Dhaka University D Unit Subject List

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Dhaka University is one of the best universities in Bangladesh. It’s a dream for many students to admit to Dhaka University. The faculties of Dhaka University are divided into 4 units. They are the A (Ka) unit, B (Kha) unit, C (Ga) unit, and D (Gha) unit. IF you want to get yourself admitted to the Dhaka University D unit then you have to know the subjects of this unit.

Dhaka University D Unit Admission Requirements

If a student gets a B grade in any subject in the Higher Secondary or equivalent exam then his/her application will not be accepted by the admission authority.

Humanities Department

For secondary and Higher Secondary (including 4th subject) students coming from the Humanities Branch (including Madrasa Education Board), the sum of the GPA-duo will be at least 7.0. However, in secondary/equivalent and higher secondary/equivalent examinations must be at least a GPA of 3.0.

Business Department

Candidates coming from Business Education, Diploma-in-Business Studies, Diploma-in-Commerce, and Business Management can apply for this unit. The sum of GPA-Doubles received in secondary and higher secondary or equivalent exams (including 4th subject) should be at least 7.5. However, the minimum GPA of 3.5 should be in secondary/equivalent and higher secondary/equivalent examinations. Diploma-in-business Candidates must be accounting candidates from the Studies and Business Management Group.

Science Department

The sum of GPA-Doubles in the secondary (4th subject) examination will be as low as 8.0. But secondary/equivalent and high the minimum GPA of 3.5 should be in the secondary/equivalent examinations.

Dhaka University D Unit Subject List

Subject NameScienceBusiness StudiesHumanitiesTotal Seat
Political Science80200100
International Relations455050
Mass media and Journalism258033
Public administration3525060
Peace and Conflict Studies2010030
Women and Gender Studies205025
Development Studies105015
Population Sciences130013
Television, Film, and Photography155020
Communication Disorders200020
Printing and Publication Studies155020
Japanese Studies3510045
Persian Language and Literature2010030
Pali and Buddhist Studies2812030
Islamic Studies2515040
Islamic History and Culture2515040
Information technology and library management155020
Theater and Performance Studies73010
Language Science2015035
World Religion and Culture355040
Accounting & Information Systems100515
Banking and Insurance5027
Management Information Systems4015
International Business4026
Tourism and Hospitality Management3025
Organization Strategy and Leadership150520
Geography and environment020020
Institute of Social Welfare and Research123015
Health Economics Institute300030
Institute of Education and Research4020060
Institute of Disaster Management255030
English for Speakers of Other Languages ​​(ESOL)510015
BA Honors in French Language and Culture (FLC)55010
BA Honors in Chinese Language and Culture (CLC)510015
BA Honors in Japanese Language and Culture (JLC)55010

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