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Last Updated on May 27, 2021 by Aminul Haque Shahin

An equivalent to GCE A Level in England and 3rd and 4th year of High Schools in the US, HSC is a public examination taken across Bangladesh, Pakistan and many states of India. HSC stands for Higher Secondary Certificate and the exam is held to complete High School Education.

In Bangladesh, High School Education is separated into SSC (Secondary School Certificate) and HSC (Higher Secondary Certificate). Although SSC-Level is commonly known as High School level and HSC is College Level, both of these levels are considered part of High School Education.

Students who previously passed the SSC Exam are allowed to enroll in the HSC level. HSC-Level Education spans two years. Within this period, students are reared based on three distinctive departments: Science, Commerce, and Humanities.

A student in Bangladesh has to complete 10 years of education to be promoted to HSC level. 10 years of education involves passing Junior School Level and Secondary School Level. HSC Exam is sometimes referred to as Intermediate Exam due to the usage of such term during the reign of the British Raj.

HSC exam usually starts from April and lasts for a month. The result is published within 2 months of the held exam. 2 years of education, toiling preparation, lots of expectations come to an end on the day when the results are published. But, how to find your result on the day? This is the purpose of this article: to guide an HSC examinee, so they can easily find out their result.

  • HSC Exam Results of 2019 are expected to be published on July 23, 2019.
  • The HSC Exam results usually publish after 60 days of completion of HSC Exam.
  • The HSC Exam Results, Alim and equivalent examinations’ results will be published on the same day and at the same time.
  • The results are expected to be published by 11 AM – 2 PM.
  • The Higher Secondary School Certificate (HSC), Alim and equivalent examinations are being held across Bangladesh, April through May.

The HSC Exam Results of 2019

This year, in 2019, about 1.5 million (15 lakh) students participated in the HSC, Alim and equivalent examinations. Every year millions of students sit for the HSC Examination. The HSC Exam is one of the largest public examinations held across Bangladesh. This year the HSC, Alim and equivalent examinations started at the first week of April and will conclude by halfway through May.

Usually, Bangladesh Education Ministry publishes the HSC, Alim and equivalent examinations’ results after 60 days of the conclusion of the exam. Therefore, the probable date of the publication of the HSC, Alim and equivalent examinations is 18th August 2019.

How to Get the HSC Results of 2021:

The HSC, Alim and equivalent examinations’ results can be collected through 2 methods. They are:

  1. Online Method
  2. SMS Method

Now I’m going to discuss the ways to collecting the HSC, Alim and equivalent examinations’ results both of these methods:

How to Check Your 2021 HSC Result Online

The official website that’s responsible for publishing the HSC, Alim and equivalent examinations’ results is Education Board Bangladesh.

The instructions to collecting an HSC result are extremely straightforward and simple. Follow the step-by-step procedure listed below to collect your HSC result:

  • Step #1: browseeducationboardresults.gov.bd by typing the address to your browser’s address bar.
  • Step #2: if you’re able to visit the website correctly, you’ll view 6 boxes containing titles — “Examination”, “Year”, “Board”, “Roll”, “Reg. No.”, and a captcha. Upon clicking on “Examination”, “Year”, and “Board”, they will expand to drop-down menus. Select the year “2019”. It’s your examination sitting year.
  • Step #3: select your Examination type by clicking on it — the drop-down menu from Examination. In this case, it will be HSC/Alim.
  • Step #4: select your board’s name. Upon expanding the drop-down menu, you’ll see 10 education boards listed in the drop-down menu.
  • Step #5: then, input your roll number. Type your Roll No. to a box assigned to Roll. Your Roll No. should be as per your Admit Card.
  • Set #6: type in your Registration Number in the box assigned to Reg. No.
  • Step #7: next up is solving a captcha test. A viewer usually has to solve a simple arithmetic problem. For example: if you see 9+1 as your captcha problem, type in 10.
  • Step #8: lastly press Submit to collect your HSC/Alim result.

How to Check Your HSC/Alim Result by Sending an SMS:

Sending an SMS for collecting your HSC/Alim Result is a quick and easy method. If you don’t have an Internet Connection, you can collect your HSC/Alim result through an SMS. Here’s how to collect it:

  • Step #1: find Messages from your phone and go to it.
  • Step #2: write a new message.
  • Step #3: type in the exam type first. In this case, enter HSC. Then, maintain a space.
  • Step #4: enter the first three letters of your board name, followed by a space. Your board name will be among education boards in Bangladesh.

The first three letters of your education board should be:

  1. Dhaka Education Board = DHA
  2. Comilla Education Board = COM
  3. Rajshahi Education Board = RAJ
  4. Jessore Education Board = JES
  5. Chittagong Education Board = CHI
  6. Barisal Education Board = BAR
  7. Sylhet Education Board = SYL
  8. Dinajpur Education Board = DIN
  9. Madrasah Education Board = MAD
  10. Technical Education Board = TECH
  • Step #5: type in your Roll No.
  • Step #6: write 2019 as the year you appeared in the HSC exam.
  • Step #7: send the SMS to 16222. A standard SMS charge will be applicable for the SMS.

For example: HSC <space> DHA <space> Roll <space> YEAR; HSC 2019 1223355 2019. For Madrasah board: Alim <space> MAD <space> Roll <space> YEAR; Alim MAD 1223355 2021.

The HSC exam is a gateway to higher education and it is an important milestone for any student. If you want your student to pass the HSC exams, they need to study hard from childhood, although it’s not easy. It’s mandatory to take the exams as there are no exemptions in Bangladesh

Exams are normally held once every year in Bangladesh but this can vary depending on the availability of teachers and other factors that may change throughout time. The last date of submission for HSC exams can be found on the website or from the nearest Regional Education Boards (REB).