Top 10 Colleges In Dhaka 2021

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After passing the SSC examination students in Bangladesh seek admission to different colleges. College is the very first step of higher education in Bangladesh. So the students need to get admission to a college that will give them proper guidance and show the right direction to achieve their future target. There are several colleges available in Dhaka city. However, below I have discussed the top 10 colleges of Dhaka. So let’s take a look at the 10 best colleges in Dhaka city.

Top 10 Colleges In Dhaka At A Glance

  • Notre Dame College
  • Adamjee Cantonment College
  • Viqarunnisa Noon College
  • Dhaka City College
  • Rajuk Uttara Model College
  • Holy Cross College
  • Dhaka College
  • Ideal School and College, Motijheel
  • Birshreshtha Noor Mohammad Public College
  • BAF Shaheen College Dhaka

1. Notre Dame College

Notre Dame College, Dhaka is a Catholic higher secondary school and it is one of the oldest educational institutions in Dhaka, Bangladesh. This college is established in 1949 and every year around 1700-1900 students in science, around 400 students in Humanities, and around 750 students in the Business Studies group get admitted to this college. Notre Dame College is not only the best college in Dhaka city, but it is also considered as the best college in Bangladesh. Only the male students can take admission in this college and since the establishment, this college is providing physical education, intellectual education, and spiritual education to the boys.

YearAppeared% of PassGPA 5% of GPA 5

2. Adamjee Cantonment College

Adamjee Cantonment College is located in Dhaka Cantonment, Dhaka, Bangladesh and it is an intermediate college providing high-quality education for both boys and girls. This college was established on February 16, 1960, following the ideology of the original renowned public schools of England – Eton, and Harrow. This college is managed by Bangladesh Army officers and children of Army personnel get priority for admission. This college is situated across nearly 10 acres of land including the administration building, a science building, a library building, a BBA building, a Masters’s building, a playground, a mosque, a garden, a cafeteria, a Shaheed Minar, and a stage.

  • Website:
  • Established: 1960
  • Students: ‎6386
  • Phone: 02-8872446, 01769026084
  • Address: Shahid Sarani, Dhaka Cantonment, Dhaka 1206
YearAppeared% of PassGPA 5

3. Viqarunnisa Noon College

Viqarunnisa Noon College is an all-girls educational institute in Dhaka, Bangladesh. It has four campuses and the main campus is located in Baily Road, Dhaka. This college has 25,000 students at four campuses. It was established in 1947 but the college started in 1978. It is the biggest girl’s college in Dhaka city. The result of Viqarunnisa Noon College is outstanding. This college is named after the Austrian Woman Viqarunnisa Noon. Since the establishment, this college has been providing modern education to the girls of Bangladesh.

  • Website:
  • Established: 1947
  • Students: ‎25,000
  • Phone: 02-58310500
  • Address: 1/A, New Baily Road, Ramna, Dhaka-1000.
YearAppeared% of Pass% of GPA 5

4. Dhaka City College

Dhaka City College is also known as DCC and it is a very reputed college and one of the oldest private colleges of Dhaka cities. This college was established in 1957 and it offers higher secondary education (HSC) as well as Honors and Master’s Degree programs. In 1970, Dhaka City College moved to its own premises on Road 2 of the Dhanmondi residential area. The HSC programs of this college are Science, Business Studies, and Humanities. The priority of this College is to give proper knowledge and guidelines so that the students will make high quality result in HSC.

YearAppeared% of Pass% of GPA 5

5. Rajuk Uttara Model College

Rajuk Uttara Model College is a very renowned co-educational higher secondary school situated at Uttara, Dhaka. This college was established in 1994 and since then it is providing education to its students in Bengali and English language versions under the national curriculum. About 270 staff and teachers are providing high-quality education to its students.

  • Website:
  • Established: 1994
  • Students: 4,893
  • Phone: 02-48957101, 48957102, 48957103, 01979101571
  • Address: Isakha Avenue, Sector 6, Uttara Model Town, Dhaka 1230.
YearAppeared% of Pass% of GPA 5

6. Holy Cross College

This is a Catholic higher secondary school for girls, located at Tejgaon in Dhaka, Bangladesh. This college was established in 1950 and it is one of the best girl’s colleges in Dhaka city. There are about 2500 student studies in this college. There are 47 teachers available in this college who are providing high-quality education. Therefore, every year many students from this college get a chance in Medical College, BUET, and Public Universities of Bangladesh. The students of this college are very discipline and moral in their life thanks to proper disciplinary guide from this college. This college began its journey with the Humanities Group and later the science group was added and very recently, in 2005, the Business Studies Group was opened.

  • Website:
  • Established: 1951
  • Students: 1800
  • Phone: 02-9110493, 01511-932681
  • Address: Farmgate, Tejgaon, Dhaka-1215.
YearAppeared% of Pass% of GPA 5

7. Dhaka College

Dhaka College is one of the oldest educational institutions in Bangladesh and it is located in New Market, Dhaka. It offers higher secondary education though it also has Honor’s and Masters Programs which are affiliated with the University of Dhaka. Established on 20 November 1841 by James Taylor Wise, Dhaka College is providing top-quality education which has been seen in the results of the students. 

  • Website:
  • Established: 18 July 1841
  • Students: 25000
  • Phone: 02-8618350
  • Address: Mirpur Rd, New Market, Dhanmondi, Dhaka 1205, Bangladesh.    
YearAppeared% of Pass% of GPA 5

8. Ideal School And College, Motijheel

Ideal School and College are also known as Motijheel Ideal School and College. It is a very renowned college in Dhaka city and it was established in 1965. It has three campuses in Dhaka city. They are Motijheel, Banasree, and Mugda. This college offers primary, secondary, and higher secondary education in both Bengali Medium and English Versions for boys and girls. Boys and girls are split into separate shifts. The girl shift starts in the morning while the boys shift starts at noon. This college is making excellent results in all public exams under the Dhaka board.

YearAppeared% of Pass% of GPA 5

9. Birshreshtha Noor Mohammad Public College

Birshreshtha Noor Mohammad Public College is situated inside the Border Guards Bangladesh HQ in Dhanmondi, Dhaka near BGB gate no. 5. The main idea of establishing this college is to provide high-quality education to the offspring of Border Guards Bangladesh personnel. Now, this college is open for civilians as well. This is a very reputed college not only for education but also for discipline. This college was established in 1977. The English version of this college was established in 2004.

  • Website:
  • Established: 1977
  • Students: 5000
  • Phone: 02-8613870
  • Address: Peelkhana (Near Gate # 5 of BGB Headquarters), Newmarket, Lalbagh, Dhaka-1205.    
YearAppeared% of Pass% of GPA 5

10. BAF Shaheen College Dhaka

BAF Shaheen College is a co-educational institute situated in Dhaka Cantonment. This college was established on March 1, 1960. Here, BAF stands for Bangladesh Air Force, and this college is supervised by the Bangladesh Air Force. Initially, it was an English medium school; where Bangla medium was introduced in 1967. Some years later Shaheen High School was renamed as B A F Shaheen College Dhaka for opening intermediate level from 1977. This college is renowned & well reputed for its standard of education and discipline.

  • Website:
  • Established: 1989
  • Students: 7000
  • Phone: 88 02 9023338, 9004942, 9007945
  • Address: Mirpur, Dhaka-1216, Bangladesh.
YearAppeared% of Pass% of GPA 5

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