7 Best Restaurants In Dhaka For Food Lovers

Last Updated on May 3, 2019 by Aminul Haque Shahin

Are you looking for the best restaurants in Dhaka city?

Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh, offers numerous world-class restaurants & hotels for eating out. Many restaurants in Dhaka city offer traditional dishes, as well as international dishes. Restaurants include dishes from Japan, France, and Thailand.

Dhaka City: Food Lovers’ Heaven

Traveling through Dhaka city will reveal high-end restaurants, scattered across the city. Quirky eateries, cozy cafes offer plenty of delicacies. Food lovers will find Dhaka city an impressive place to be attached with.

Moreover, if you are on a Bangladesh tour and love different dishes of food, then you will appreciate this metropolis. Food lovers will be delighted on account of the vibrant atmosphere, wonderful ambiance and varied dishes.

Vibrant restaurant scenes make Dhaka an interesting city to visit. For the inhabitants living here in this metropolis get the rare opportunity to delight in delicious, mouthwatering, lip smacking, and delightful dishes all around the year.

Top 7 Best Restaurants in Dhaka City

Dhaka is one of the top 10 most populated cities in the world. It has hundreds of years of history to boast. It has been renowned since the time of the Mughal Empire reign across the sub-continent. Dhaka has a glorious history to reflect when it comes to food, dishes, spices, and sumptuous cuisine.

The hundreds of years of the glorious food history of Dhaka have been captured by the restaurants scattered across the city. You may want to take out your family or friends in an evening, and delight in traditional dishes of Dhaka.

But, which restaurant should you visit?

Sure, you can’t afford to visit a cheap, substandard restaurant, whose dishes could not leave a bad taste in your friends’ and family members’ mouth, but also damage your reputation. For this reason, you want to visit a restaurant that not only fills up your tummy but also satisfies your heart.

So, are you ready to learn about the restaurants you should visit in Dhaka city?

Let’s get started:

  1. Oh! Calcutta

Oh! Calcutta claimed the number 1 spot for many reasons. It is an elegant restaurant. The restaurant is located on one of the main roads in the Banani district of Dhaka. You may be wondering why the name of the restaurant is obvious.

The restaurant belongs to a luxurious fine dining chain with its award-winning branches spread out in the Indian cities of Calcutta, Delhi, and Mumbai. You can order British, continental dishes, as well as special Calcutta cuisine.

As the name implies, the restaurant has its expertise on the Calcutta cuisine, especially the Bengali and Nawabi options. Oh! Calcutta prepares traditional dishes from recipes revealed from generation to generation.

The recipes of Oh! Calcutta includes:

  • The Chingri malai curry
  • Bhapa Ilish
  • Prawns prepared in a smooth coconut sauce
  • Local fish marinated and cooked in mustard and chilies
  • Local fish steamed in a banana leaf
  • Rasgulla appetizers
  • Cotton cheese
  • Traditional dessert
  • Semolina dumplings prepared in syrup

Address of Oh! Calcutta

OhCalcuttaAddress: 6th Floor, House No. 49, Road No. 11, Banani, 1213 Dhaka, Bangladesh,Dhaka, Bangladesh. Phone: +880 2-8812764.

Website: https://www.facebook.com/OCDHAKA

  1. Pan Tao

The restaurant is renowned for its Thai cuisine. The Thai cuisine is served by this restaurant in the heart of Dhaka City. The name of the head chef is Chef Pharatee Sakhunsong. He comes from Thailand. He has a culinary career that spans 27 years.

Chef Pharatee served everywhere from hawker stalls in her homeland to the lavish restaurants in the United Kingdom. She has such expertise in developing dishes around four tastes of Thai cuisine.

The four tastes of Thai cuisine include sweet, spicy, sour, and salty. The ingredients of the dishes are exported from Thailand. Yes, you have dish ingredients actually flown in from Thailand. Regular patrons of Pan Tao actually look for the dish named Tom Yam Gung Ya.

The English translation of Tom Yam Gung Ya is King Pawn Soup. Another dish that is absolutely favorite among the patrons is Yam Pak Boong.

The English translation of the dish is White Mushroom Salad. That is also one of my favorites. If you are a lover of seafood, you won’t be disappointed either. That’s because they serve dishes like Pla Ka Pong Som Rod.

The English translation of the dish is Fried Whole White Snapper with Sweet and Sour Sauce. There is another dish called Pla Jaramed Nung Buoy. The English translation of the dish is steamed pomfret with a pickled plum.

All these dishes from Pan Tao will offer the taste you will never forget.

