Nazimgarh Garden Resort

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Are you looking for traveling information on Nazimgarh Garden Resort?

Do you want to know how you can travel to Nazimgarh Garden Resort?

Nazimgarh Garden Resort features everything a nature lover craves for. The iconic resort is spread across six acres of photogenic hillside. Lush vegetation and exuberant leafage make the resort a major attraction of Sylhet.

How do you picture a hillside resort?

Do you picture one with bungalow, terrace, the villa and world-class double rooms and suits?

Well, I have got good news for you. Because Nazimgarh Garden Resort has everything you picture for a hillside resort.

Why is Nazimgarh Garden Resort Unique?

The resort is really a unique one to drop by. It features the villa, terrace, the fifty top-notch double room, the bungalow and balconies to stand and be mesmerized at the surroundings. If you are pessimistic about finding facilities you only see at a high-end complex, well Nazimgarh Garden Resort will prove you wrong.

There is a “Hill Top Spa Complex”. And, it will make you rethink about the feasibility of such facilities. You can find child pool, swimming pool, messaging facilities, as well as the sauna. Also, there are skilled chefs who will prepare every sumptuous dish you crave for.

In addition, you will find lots of necessary amenities to suit your corporate needs. If you are looking for rooms to host a corporate meeting or event, you will find plenty of rooms to hold conferences and meetings in Nazimgarh Garden Resort.

How Can You Reach Nazimgarh Garden Resort?

Take a voyage to Sylhet, and you have accomplished half the job. Then, reach the main Sylhet town and travel 8.6km. As the resort is located 8.6 km from the main Sylhet town. After reaching there, you can rent a private car or travel there by bus.

Once your means of transportation is determined, you will be able to reach the resort. If you are having a hard time locating the resort, just ask someone for guidance. You will, also, notice the resort in front of the Bangladesh Rural Development Training Institute.

Things to Do at the Nazimgarh Garden Resort

·         Explore all the sightseeing locations

·         Rent a boat to roam the Sharee River (the river is 30 km from the resort)

·         Travel to the Lalakhal in a speed boat during summer

Where Should You Eat?

There are many restaurants you can check in to have your favorite dishes. Restaurants like Hilltop, Garden Bistro, Meghlaya Lounge, Machang, and Pool Café stand to fill up your appetite as well as your mind.


Nazimgarh Garden Resort is an attractive resort destination not just for Sylhet, but for Bangladesh as well. If you have plans to visit it, don’t think of anything otherwise. And, visit it now! And, keep this guide along with yourself as well and you won’t lose your path around the garden.