Holy Ramadan Calendar 2021 (Sehri & Iftar Time Today) For Dhaka, Bangladesh

Last Updated on April 16, 2021 by Aminul Haque Shahin

If you are looking for the accurate Ramadan Calendar (Ramzan Calendar) for Dhaka, Bangladesh for the perfect time of Sehri and Iftar; then here you go with your latest Ramjan Calendar for 2021.

In this Hizri 1442, the first Ramadan will be started on 14th April and will end on 15th May 2021.

I will update this calendar once the final one will be released by the Islamic Foundation, Bangladesh!

Here you go to download the Ramadan Calendar only for Dhaka.

This image is taken from the Ramadan Calendar of Islamic Foundation fo Bangladesh website. 

0114 April 202104:15 AM06:23 PM
0215 April 202104:14 AM06:23 PM
0316 April 202104:13 AM06:24 PM
0417 April 202104:12 AM06:24 PM
0518 April 202104:11 AM06:25 PM
0619 April 202104:10 AM06:25 PM
0720 April 202104:09 AM06:26 PM
0821 April 202104:08 AM06:27 PM
0922 April 202104:07 AM06:27 PM
1023 April 202104:06 AM06:27 PM
1124 April 202104:05 AM06:28 PM
1225 April 202104:05 AM06:28 PM
1326 April 202104:04 AM06:29 PM
1427 April 202104:03 AM06:29 PM
1528 April 202104:02 AM06:29 PM
1629 April 202104:01 AM06:30 PM
1730 April 202104:00 AM06:30 PM
1831 April 202103:59 AM06:31 PM
1901 May 202103:58 AM06:31 PM
2002 May 202103:57 AM06:32 PM
2103 May 202103:55 AM06:32 PM
2204 May 202103:54 AM06:33 PM
2305 May 202103:53 AM06:33 PM
2406 May 202103:52 AM06:34 PM
2507 May 202103:51 AM06:34 PM
2608 May 202103:50 AM06:34 PM
2709 May 202103:50 AM06:35 PM
2810 May 202103:49 AM06:36 PM
2911 May 202103:49 AM06:36 PM
3012 May 202103:48 AM06:36 PM

If you want to see the PDF Ramandan Calendar in Bangla by Islamic Foundation; read on.

Download Bangla Ramadan Calendar 2021:

Basically, the Ramzan will be started from 14th April of 2021 and onwards.

Check the links above to find the full calendar link.

Facts of Holy Ramadan

  1. Ramadan is one of the Five Pillars of Islam and fasting is necessary for every Muslim who believes in Islam and almighty Allah.
  2. It is the month of fasting and staying away from all kinds of sin.
  3. It is the month of mercy.
  4. Fasting is not only about food but the Takwa and mind.
  5. It is a month of charity and Zakat.
  6. It is a month of forgiveness to the poor and misdeeds.
  7. During Ramadan, Muslims try to be more spiritual and charitable and more inclined to pray to the almighty Allah.

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