Most popular Degree & Honors College in Bangladesh

An honors or degree college, or in a more determinate form, honors program, is an educational knowledge for high-achieving students that is set apart from the majority of the educational institution’s coursework. Compared to the magnificent university community, honors colleges often have smaller classes of students along with high measuring test scores or grades and offer special privileges. Honors programs are smaller and less formal than honors colleges, and may not have extra funds, for example, residences or academic buildings offered to honors colleges.

In Bangladesh, there have so many universities who are providing bachelor, honors and master degrees in the different subject. For example, languages, humanities, social science, commerce and business administration, physical sciences, mathematical sciences, biological science, education, law and computer technology.

Every college provides the syllabus and book list, arranges admission test, gives guidelines for admission, arranges the inspection, set an examination, publishes the results, and reward certificates. All these college are under National University and follow all the rules and regulation provided by National University Act 1992 mandated by the National Parliament of Bangladesh.

Let’s check out the most popular Degree & Honors College in Bangladesh along with the leading information and contact.

  1. Dhaka College

Dhaka College is a public college under National University and situated in Dhaka, Bangladesh. And it is the most popular institute for bachelor’s degree and master’s degree programs. Phone number: 8618350

  1. Eden Mohila College

Eden Mohila College or Eden College is a women’s college in Azimpur, Dhaka, Bangladesh which is founded 1873. For details: 880 2-9666898

  1. A K M RahmatUllah College

This college is a familiar University who are providing the honors degree listed in University categories in Bangladesh. A.k.m. RahmatUllah Degree College is located at Badda, Dhaka, Bangladesh and contact number: 01818-168214.

  1. Abujar Ghifari College

This College is founded in1969 and located at Malibag in Dhaka, Bangladesh. It is a Non-Government private college. It offers Higher Secondary, Degree (Pass), Degree (Honors) and Masters (Preliminary & Final) and the contact number: 88-02-9358896

  1. Central Women’s College

This College is the initiator among the private Girls’ College in the Dhaka city and it was founded in 1956 and located at the Avoy Das Lane of Dhaka city and the contact number: 02-9567481.

  1. Dhaka Art College

It was founded in 1948 as the Government Institute of Arts and Crafts. Now it has become one of the main centers of art and cultural practice which is at Rayer Bazar. And contact information: 01712-181050

  1. Dhaka City College

Dhaka City College is one of the best and ancient colleges in Bangladesh. It is situated at Dhanmondi, kudrat-e-khuda road in Dhaka city. It offers graduation and a post-graduation course in majors and HSC and this college is under National University. Phone number: 02-8610294

  1. Dhaka Commerce College

Dhaka Commerce College is established in 1989, it was the first college in Dhaka city to specialize in commerce and now it has become the most popular college in Bangladesh. Number: 02-9023338

  1. Dhamrai Govt. College

Another well-known and famous educational institute in Bangladesh which is founded in 1972 at Dhamrai. For more information: 01711283507

  1. Titumir College

Govt. Titumir College is one of the greatest educational institutions in Bangladesh and established in 1968 and located Bir Uttam AK Khandakar Road, Dhaka, Bangladesh. Contact: 880 2-9886737