Khagrachari Travel Guide in Bangladesh

Last Updated on December 25, 2017 by Aminul Haque Shahin

Khagrachari is a name which is known by everyone in Bangladesh. To introduce Khagrachari as an official way, which is kind of monotonous in my opinion. Khagrachari is a district of Chittagong division. Khagrachari is part of hill tract area that is consist of 3 hilly districts. Other 2 districts are Rangamati & Bandarban. I really don’t know the exact population of Khagrachari now. But one thing I surely know that the ratio of population between hilly people and Bengali people. Majority chart shows that Bengali peoples are in the increasing path. They are about 55% of total population. That’s not people wanna know about, right? I know. So now we move on.

Khagrachari is famous for its natural beauty. In the hill tract districts, Khagrachari has more plain land than other 2 hilly districts.  All around Khagrachari there are few good viewable or tourist spot can be found.

How To Go To Khagrachari?

To come Khagrachari directly the only option is by bus. You can get here anywhere from Bangladesh. There are several locations in Dhaka to get Khagrachari bus. It is very easy to find them. Most bus journey starts in the night time because of the distance. Suppose you get on the bus at 9 or 10 pm. You probably reach Khagrachari in the early morning time. Sometimes you may reach here few hours late depends on the traffic jam in Kachpur, Daoudkandi bridge.

After reaching here or anywhere in world first thing everyone do is getting a room in a reputed hotel. Some peoples are lucky to have their relatives staying on that location.

We will ignore that because we want to start fresh. Then eating breakfast is a must. After finishing your breakfast start to plan which place to go and how?

The solution is that either you have someone know this place better or ask the hotel staff. Both selections are fine. They will tell you everything they know.

Now embed the plan in your head and start roaming. Most of the tourist comes Khagrachari to visit only Sajek. That’s the reason why most of the time Khagrachari hotel owners are busy making money.

If you are planning to go Sajek then hire a jeep. It will cost you about 6000/7000 tk for a day. It is better if you come in a group then hired rate will not affect you. To communicate with your family, you must have Robi or airtel sim during Sajek tour. Because no other networks work well there. At Sajek all rates of the commodity are high like double.

Which places to visit in Khagrachari?

There are several of them you can visit in Khagrachari. If you not planning for Sajek or you want to rest in Khagrachari after you reach in here. My first recommendation would be Alutila Cave and Richang Fall. Both places are near to each other. You can go to Richang fall then the Alutila Cave. You must have to have enough time to visit them. Both places are time-consuming if you are willing to enjoy. It will take 4-6 hours to complete both of them, in my opinion.

The second option is the hanging bridge of Khagrachari. This will not take much time to visit because it is near Khagrachai main area. You can relax here with your family and friends.

The view is not that bad after all. Quite relaxing for busy life owners.

The third option is paanchari pagoda which is famous for 100 feet high Buddhist monument. It is 20-30 kilo away from Khagrachari. In that area, there is a rubber dam too. If you never visited, you might see it enjoyable. Personally, I have not visited there yet.

Well, you can say that’s my luck.

The fourth option is Goddess pond. It is 12-15 away from Khagrachari. It is on the Rangamati road.

My fifth option is Hajachora Fall which is located at Sajek road. Before reaching Sajek you have the chance to visit it. Its ten-minute distance from the main road.

And at last or first, you will visit Sajek Valley eventually.

There are other small places you can hang around in Khagrachari. You can get the info either coming here or ask the author about this. Only if you have decided to stay in Khagrachari a little longer.

Restaurants & Foods

Oh! I forgot to mention not so important but useful info about having snacks in Khagrachari. There are few popular restaurants opened here. I will not talk about them all but one. Which I liked off course. A newly opened restaurant for those who loves to take snacks in the evening. Busy city guys might like this place to spend their time away from the noise.

Here is another important thing to remember after coming here. Eating at noon or night you must try Khagrachari’s famous “System” Restaurant. The food is good and gives taste like home cooking food. Unlike bangla hotels where taste good, feels good but not good for your health.

The restaurant name is “TOIJIMPURA.” The food is decent here. The best part of this place is their “RONG CHA”. I am not a person who is really fond of tea but I liked it very much. Ok, that’s all for now. Thanks for your passing by here.

[It is an uncut version of my personal experience]