List Of Government Colleges In Bangladesh

Last Updated on January 8, 2017 by Aminul Haque Shahin

Pursuing a higher education usually starts with a bachelor’s degree, an associate’s degree or PhD-level studies. And, the education level that you have to overcome to be levered to higher education is known as HSC or College Level in Bangladesh. Unlike many other Western countries in the world, college education in Bangladesh institutionally spans two years. After passing HSC, a student may go on to pursue higher education.

HSC-level education also enables an individual to expand their knowledge, acquaint themselves with practical application of ICT and Scientific Studies. Student can also learn ways to express their thoughts concisely in speech and writing. Furthermore, they conceive abstract concepts and theories that amplify their overall understanding of the world and their community.

Bangladesh has several prestigious colleges. Many of them have foundations laid during the British Era. There are both public and private colleges. Public/government colleges in Bangladesh are extremely preferable to the school graduates. Since they institutions are reputable, and have enviable heritage and history, students really endeavor hard to enrol themselves in those institutions whether on merit or based on academic results. Since public colleges are financed by the government, they offer extreme ease of tuition fees and tuition fees are feasible to most students.

Now let’s take a look at some of the prestigious colleges in Bangladesh:

  1. Barisal Cadet College – previously known as Barisal Residential Model College, the college was established in 1981. It is located 12 km away from Barisal.
  2. Comilla Cadet College – it was converted from a boarding school after the Liberation War of Bangladesh. The college is located near Moinamoti Buddha-bihar in Kotbari, Comilla on July 1, 1983.
  3. Feni Girls’ Cadet College – it is one of the few cadet colleges in Bangladesh that enrol only female learners. The college is committed to imparting a full-fledged education to the young girls pursuing secondary and higher-secondary education.
  4. Dhaka College – established in 1841, the college is a pioneer in offering higher-secondary education. It has a library containing 40,000 books.
  5. Chittagong College – one of the oldest colleges in Bangladesh. It boasts a century-long history. Its library contains 60,000 books.
  6. Comilla Victoria College – one of the prestigious colleges in Bangladesh. Established in 1899, the college is currently a congregation of 15,000 students and 147 teachers.
  7. Dhaka City College – located at Dhanmondi, the college was established in 1957. It was previously known as Dhaka Night College.
  8. Eden Mohila College – established in 1873, the college was named after Ashley Eden. The current prime minister of Bangladesh is an alumna of this college.
  9. Government Azizul Haque College – located in Bogra, it was established in July 1939. The college was named after Sir Azizul Haque, who was the VC of Calcutta University.
  10. Noakhali Government College – located in Noakhali, the college was established in 1963.
  11. Rangpur Government College – a renowned college established in 1963.
  12. Murari Chand College – commonly referred to as MC College, it was founded in 1892. The college has a vast collection of 100,000 books.