Bangladesh Open University – BOU BA/BSS Result 2018

Are you a student at Bangladesh Open University?

Are you looking for your BA and BSS results?

Bangladesh Open University is one of the largest universities in Bangladesh. Thousands of students every year in the country enroll on different subjects in the country. As a student at the university, you may be looking for your result.

After a year of studying and learning, nothing seems as frightening as appearing in the final exam. However, pupils who studied throughout the year do not find appearing in the exam as frightening as the ones who haven’t studied throughout the year.

If you are a student of Bachelor of Arts (BA) and Bachelor of Social Science (BSS), and you are looking for results, then you have come to the right place. Bangladesh Open University has published the results for 2016 BA/BSS exam.

With a total passing rate of 73.82 percent, students of BA and BSS at the university finally became valued.

The results are published on the official website, as well as on the regional and sub-regional centers Bangladesh Open University (BOU).

BOU BA BSS Exam Result 2017

In the Final Exam for BA/BSS degrees, a total of 39,208 students have participated in the BA/BSS Final Exam of 2017. And, the passing rate is almost 74 percent for the students participated in the BA/BSS Final exam.

Among the 39,208 students, the number of male students was 15,402. And, the number of female students was 13,541. The results are published in both the official website and regional and sub-regional centers of Bangladesh Open University (BOU).

Bangladesh Open University BA BSS Exam Result 2017 at a Glance

  • Number of Students: 39,208
  • Number of Male Students: 15,402
  • Number of Female Students: 13,541

How to Find Your BA/BSS Exam Result

There are mainly two ways you can get your BA/BSS exam results. The two main method are:

  • Online Method
  • SMS Method

Below is a complete explanation as to how you can get your BA/BSS results:

  • Online Method

To get your BA/BSS result for the Final exam, held in 2017, you can browse the website for finding out your result. The official website address is:

  1. Visit the official website address of Bangladesh Open University for exam result, which is:
  2. Use your mobile phone or desktop browser to access the website
  3. Insert your registration number in the registration bar
  4. Include your Roll NO.
  5. Select your exam appearance year
  6. Then, click on Submit
  • SMS Method

You can also get your BA/BSS result through SMS. To get your BA/BSS/B.Ed results through SMS. To find your result through this method, you must have a UserID. The UserID will be provided by Bangladesh Open University upon registering your course with the university.

Once you have your UserID, follow the procedure listed below:

  1. Go to your Mobile Message option
  2. Then, type BOU<space>UserID
  3. Send the message to 2777

For example: if your UserID is 09020012247, then the text message format will be: BOU 09020012247 and send the message to 2777.

Only Banglalink users will be able to send the text message. The student ID (UserID) should contain 10 digits. The digits should be without any characters but numbers. And, you have to write the message in English format.

Bangladesh Open University: BA/BSS/B.Ed Exam Results

In BA/BSS Exam, about 26 thousand 804 students attended the BA/BSS/B.Ed exams. Among the students, 18 thousand 268 students passed BA/BSS exam successfully. In the BA/BSS exam, 2 students secured A grade.

15 students got “A-“ grade. And, 632 students have got “B+”. 3,628 got “B” grade. Six thousand 440 students have “B-“ grade. Five thousand 206 students secured C+ grade. And, two thousand 206 students have gotten “C” grade.

Result Review

This year, a total of nine thousand 575 males passed the exam. The passing rate for BA/BSS/B.Ed is 66.44%.

On the other hand, 8 thousand 689 female students passed the BA and BSS final exam successfully. So, the passing rate is 70.9%.

It is visible that female students are ahead of the male students by quite a large proportion. And, a total of 2,198,875 students are expected to participate in the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th Semester.

Bottom Line

To get your BA/BSS result for Bangladesh Open University, you can access The website will display your result. You need to have your UserID to get your result for the BA and BSS degree. You can also get your result by sending an SMS. In this article, I discussed the ways you can get your BA/BSS result the easiest and fastest way possible.