Top 10 Smartphone Brands in Bangladesh

Last Updated on June 2, 2019 by Aminul Haque Shahin

Gone are the days when the use of a phone was only limited to making or receiving calls. Now phones got smart and can perform a variety of mammoth tasks. Nobody can deny the importance of having a smartphone. The markets of a wide range of smartphones have flourished each known corner of the world. We are experiencing the revolution of smartphones.

Being a developing country, owning a smartphone had long been considered luxurious in Bangladesh. Since they were used by mainly businessmen, a smartphone was regarded as a luxury item.

Of course, producing smartphones feasible to the masses in Bangladesh has always been a challenge. But, a plethora of brands in Bangladesh ventured on the daunting task. They have been trying to offer the latest possible features for affordable prices. Thanks to their effort, now even the school-going kids in Bangladesh keep a smartphone to boast about their level on Clash of Clan.

However, there are quite a few both local and international brands in Bangladesh that continue to try making smartphones more affordable and more feature-packed. Today I’m gonna talk about such brands that top the smartphone production game in Bangladesh. Let’s find out about them:

1. Symphony

The idea that a smartphone is a luxury item is almost solely dispelled by Symphony Mobile. Since its inception in 2008, Symphony tried introducing the most affordable handsets to the masses of Bangladesh. And, it achieved immense success in doing so. It became the #1 smartphone brand in Bangladesh consecutively. It still holds the position due to quality handsets and excellent customer service.

Over the years, they built a strong network of loyal customers. Lately, it produced the most inexpensive 3GB RAM and fingerprint-enabled smartphones on the market, which confirms their commitment. In 2016, Symphony claimed roughly 40% of the smartphone market in Bangladesh. Check out here –  Symphony Mobile price in Bangladesh

2. Walton

When it comes to churning out smartphones, none can come quite close to Walton. Walton manufacturers more handsets than any other brand in Bangladesh. Walton is also committed to delivering smartphones for affordable prices. It offers the most inexpensive 1GB RAM handset in Bangladesh. The share of Walton in Bangladesh’s smartphone market is 20%.

It not only produces smartphones, but also manufactures a wide range of electronic products. As a result, it successfully established an empire of conglomerate business in Bangladesh. However, Walton’s customer service is not satisfactory to many of its customers. If it fails to improve customer service experience, it may lose a huge section of customers. Check out here – Walton Mobile price in Bangladesh.

3. Samsung

The South Korean electronics giant has a strong presence in the smartphone business. Constantly introducing innovative designs, sophisticated camera infrastructure, the smartphone pioneer holds a significant section of smartphone consumers in Bangladesh. Due to an easy navigational system, and affordable cost, they are highly popular among Bangladeshis. Samsung claimed 13% of the smartphone market in Bangladesh. Check out here – Samsung Mobile price in Bangladesh

4. Oppo

The smartphone brand primarily focuses on producing camera phones. It responded to the needs of a high-end camera phone among the youth very well.  Established in 2004, it produced almost a dozen camera phones to date. They proved to be high-quality and feature-packed. Still, the smartphone brand has a lot to improve on. Check out here – Oppo mobile price in Bangladesh

5. Huawei

This multinational Chinese networking company really took the smartphone world by storm as they introduced a wide range of durable and high-end smartphones for both the developed and developing countries. Huawei Honor Bee, Huawei P8, Honor 6 Plus are very popular among Bangladeshis. Check out here – Huawei mobile price in Bangladesh.

6. Maximus

Another brand that revolutionized the smartphone business in Bangladesh. It started off as Siemens Bangladesh and continued manufacturing smartphones as Maximus since 2009. With the objective of integrating this Bangladeshi smartphone brand into a global arena, Maximus produced high-quality smartphones that start from as low as 3,500tk.

7. Okapia

Started its journey in 2014, Okapia Mobile quickly ascended to become a top smartphone manufacturing company. Its Android smartphones are usually affordable, durable and top-notch. Just like many other smartphone brands in Bangladesh, it also releases smartphones centering around budget-conscious consumers. Its smartphones are yet to make an impact on the smartphone consumers. However, Okapia is a brand you can trust for low-end smartphones.

8. MyCell

MyCell came to the focal point of smartphone discussion with its Spider A4 smartphone. The smartphone quickly became popular due to its air gesture control feature. MyCell is the first smartphone in Bangladesh to introduce such a feature. It continues to release high-quality smartphones for affordable prices.

9. Elite

The smartphone brand was founded in the year when many other brands were too. It was in 2014. The brand wants to introduce handsets conforming to its customers’ requirements. Its motto “Technology needs to fit with its owner and not the other way around” reflects its vision. The brand introduced several high-end smartphones such as Elite Evo Air for an affordable cost.

10. WE

We seek to deliver complete smartphone experience with its smartphones. It is quite a new smartphone brand in Bangladesh. With every purchase of selected WE smartphones, you can enjoy Free Wi-Fi Internet Access and Free Cloud Storage. The brand constantly surprises customers with attractive offers and features.

Bottom Line

The smartphones users in Bangladesh are fully utilizing the wide range of choices they have for a smartphone. With innovative designs and updated features, these smartphone brands continue to appeal to people of all ages regardless of their income brackets.