ramadan time bangladesh

If you are looking for the accurate Ramadan Calendar (Ramzan Calendar) for Dhaka, Bangladesh for the perfect time of Sehri and Iftar; then here you go with your latest Ramjan Calendar for 2019.

In this Hizri 1440, the first Ramadan will be started on 25th April and will end on 24th May 2020.

I will update this calendar once the final one will be released by the Islamic Foundation, Bangladesh!

Here you go to download the Ramadan Calendar only for Dhaka.

This image is taken from the Ramadan Calendar of Islamic Foundation fo Bangladesh website. 

Ramadan Calendar Bangladesh

Download Bangla Ramadan Calendar 2020:

Basically, the Ramzan will be started from 6th May of 2019 and onwards.

Check the links above to find the full calendar link.

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