How to Get JSC/JDC Result in Bangladesh

The JSC/JDC Exam is a new edition to all the public examinations held in Bangladesh. JSC stands for Junior School Certificate. The Exam is taken to evaluate the students’ progress after the completion of eight years’ education.

The Bangladesh Government recently announced that Primary Education Completion Exam (PECE would no longer be taken, which used to be taken to mark the end of five years of primary education. Instead, now the JSC Exam will mark the end of primary education.

So, the JSC exam is extremely crucial for a student’s life. Since this is now the first public examination a student will take and without passing the JSC Exam, he/she will not be allowed to pursue secondary education.

The Ministry of Education in Bangladesh introduced the JSC Exam in 2010. Since then, the Exam has been administered annually. The JSC Exam is taken through written medium. It certifies the successful students for completing lower-secondary general education programs.

The JSC/JDC Exam is usually taken in the first week of November and lasts halfway through November. The JSC results are usually published right at the end of December.

Eight years of education, hard endeavors; students, guardians and teachers stay on their toes for the results. But, how are you gonna get the result on the day when millions will look for the same? That’s why the article is written; to provide students with a guideline to find out the results (HSC result).

Method #1: How to Find your Result from the Official Website

The official website of Boards of Intermediate and Secondary Education — which is tasked with publishing the SSC results, is The website contains results all the way from 1996 up to the present time.

Here are the steps to follow for finding your result on

  1. Visit and select your examination type. The type should be either JSC/JDC/Equivalent or JSC/JDC.
  2. Click on Year and select the year your result is published.
  3. Click on Board to select the Education Board you have appeared in the JSC/JDC Exam under.
  4. Type in your roll assigned to you to the Roll box.
  5. Input your Registration No.
  6. Finally enter a CAPTCHA. The CAPTCHA Box should contain a simple arithmetic problem.
  7. Click on Submit and you will be able to view your result.

Method #2: How to Find your Result by an SMS

Here’s how you can find your result through an SMS:

  1. Go to your phone’s Message/Messaging menu
  2. Write a new text message
  3. First write JSC, then space a word
  4. Write the first three words of your Board’s name. Here’s what I meant: DHA = Dhaka Board | COM = Comilla Board | RAJ = Rajshahi Board | JES = Jessore Board | CHI= Chittagong Board | BAR = Barisal Board | SYL = Sylhet Board | DIN =Dinajpur Board | MAD = Madrassah Board | TEC=Technical Board
  5. Write your JSC Roll No.
  6. Space a word, and write the year you took the exam
  7. Finally, send the text to 16222

Example: for school – JSC <space>JES <space>123456<space>2016

For madrasha board – JDC<space>MAD<space>123467<space>2016

Furthermore, every school/madrasha that has JSC/JDC examinees publishes results right after the official publication period. Any student failing to receive his/her result from the aforementioned methods, just go to your individual institution.