6 Seasons of Bangladesh

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The season is a piece of the year that is fixed on the basis of a specific universal formula. Seasonal seasons are usually divided based on local weather. In most of the world, there are four main seasons of spring, summer, late autumn, and winter.

People of some countries have divided the seasons into more than this four-season. Among them, there are 6 seasons in the Bangladesh, Northern Kingdom of Australia.

There are two seasons in tropical areas

1.Rainy season and

2.Dry season

Temperate area has only two seasons

1.Polar Day (Spring and Summer) and

2.Polar Night (autumn and winter)

6 Season of Bangladesh

Based on weather and climate, it has been divided into 6 seasons. Such as summer, rainy season, autumn, late autumn, winter, and spring. Each season has some intrinsic properties. Although the era of all seasons is not the same, the calendar year is divided into several semester seasons for the convenience of accounting. For example, the period of six seasons in Bangladesh is held for two months.

Karkatatti line has crossed the line through Bangladesh. It has an impact on the equatorial climate. Light winter felt from November to March. March to June the summer months, Rainy season from June to October. At the time of the monsoon winds, there is abundant rain. Natural disasters such as floods, cyclones, tornadoes, boredom, etc. are being hit each year and are considered as constant companions.

 Changes in weather and biodiversity and seasons are marked by light. Also, the annual revolutions of the Earth rolling around the Sun are associated with seasonal changes. Regarding the role of biodiversity, the seasons play a significant role. Especially in the spring season flowers blossom; Shajaru sleeps in the winter. Through this, we realize that the season has changed.

6 Season of Bangladesh Name With Details

Summer Season

According to the Bengali calendar, the first two months of the year, the summer season, Boishakh and jaistha. During this time, the heat of the sun became hot, the water dried up, many rivers lost its natural navigability and cracked on the ground. Various seasonal fruits are found in the tree, such as mango, jackfruit, litchi, etc.

It’s the hottest part of a year.

It falls in spring and summer, between March and April. It follows the winter season because these are the hottest months of the year. The climate remains very hot and humid throughout most of April until the monsoon arrives around June or July when it starts raining almost every day for days on end. Most people avoid visiting Bangladesh during this time due to extreme weather conditions

Rainy season

The rainy season is the season after summer according to the Bengali calendar. At that time, the heavy rains and peacocks gave away all the warmth of summer. The roads are quite muddy. Due to the abundance of river trenches, it creates new dimensions in nature. Asher and sraban month consist of Rainy season. At this time the rivers, canal-bills are full of water.

Usually, in September or October, there will be strong winds coming out of the North East which usher in rain clouds that last approximately ten weeks. This can produce more than half of all annual rainfall for many areas of Bangladesh and result in devastating floods.
The population is largely rural so most people don’t have insurance and they rely on their working fields to live off- once the crops are too wet to work through we get a lot of malnutrition because children can’t get proper nutrition from food if it’s not cooked properly – A really common health concern at this time is malaria as well because when it rains heavily mosquitoes breed rapidly and become very aggressive.

Autumn Season

Bhadra and Ashwin month together with autumn. It is considered the third season of the six seasons. At this time the moths are photographed. The white cloud floats in the sky.

The Autumn season is popular for sports like fishing, soccer and cricket. It’s also the season of perfect weather for picnics and barbeques with friends. The air is cool in the evenings but still warm during the day. Fall brings plenty of new food choices with delicious local apples, pears, peanuts, onion corn soup (shorgo shattah).
No wonder this is a favorite time to visit Bangladesh! Food lovers will reckon themselves lucky to hook into these mouth-watering goodies as they stroll down Bangladeshi streets lined with fruit sellers and noodle shops tempting taste buds from every corner.

Late- Autumn 

Kartik and Agrahayan are two months of Late-Autumn. This is the fourth season of six seasons. In this season the farmers are busy in the crop. The festival of Nabanna starts home to home.

 Winter Season 

Paus and Magh – these two months are made of winter. During the winter, palm juice used to make different types of pitha and paiyesh. Winters are considered as ideal and suitable times of a picnic.  

The winter season usually lasts from December to February.
The winter starts with foggy cold days and cool nights, but as the days get longer, it slowly becomes warmer until it is the hottest part of a year during summer. In Bangladesh, we celebrate new year ২০ জানু on 21 December.
Northward-bound winds enter our country (generally called “Boatni wind”) during this time, bringing warmer temperatures and higher humidity. These winds can cause very high fog over our rivers and coastal areas especially in the Chittagong region where visibility can be reduced to less than a few meters at times causing great difficulties for transportation.


Falgun and Chaitra are two months of the spring season. Spring is recognized as the last season in the Bengali calendar. In this season, new leaves grow on trees and flowers grow. Because of the change in weather, new dimensions in nature, the spring season is known as “seasonal king spring”. Spring ceremony is held in many places.

6 Seasons Name in Bangla (Bengali)

Here you goes-

  1.  গ্রীষ্মকাল
  2. বর্ষাকাল
  3. শরৎকাল
  4. হেমন্তকাল
  5. শীত
  6. বসন্ত

This all about our 6 seasons of Bangladesh. Let me know by commenting below that which season you enjoy most.

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