How to Apply for a Visa from Bangladesh

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How to Apply for a Visa from Bangladesh

A visa is a conditional endorsement allowed by a country to a foreigner, granting them the permission to enter and stay within for temporarily or long-term period or to depart that country. Visas usually set limits on the duration of the foreigner’s stay, the dates they may arrive or an person’s right to work in the country.

How to Apply for a Visa from Bangladesh

As Bangladesh is a country that is increasingly becoming dependent on the foreign currency and remittance. Individuals need to emigrate, or visit many countries of the world. So, understanding visa procedures, requirements completely should be your priority.

To visit a foreign country for business or a holiday, you will need a visa of that particular country. You could contact visa agencies that can organize the country’s visa for tourists and business people.

Whether you are an individual who wishes to visit a foreign country as a tourist or a company representative, you will definitely need a visa.

General Requirements for a Visa

  • A completed visa form. Fill out the visa application with form with all the information required.
  • An original Bangladeshi passport. The passport should be valid for at least six months beyond stay in Bangladesh. You must provide an original, signed Bangladeshi passport. The passport much contain at least one blank page for visa stamp(s).
  • At least five passport-sized photographs of you. Photos must be of late. Photos should be in color, front view with a plain/white background. Do not wear a dress similar to the background.
  • An invitation letter from the business organization you will be working with in the foreign country.
  • Your flight itinerary. A computer generated flight itinerary from the airline or travel agency or copy of your airline ticket displaying your trip to the foreign country.

Now follow the steps listed below to apply for a visa from Bangladesh:

Step 01 visit the official government website of the country you wish to visit for visas and emigration. Apply for a visa online.

Step 02 fill up the online form. When filling up the form, refrain from using titles such as Mr/Mrs/Ms. Simply write down your name.

Step 03 you will need to provide a duplicate copy of all documents submitted, along with a full copy (all pages) of your passport submitted with your application.

Step 04 to complete your application process, you may need to book and attend an appointment at the visa processing center of that particular country. You may be required to book an appointment prior to submission of all the documents. Walk in applicants are completely discouraged.

Step 05 arrive at the visa processing center 15 minutes early on the day of your appointment. Do not forget to bring along your appointment letter, application document, your passport and a valid form of identification.

Step 06 – when you will arrive at the visa processing center, collect a token. Your token will get you in. Wait until your token is called up.

Step 07 – once you are called up, show and submit all the necessary documents.

Step 08 – record your fingerprints through fingerprint scanner. Known as Biometric Information Collection, a scanner will record all your 10 digits. A digital photograph of you will also be taken.

Step 09 – Collect all your important documents you brought along with yourself.

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