List Of Ports In Bangladesh

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A port is a crucial part of any country’s economy. It handles all the cargo that comes in and out of a country in order to supply the domestic market and transport it internationally.

The list of ports in Bangladesh includes 4 major sea port, which are

1. Chittagong Port,

2. Matarbari, Cox’s Bazar Port,

3. Mongla International Seaport,

4. Port of Payra, Barishal.

There are some other popular port like: Benapole Port and Patenga International Seaport.

Ports are vital for trade in Bangladesh. They serve as a major port for imports and exports and also help connect to other countries in terms of transportation. They play a crucial role in the country’s economy, giving rise to an influx of jobs and revenue.

Let’s learn about the details of each Bangladeshi port below:

Chittagong Port Of Bangladesh Overview And Facts

The Chittagong Port Authority is the biggest port in Bangladesh. It handles around 70% of Bangladesh’s total trade and 30% of the country’s GDP.

The Chittagong Port has been opened to foreign trade since 1876. In fact, it was one of the world’s first ports to allow international trade by allowing foreigners to set up factories in the region.

The port is a vital piece of infrastructure in this region and many people flock from all over the world to do business with this hub.

As one of the busiest ports of the world, Chittagong is a huge export and import hub for Bangladesh. It is also one of the biggest hubs in South Asia.

Chittagong has been industrializing rapidly over the last decade. This has led to rapid economic growth and job creation in Bangladesh.

Chittagong Port is one of the largest and busiest ports in South Asia with an annual capacity of 1 million TEU (twenty-foot equivalent unit) containers. Today, it is served by three container terminals – East, West, and New terminals – which can handle various types of cargoes ranging from coal to cement to cars and garments.

Matarbari, Cox’s Bazar Port Of Bangladesh Overview And Facts

Matarbari is a small town in the southeastern part of Bangladesh near the Bay of Bengal and is located at 25°14’N 90°18’E. The climate in Matarbari is tropical monsoon with a long dry season followed by a rainy season. The average annual rainfall is 27 inches (69 cm).

The port was built in 1914 by the British Empire and named after Cox’s Bazar which is situated nearby, meaning “port” or “harbour” of Cox’s Bazar. As time went by, it became one of the most important commercial ports in Bangladesh with its strategic geographic location and abundance of natural resources.

Mongla International Seaport Of Bangladesh Overview And Facts

The Mongla International Seaport of Bangladesh is the first of its kind in Bangladesh. It is situated on the Bay of Bengal in Mongla, Khulna district. The project is designed to handle a cargo capacity of 1 million TEU by 2020.

Mongla International Seaport spans 3,000 acres and includes an international airport capable of handling all types of aircrafts and helicopters as well as a deep sea port capable of handling large vessels like LNG tankers.

The project will be able to handle a cargo capacity up to one million TEU by 2022. It spans 3,000 acres and includes an international airport (in Khulna) capable of handling all types of aircrafts and helicopters as well as a deep sea port capable of handling large vessels like LNG tankers.

Port Of Payra, Barishal Overview

The port of Payra, Barishal is located in the northeast corner of Bangladesh. It is the most important transportation hub in the country and it handles heavy cargo traffic. There is also heavy tourism traffic at the port as it has already been included in the world heritage sites list by UNESCO.

The port was built in 1938 by British Authorities and since then has been serving as a major international transport hub for centuries now. The government of Bangladesh handed over control to the independent Port Authority in 1995 to further develop this important transport point in Bangladesh.

Some Domestic Ports Of Bangladesh

The first domestic port of Bangladesh was established in the year 1862, but now there are more than a dozen ports in the country.

The following are some of the domestic ports (inland port) of Bangladesh:

1. Aricha Ghat

2. Port of Chandpur

3. Port of Ashuganj

4. Port of Barisal

5. Port of Narayanganj

6. Port of Dhaka

7. Port of Pangaon

8. Khulna River Port

9. Baghabari River Port

10. Tongi River Port

11. Chilmari River Port

12. Patuakhali River Port

13. Bhola River port

14. Daulatdia River Port

15. Lakshmipur River Port


Which Is The Largest Sea Port In Bangladesh?

The largest sea port in Bangladesh is Chittagong. It is a major hub for the country and receives ships coming from around the world. The port has more than 10,000 employees and operates daily at more than 3 million containers.

The second-largest sea port in Bangladesh is Mongla, which has about 3,000 employees and operates on a daily basis with 2.5 million containers transported through it.

Is There Any Port In Dhaka?

There are two ports in Dhaka, one is the main airport (Shahjalal International Airpor) and the other is a river port (Buriganga River Port). The main port is a place where most of the imports and exports occur.

The river port, on the other hand, mainly serves a small number of inland ports that are mostly used for small-scale trade.

There isn’t a traditional harbor with wharves or warehouses in Dhaka.

How many inland port are there in Bangladesh?