Non-Government Teachers Registration and Certification Authority (NTRCA)

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Are you looking for the recent NTRCA job circular?

Are you a lawyer?

Do you intend to work with a reputable organization?

The Bangladesh Prothidin published a new job circular from Non-Government Teachers Registration and Certification Authority. The circular was published on 29th April 2017. The circular is asking for the application from candidates willing to work as a law specialist.

What Is NTRCA?

Non-Government Teachers Registration and Certification Authority is a statutory governing body, tasked with examining, registering and appointing quality teachers for non-government teaching institutions.

Aspiring teachers are appointed by NTRCA to contribute and impact their pedagogical skill to the pupils.

In order to improve the quality of non-government education institutions, NTRCA has taken measures to qualify skilled teachers.

Registration examination is conducted by the organization every year in a transparent procedure to qualify competent teachers.

What Does the NTRCA Look For?

NTRCA looks for properly trained and skilled teachers equipped with values, social responsibility, and sense of ethos, IT expertise and knowledge. NTRCA believes that the future of the nation is dependent on the teachers with the great outlook to build the nation.

Recently the NTRCA selected teachers at the entry-level for all the vacant positions. And, the teachers were chosen as per procedures set by the Ministry of Education. Applicants having NTRCA registration can apply for such vacant posts.

As the NTRCA continues to develop, aspirations for high-quality teachers started building. The general public in the society hopes that skilled teachers with timely qualifications be employed. As opposed to half-literate, semi-skilled teachers who consider beating up the pupils is the only way to offer education.

With the development of knowledge-based education, pupils are also becoming enthusiastic about learning. Pupils who used to dread going to school due to rigorous curricula and inescapable punishment are now interested in returning to school.

Why Should You Choose NTRCA For Employment?

NTRCA continues to generate opportunities for enthusiasts. If you are looking for a reputable organization to work with, then the NTRCA is a perfect one. You can easily grow your career with NTRCA.

All you have to do is appear in the registration examination and procure your registration after successfully passing the exam.

You will enjoy high-quality facilities and opportunities and handsome salary as well. Besides growing your career, you will be entrusted with the nation building job.

How Can You Appear at the NTRCA Exam?

You should at least have a Bachelor’s degree to appear at the NTRCA exam. You will have to register with the NTRCA online and prepare yourself for the exam. Once the exam date is announced, you should prepare yourself for the exam.

Recent Notices from NTRCA

  • The results of 13th Teacher Registration Exam -2016 have been published. Publishing date: 08/06/2017
  • The circular for 14th Teacher Registration has been published. Publishing date: 30/05/2017


NTRCA believes that besides necessary academic skills, good teachers should have modern teaching skills to impart knowledge among the pupils. NTRCA also believes that through proper training and practice, a teacher can acquire those necessary skills.