Address of Pan Tao

House: 42, Road 12, Block: E, Banani, Dhaka. Time : 12:30 pm – 11:00 pm. Phone: 9888012. Mobile: 01993277478

  1. Izumi

The word Izumi means ‘fountain’ or ‘spring’ in Japanese. Izumi combines a peaceful oasis in the bustling and hustling in Dhaka city. The Japanese themed restaurant is located in the popular Gulshan region.

This is really an elegant restaurant. With its modern appearance, you will surely feel awestruck every way. It resides in an impressive courtyard. The interesting courtyard is where guests are supposed to dine in.

The ambient atmosphere of the restaurant is excellent. You have beautiful bonsai trees, waterfall land Izumi, a rock garden, and an authentic Japanese style.

The local artist, Ashraful Hasan, made the place look gorgeous. It’s because he was the one who did all the artwork that keeps the restaurant decorated.

Once you entered the restaurant, you will feel welcome with the softly lit environment of the restaurant. The restaurant is extremely spacious, not congested like other regular restaurants in Dhaka city.

The Japanese recipes Izumi features are as follows:

  • Sushi
  • Sashimi
  • Tempura
  • Yaki spit roasted scallops
  • Grilled fresh eel
  • Teppanyaki steak wagyu
  • Wagyu beef served with vegetables
  • Rice and lip-smacking sauce

Address of Izumi

House no. 24/24C, Road no.113, Gulshan 2, Dhaka 1212

  1. Le Souffle

It is a stylish and exclusive French restaurant. It offers a luxury dining experience for guests. If continental dishes are your favorite dishes, then Le Souffle won’t disappoint you. The restaurant features experienced chefs and the freshest and finest ingredients from across the globe.

The experienced chefs are able to create a menu featuring contemporary, luxurious dishes. And, the dishes made are of course French.

The recipes Le Souffle features are as follows:

  • Bisque de Homard Breton from Northern France
  • Roti de canard
  • Roasted plump duck breast
  • Warm truffle potato salad
  • Fig
  • Currant jus
  • Soufflé au framboise
  • Crustade de pommes caramelisees
  • Caramelized apples

Address of Le Souffle

House No. 4C, Road No. 71 Gulshan Avenue, Dhaka – 1212

  1. The 8

The namesake of this restaurant belongs to the Eightfold Path. The 8 refers to the Buddhist path to enlightenment. The 8 has a variety of pan-Asian cuisine to feature. This makes it a very delicious array of dishes to serve.

This is really a high-end restaurant that features a bold and creative menu that mixes traditional Asian recipes with contemporary flavors. Ingredients of the varied recipes are sourced from local places. Ingredients are also sourced from the international arena.

High-quality meats of this restaurant are sourced from Australia. The current chef of this restaurant is Chef Luam. He founded the first Thai restaurant in Dhaka. The name of the restaurant was Sawasdee in the 1990s.

The 8’s Thai recipes include:

  • Larb Gai
  • Spicy minced chicken salad
  • Pla pae sa
  • Steamed red snapper with lime
  • Basil and chilies
  • Pan-Asian dishes
  • Malay-inspired spicy Masak Merah chicken
  • Nasi goring
  • Indonesian fried rice dish

Address of The 8

  1. Club Wheels

Club Wheels is the restaurant you have been looking for if you want your surroundings to feature kitsch and car themes. The restaurant is founded by Khalid Anwar. Khalid is the owner of a local car import and sales company.

His partner name is Hasib Uddine. The restaurant is quite a unique one. It serves mix dishes of Italian, Mexican and Western food items.

Club Wheels contains a three-story long restaurant. The restaurant features tables carved from car engines. Here you can find road signs embellishing the restaurant. What struck me so much is the sports car, which was converted into a booth and structured with a table and seats.

Head to the third floor, if you want something eye-popping.

Address of Club Wheels

  1. Nanna Briani

This is a renowned restaurant, located in Old Dhaka. The restaurant features four branches. If you want to taste their main dish, which is Morog Polao, you have to visit their head branch. The main branch of Nanna Briani is located near Tara Masjid.

The mosque is a famous mosque of Dhaka. You can take a rickshaw or CNG to go to Tara Mashjid. Then, ask any passerby about the restaurant.

  1. Ghoroa Restaurant

It is located in the business heart of Dhaka. The commercial heart of Dhaka is Motijheel. The restaurant is renowned for its vuna khichuri dish. The recipe is prepared with rice, dal, and meat. In order to reach the restaurant, you may try taking a rickshaw or CNG. You have to do so from Mothijeel.

Bottom Line

So, now you know the best restaurants of Dhaka City. Make sure you visit the restaurants to fulfill your culinary experience.