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Pabna University of Science and Technology (PUST) is a public university in Bangladesh. The university is situated in Pabna which is a central district town in northern Bangladesh, having a long historical and cultural legacy. Officially accredited and recognized by the University Grants Commission of Bangladesh, PUST is a very renowned education institution in Bangladesh. PUST offers courses and programs leading to officially recognized higher education degrees such as an associate or foundation degrees, bachelor degrees, master degrees, and doctorate degrees in several areas of study.

History of Pabna University of Science and Technology (PUST)

On 15 July 2001,the then government passed an Act to establish a science and technologyuniversity in Pabna. The academic program of Pabna University of Science andTechnology was started on 15 July 2008, and it started its four-year undergraduateprogram in 2009. The university is dedicated to continuing and raising thequality and standard of higher education for the students to internationalstandards. This university campus has an area of about 30 acres, with severalmulti-storied buildings.

Ranking of PUST

PUST is one ofthe most popular engineering universities of Bangladesh, and it has been apioneer in offering higher education in Bangladesh. They maintain a highstandard of education, and it reflects on their ranking both country andworldwide.

  • Country Rank: 33
  • World Rank: 7496

Facultiesand Departments of PUST

There are 5 faculties and 21 departments atPabna University of Science and Technology. Here are the details of all thedepartments:

Faculty of Engineering and Technology

  • Department of Civil Engineering(CE)
  • Department of Architecture(Arch)
  • Department of Urban andRegional Planning (URP)
  • Department of Computer Scienceand Engineering (CSE)
  • Department of Electrical andElectronic Engineering (EEE)
  • Department of Electronics andTelecommunication Engineering (ETE)
  • Department of Information andCommunication Engineering (ICE)

Faculty of Science

  • Department of Physics
  • Department of Statistics
  • Department of Chemistry
  • Department of Pharmacy
  • Department of Mathematics

Faculty of Business Studies

  • Department of BusinessAdministration
  • Department of Tourism andHospitality Management

Faculty of Humanities and Social Science

  • Department of Economics
  • Department of HBS
  • Department of Bengali
  • Department of English
  • Department of Social Work
  • Department of PublicAdministration

Faculty of Life and Earth Science

  • Department of Geography andEnvironment (GE)

PUSTAdmission Circular 2019 – 2020

PUST admission circularfor honors 1st year, session 2019-2020 hasnot published yet. All eligible candidates can apply for admission, andthey have to sit for an admission test. Those who will pass the admission test successfullycan be able to admit to Pabna University of Science and Technology. There are twoadmission units in PUST.

Important Admission Timeline of PUST

  • Application process starting:
  • Application process ending:
  • Admission test began:
  • Admission test end:
  • Website Link:

Eligibility of PUST Admission

  • The student should pass SSC andHSC from any education Board
  • Minimum GPA of 3.50 both in SSCand HSC
  • SSC Passing year at least 2017or later and HSC passing year at least 2018

Unit Wise Admission Requirement of PUST

For each unit,PUST stated minimal requirements. Here are the details of the admissionrequirements.

Minimum GPA for A unit

  • Candidates have to achieve a totalGPA of 8.00, including 4th subject both in SSC and HSC or equivalent exam.
  • Individually in SSC and HSC orequivalent exam, they have to gain GPA 3.50 out of GPA 5.00, including 4thsubject.
  • They must need a GPA of 3.50individually in physics, chemistry, and mathematics in HSC or equivalent exam.

Minimum GPA for B unit

  • For B unit candidates have toachieve GPA 7.00 with 4th subject both with SSC and HSC or equivalent exam.
  • Individually in SSC and HSC orequivalent exam, they have to gain GPA 3.000 out of GPA 5.00 with 4th subject.
  • For their interesting subjects,they have to obtain a GPA 3.50 in those subjects.
  • For statistics, a candidate hasto gain a GPA of 3.50 in mathematics.

MarksDistribution of PUST Admission Test

A unit

Physics- 30, Chemistry- 30, Biology /Mathematics- 30.  For architecturecandidates, they have to answer an extra 30 marks for drawing.

B unit

Science and arts students have to answerBangla- 30, English- 30, and General Knowledge- 30. Commerce students have toanswer Bangla- 30, English- 30, Accounting, and Business Management- 30.

Bottom Line

Pabna Universityof Science and Technology is one of the top-ranking engineering universities inBangladesh. With top-class facilities, world-class curriculum, andwell-regarded faculty, the university draws in thousands of students every yearboth national and international.

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