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Bangladesh Post Office is the department that is tasked with delivering postal services in Bangladesh. Its postal services include a variety of postal products and public services that concern the system of exchanging information, post cards, money transfer, etc.

The Ministry of Post and Telecommunication (Bangladesh) monitors the Bangladesh Post Office as it is its attached department. The Ministry outlines the policies, decisions that the Post Office abides by.

List of Services by Bangladesh Post Office

Mailing letters, Posting Cards, Parceling, Publishing Periodicals, books are the main services of the Bangladesh Post Office. The Post Office service usually takes 2-3 days to deliver. The days may vary depending upon the distance and destination length.

Electronic Money Transfer Service (EMTS)

To cope with the requirement of fastrack service, Bangladesh Post Office introduced one of its new services, Electronic Money Transfer Service. The traditional paper-based money order service proved to be time-consuming and inefficient when it comes to delivering money to the remotest parts. So, there was always a necessity for rapid transfer of money to every corner of Bangladesh where the recipient can easily collect the finance.

Having this perspective in view, Bangladesh Post Office launched its EMTS operations on March 26, 2010, embracing modern technological approaches in remitting. EMTS is commonly referred to as Mobile Money Order Service. Since EMTS is mobile as well as web-based remittance service. This service can be availed at any important post office across the country.

Although the service was launched in a limited range (104 post offices, due to the popularity of the service it now became widespread and is now extended to 2750 post offices.

To know the charge of your product for EMS Service; go to this link:

In order to track your product via EMS Service of Bangladesh Postal Service; go to this link:

Postal Cash Card

It’s a debit card service. The service was commercially launched on March 26, 2010. Now its network is expanded to all districts, selected post offices and upazillas.

The service includes Cash In, Cash Out, Balance Transfer to other cards, Transaction with POS & ATM. If you want to avail a postal cash card, it will cost you a total of 45.00 BDT.


E-Post refers to Bangladesh Post Office’s Mail Service. Just exchange of mails is done via digital media. It was launched on August 16, 2000. The service allows people to deliver and receive messages or scanned images through email from selected Post Offices in the country.    

Bangladesh Post Office Fixed Deposit Scheme & Income

Bangladesh Post Offices are providing deposit income schemes with higher interest rate for the general people of Bangladesh. You can withdraw your total income and the money you deposited even after 6 months. They provide individual and joint accounts to save the money.

Here is their deposit scheme at a glance shorted by Profit Mergin –

After first month – you will get 10.40% profit on the money you deposited.

After second year, you will get 11.40% profit on the money you deposited.

After third year, you will get 13.24% profit on the money you deposited.

Individual people can save 30 Lac BDT and Joint accounts holder can save 60 Lac BDT on the Bangladesh Post Office’s Savings Account.

Bangladesh Post Office HQ Branches & Contacts

Dhaka GPO

  • Senior Postmaster
  • Dhaka GPO
  • Dhaka 1000
  • Bangladesh
  • Phone : 880-2-9555531
  • Email :

Chittagong GPO

  • Senior Postmaster
  • Chittagong GPO
  • Chittagong 4000
  • phone: 880 – 031 – 611820
  • Email:

Rajshahi GPO

  • Senior Postmaster
  • Rajshahi GPO
  • Rajshahi 6000
  • Phone: 880 – 0721 – 775887
  • 880 – 0721 – 811382
  • Email:

Khulna GPO

  • Senior Postmaster
  • Khulna GPO
  • Khulna – 9000
  • Phone: 880 – 041 -760677
  • E-mail:

Sylhet HPO

  • Postmaster
  • Sylhet HO
  • Sylhet – 3000
  • Phone: 880 – 0821 – 716337
  • Email:

Barisal HPO

  • Postmaster
  • Barisal HO
  • Barisal – 7400
  • Phone: 880 – – 0431 – 52513
  • Email:

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