How to Get Online Police Clearance in Bangladesh

Last Updated on March 11, 2020 by Aminul Haque Shahin

Police clearance or police clearance certificate is an official document which is issued by the police as a result of a background check by the police or government agency of a country to find out if any criminal records the applicant may have. The criminal records include arrest, conviction, and other criminal proceedings. In order to get the police clearance, applicants have to provide certain personal information and in some cases, may have to submit fingerprints to request a criminal record check. Applicants also have to pay a certain amount of fees.

Purpose of Police Clearance

Citizens require police clearance for many reasons. They are:

  • Applying for immigration or obtaining visas
  • For government jobs
  • Satisfying an individual employer’s request
  • Applying for a new passport

Required Documents for Police Clearance

These are the documents that you have to submit to get the police clearance. They are:

  • Duly filled online application
  • Bio and address page of Bangladesh passport attested by class one gazetted officer if applied from Bangladesh; or
  • Bio and address page of Bangladesh passport attested by Bangladesh High Commission if applied from abroad; or
  • Bio, address, visa, and entry/exit seal pages of foreign passport attested by Justice of Peace of the country of present residence
  • The main copy of a Treasury bill worth tk500 that has submitted to code 1-7301-0001-2681 to any treasury branches of Sonali Bank or Bangladesh Bank or paid pay online through using debit/credit card or MFS account

Terms and Conditions for Obtaining Police Clearance Certificate

There are a few terms and conditions for obtaining a police clearance certificate. They are:

  • The permanent or present address mentioned on the applicant’s passport should be located under the jurisdiction of the same metropolitan area, and the applicant must reside on that address.
  • If the applicant is residing outside of Bangladesh and he/she needs to obtain a Bangladeshi Police certificate, then any relative or authorized person can submit the application on behalf of the applicant along with attested photocopies of the passport. The attestation should be done by the officials of the respected Bangladesh Embassy/Bangladesh High commission of the country where the applicant is residing.
  • In case the applicant’s passport does not contain any address, the applicant’s present address must be supported by National ID Card, Birth ID Card, or local Ward Councilors Certificate attested by Class one gazetted officer.
  • Bangladeshi nationals applying from abroad must get his/her passport attested by Bangladesh High Commission of his/her present country of residence and upload with the application. A foreign passport holder, residing abroad, seeking police clearance from Bangladesh must get his/her passport attested by a Justice of Peace in his/her country of residence and upload with the application.
  • Police Clearance is issued through this system to only Bangladeshi nationals going or residing abroad, and foreign nationals returned abroad after their stay in Bangladesh.
  • Police Clearance required for employment or other purposes within Bangladesh is requested to contact concerned District or City Special Branch.

How to Apply for Police Clearance Online

Applying for police clearance online is very easy in Bangladesh. Follow these easy steps:

  • First, visit Police Clearance Account Registration from your browser
  • Now register to apply for police clearance
  • You must have a valid Bangladeshi mobile number as it will be used as your Login ID
  • Now fill up the application form properly
  • You have to provide the personal details in the first page and present and permanent address on the second page of the application form
  • Now upload a scanned copy of all necessary documents. Maximum 200 kb Size documents allowed, therefore, avoid uploading unnecessary documents
  • Review the information and make sure you have provided accurate information
  • Submit the information when you are completely sure about the information because you can’t edit the application once you finally submit it
  • After submitting the information, you will reach the payment page
  • Now select “scan and click here to upload the challan” option to upload the paid challan copy and provide necessary information
  • Now upload the challan copy and return to the instruction page and hit “finish” to get the status page
  • Finally, you will get notified once your police clearance is ready

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