  • AC Seat: 1100 BDT
Train Name Train Type Scheduled Time
Subarna Express [702] Inter City (Dhaka) 15.00

Arrival Time 20:10

Mohanagar Provati Inter City (Dhaka) 7:45

Arrival Time 13:50

Mohanagar Express InterCity Departure Time (Dhaka) 21:00

Arrival Time 04:30

Turna Express Inter City Departure Time (Dhaka) 23:00

Arrival Time 06:20

Sonar Bangla Express Inter City Departure Time (Dhaka) 7:00

Arrival Time 12:20

Chittagong Mail Mail Train Departure Time (Dhaka) 22:30

Arrival Time 07:25

Karnaphuli Express Mail Train Departure Time (Dhaka) 8:30

Arrival Time 18:00

Chittagong to Dhaka Train Ticket Price and Schedule

Train Name Train Type Train Number Days Scheduled Time
Subarna Express Intercity 701 Every day but Friday Chittagong Departure Time: 07:00

Dhaka Arrival Time: 12:40

Mahanagar Express Intercity 721 Every day but Sunday Chittagong Departure Time: 12:30

Dhaka Arrival Time: 19:30

Karnaphuli Express Express 3 Daily Chittagong Departure Time: 10:00

Dhaka Arrival Time: 20:10

Mahanagar Goduli Intercity 703 Daily Chittagong Departure Time: 15:00

Dhaka Arrival Time: 22:15


Dhaka to Chittagong Train Fare

Seat Type Price Per Seat
AC Class Berth 1093 BDT
AC Class Seat 731 BDT
Snigdha 610 BDT
First Class Berth 635 BDT
First Class 425 BDT

Dhaka to Rajshahi Train Ticket Price & Schedule

Dhaka to Rajshahi Train Schedule

Train No. Name From Departure Time Arrival Time To Off Day
753 Silk city Express Biman Bandar 15:12 21:05 Rajshahi Sunday
759 Padma Express Biman Bandar 23:42 04:50 Rajshahi Tuesday
769 Dumketu Express Biman


11:49 21:45 Chpainobabgonj No off day

Dhaka to Rajshahi Train Ticket Price

From Dhaka to Rajshahi; ticket prices vary by the train types, namely Silkcity Express, Padma Express, and Dhumketu Express.

Dhaka to Rajshahi Shovon Chair ticket price per seat is 315 BDT

Dhaka to Rajshahi AC seat ticket price per seat is 725 BDT

Dhaka to Rajshahi Snighdha ticket price per seat is 604 BDT

Rajshahi to Dhaka Train Ticket Price

Rajshahi to Dhaka ticket price is the same as the fare listed above.

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Rajshahi to Dhaka Ticket Price & Schedule

Train No. Name From Departure Time Arrival Time To Off Day
754 Silkcity Express Rajshahi 07:30 21:05 Dhaka Sunday
759 Padma Express Biman Bandar 16:00 21:50 Dhaka Tuesday
769 Dumketu Express Biman


11:20 16:55 Dhaka Friday

Dhaka to Khulna Train Ticket Price & Schedule

Train Name From To Departure Time Arrival Time Off Day
Sundarban Express Dhaka Khulna 06:20 16:20 Wednesday
Chittra Express Dhaka Khulna 19:00 05:20 Monday


Khulna to Dhaka Train Ticket Price & Schedule

Train Name From To Departure Time Arrival Time Off Day
Sundarban Express Khulna Dhaka 19:30 5:40 Tuesday
Chittra Express Khulna Dhaka 8:30 18:20 Monday

Dhaka to Khulna Train Ticket Price

Dhaka/ Airport to Khulna Shovon Ticket price per seat 390 BDT.

Dhaka/ Airport to Khulna Shovon Chair Ticket price per seat 465 BDT.

Dhaka/ Airport to Khulna Snighdha Ticket price per seat 891 BDT.

Dhaka/ Airport to Khulna 1st Class Ticket price per seat 620 BDT.

Dhaka/ Airport to Khulna 1st Class Birth Ticket price per seat 930 BDT.

Dhaka/ Airport to Khulna AC Ticket Ticket price per seat 1070 BDT.

Dhaka/ Airport to Khulna AC Birth Ticket price per seat 1599 BDT.

Khulna to Dhaka Train Ticket Price

Khulna to Dhaka Train Ticket Price is the same as above.

Bottom Line

In this article, I discussed the Train Ticket Prices in Bangladesh. If you’re looking for train schedule in different routes in Bangladesh, make sure you follow this page. Bookmark this page for future references.