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Nowadays’ traveling to India is easier than ever. Recently there have been a lot of changes in the India – Bangladesh immigration process. So people from both countries can visit Bangladesh or India very easily. There are different ways to travel to India from Bangladesh. These ways are by road, by train or by plane. Among these three ways traveling by train is no doubt the chilliest and most enjoyable option.

Dhaka to Kolkata Train – Maitree Express

The name of the Dhaka to Kolkata train service is Maitree Express. The Bengali name Maitree Express means the Friendship Express when translated to English, representing the importance of the train service to the friendly foreign relations between India and Bangladesh. The history of train service between Bangladesh and India existed before the partition of India. After being closed for 43 years, train service between these two countries again started in April 2008. On 14 April 2008, on the occasion of the Bengali New Year the train service was launched when a train departure from the Kolkata railway station bound for Dhaka, and at the same time, a train departure from Dhaka Cantonment bound for Kolkata. This train service has strengthened bilateral relations and provided an alternative mode of passenger transport since its launch.

Maitree Express Routes

The MaitreeExpress runs six days a week. Friday, Monday, Wednesday the train leaves fromCantonment station Dhaka to Kolkata and Saturday, Sunday, and Tuesday the trainleaves from Kolkata station to Dhaka. Thursday is the off day of this trainservice. The train travels around 375 kilometers to reach Dhaka from Kolkata.Earlier there were two stops for immigration checks in Kolkata and Dhaka. SinceNovember 2017 immigration and customs are completed at Dhaka and Kolkata. Thishas reduced travel time by two to three hours.

Maitree Express Train Schedule

The schedule of Maitree Express is very reliable and punctual. It starts from Kolkata at 07:10 and reaches Dhaka at 15:35. Similarly, it starts from Dhaka at 08:15 and reaches Kolkata at 16:00. Here is the detailed schedule:

Dhaka To Kolkata

DayTrain No.RakeDeparture Time
Friday3107BR08:15 am (BD Time)
Saturday13110IR08:15 am (BD Time)
Sunday3107BR08:15 am (BD Time)
Wednesday13110IR08:15 am (BD Time)

Kolkata to Dhaka

Saturday3108BR07:10 am (India Time)
Monday3108BR07:10 am (India Time)
Tuesday13109IR07:10 am (India Time)
Friday13109IR07:10 am (India Time)

Dhaka to Kolkata Maitree Express Train Ticket Price

Maitree Expresstrain ticket has two classes: AC First/Cabin and AC Chair. Here are the pricedetails:

  • AC First/Cabin for 3,400 Taka: AC Cabinswhere 4 people can seat, the highest class.
  • AC Chair for 2,500 Taka: Cushioned seatsin a 3-2 arrangement throughout the compartment, with tables for the centerrows.

Children under 5years of age will get a 50% discount off the full fare.

Carry Goods Weight Limit & Charge of Maitree Express  

A passenger canonly care 35 kg of goods with him for free with a maximum of 2 luggages. Forchildren ticket, the weight limit is 20 kg. If the weight is in between, 35 to50 kg, a passenger has to pay 2 USD per kg. If the weight is more than 50 kgthen a passenger has to pay 10 USD per kg. For child ticket, if the weight is inbetween 20 to 35 kg a passenger has to pay 2 USD per kg. If it’s more than 35kg then a passenger has to pay 10 USD per kg.

Maitree Express Train Ticket Buying Procedure

The ticket ofMaitree Express from Bangladesh is only available at Kamalapur station. You cancollect the train ticket from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. You can book the ticket notmore than one month prior to the date of journey. You have to submit your validPassport and Visa in the ticket counter to buy ticket. Without Visa stamping onPassport, you will not be able to buy tickets. Unfortunately, Maitree Expresstrain tickets are not available online. For security reason, IRCTC doesn’t allowonline ticket booking of this train.

Bottom Line

The Dhaka Kolkata train is a fast and convenient way to travel between the two cities. The train travels via Rajdhani Express and Kolkata Sealdah Express.

The Dhaka Kolkata train has been running since 2008, making it one of the most dependable trains in India. It takes just over 5 hours for this train to reach Kolkata from Dhaka by traveling at a speed of almost 200km/hr.

The ticket price starts from 70USD for a sleeper class , although some people prefer to book online for cheaper rates or book their tickets long in advance to avoid paying more.

The Dhaka-Kolkata railway line is a 4500-km railway line that connects the eastern and northern parts of Bangladesh with the Indian states of West Bengal and Jharkhand. It has a total of 771 stations and passes through 17 countries. The Dhaka-Kolkata Railway is part of the Howrah-Delhi mainline.

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