Discovering the Highest Paying Jobs in Bangladesh

Last Updated on May 27, 2023 by Aminul Haque Shahin

The highest-paying jobs in Bangladesh are typically found in sectors such as information technology, finance, engineering, medicine, and management. In the IT sector, positions like software engineers, IT project managers, and data scientists often offer competitive salaries. Financial institutions offer well-paying jobs, including positions like investment bankers and financial analysts. Engineers specializing in fields such as civil, electrical, and mechanical engineering also earn high salaries. Medical professionals, particularly specialized doctors, and surgeons, are among the highest-paid individuals.

The evolving job market in Bangladesh

  • The job market in Bangladesh has undergone significant transformations in recent years, primarily due to technological advancements and structural changes in production methods. This shift has led to an increased focus on skilled labor and a decline in routine-intensive tasks. Education and skill sets have become crucial factors in determining job prospects and earnings potential in this evolving landscape.
  • One of the notable trends in the Bangladeshi job market is the growth of high-skilled occupations, particularly in the fields of information technology, telecommunications, and finance. These sectors offer some of the highest paying jobs in the country due to their demand for specialized knowledge and expertise. A steep increase in earnings premium has been observed for individuals with tertiary education, making advanced degrees and certifications more valuable than ever before.
  • However, despite the rise in high-skilled occupations, a significant portion of the workforce is still engaged in mid and low-level skilled jobs. Many workers in these positions lack formal contracts and job security, making them more susceptible to economic shocks and uncertainties. This highlights the need for targeted labor market programs and investment in skill enhancement to bridge the gap between skill levels and job opportunities.

Understanding the Factors Influencing High Pay in Bangladesh

High-salary jobs in Bangladesh are greatly influenced by various factors such as industry demand, expertise, and educational qualifications. These elements guide workers in choosing the right career path for earning high pay and having long-term job security.

  • One of the key factors driving high pay in Bangladesh is the demand for skilled workers in specific industries. A well-qualified professional in the finance, healthcare, or IT sector can expect a lucrative salary due to the critical nature of the job and the competition to attract top talent. For example, financial analysts and software developers are among the best-paying jobs in the country, earning around 300,000 BDT and 455,844 BDT, respectively.
  • Another important element is the expertise required for a certain job role. High-paying careers often necessitate specialized skills or in-depth knowledge about a particular subject. Professionals such as electrical engineers with skills in planning, designing, and implementing electrical devices can expect handsome pay packages owing to their niche expertise.
  • Finally, educational qualifications play a crucial role in determining the pay scale of professionals. Degrees in finance, business, computer science, or related fields can substantially increase the chances of being considered for high-paying jobs. In many cases, certifications or licenses like the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) can further enhance the earning potential and career growth opportunities.

List of Highest Paying Jobs in Bangladesh with Salary Ranges

Bangladesh has a growing economy and job market, with opportunities in a variety of industries. Here are the top highest paying jobs in Bangladesh with salary ranges:

  • Information Technology (IT) Manager: IT managers oversee computer systems, networks, and technology infrastructure in organizations. Salaries for IT managers in Bangladesh can range from BDT 80,000 to BDT 200,000 per month or more, depending on the size and complexity of the organization.
  • Medical Professionals: Specialized doctors, surgeons, and medical specialists, such as cardiologists, neurologists, and orthopedic surgeons, can earn high salaries in Bangladesh. The range can vary widely, with senior medical professionals earning upwards of BDT 500,000 or more per month.
  • Airline Pilots: Pilots in commercial airlines command high salaries due to the responsibility and skills required for their profession. The salary range for experienced airline pilots in Bangladesh can range from BDT 250,000 to BDT 600,000 per month or higher.
  • Corporate Lawyers: Experienced corporate lawyers with expertise in areas such as mergers and acquisitions, intellectual property, and commercial law can earn substantial incomes. Salaries for corporate lawyers can vary greatly, but senior lawyers in reputable firms may earn BDT 200,000 to BDT 500,000 or more per month.
  • Investment Bankers: Professionals working in investment banking and financial services, involved in areas such as mergers and acquisitions, corporate finance, and capital markets, can earn high salaries. Salaries for investment bankers in Bangladesh can range from BDT 150,000 to BDT 400,000 or more per month.
  • Engineers: Various engineering disciplines, such as petroleum, chemical, and electrical engineering, offer lucrative opportunities. Experienced engineers in reputable organizations can earn salaries ranging from BDT 80,000 to BDT 300,000 or more per month.
  • IT Consultants: IT consultants who provide expertise and guidance in areas like software development, cybersecurity, and project management can command high salaries. Depending on the experience and specialization, IT consultants in Bangladesh may earn BDT 80,000 to BDT 250,000 or more per month.
  • Financial Analysts: Financial analysts who analyze financial data, provide investment recommendations, and support decision-making processes can earn attractive salaries. Salaries for financial analysts in Bangladesh can range from BDT 70,000 to BDT 200,000 or more per month.
  • Pharmaceutical Professionals: Professionals in the pharmaceutical industry, including pharmaceutical sales managers, medical affairs managers, and research scientists, can earn substantial salaries. The salary range varies depending on the role, but senior positions can earn BDT 80,000 to BDT 250,000 or more per month.
  • Marketing Managers: Marketing managers who develop and implement marketing strategies and manage teams can earn competitive salaries. Depending on the size and nature of the organization, marketing managers in Bangladesh can earn BDT 60,000 to BDT 200,000 or more per month.

Choosing the right educational path for desired careers

Looking for a fulfilling and lucrative career opportunity in Bangladesh? Choosing the right educational path is crucial in achieving your career goals. Here are some high-paying jobs in Bangladesh that you can pursue by following the right educational path.

  • Firstly, becoming a doctor is a traditional but highly respected and financially rewarding career in Bangladesh. To become a doctor, students need to complete a five-year Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) program and then undergo a year of internship in a hospital. After completion, they can work in the government or private sector and earn a handsome salary.
  • Next, engineering is a field that has always been in demand in Bangladesh. To become an engineer, students can choose from different disciplines such as mechanical, civil, electrical, and computer engineering. Students usually pursue a Bachelor of Science in Engineering (BSc Eng) degree and then specialize with a Master’s degree. Freshly graduated engineers can expect a starting salary of around BDT 30,000.
  • Thirdly, the booming IT sector in Bangladesh offers lucrative job and career opportunities. Students can choose to study computer science, information technology, or software engineering to become a software developer, database administrator, or network administrator. Various private universities in Bangladesh offer courses and degrees in IT fields.
  • Lastly, finance is another lucrative career path in Bangladesh. To become a financial analyst or accountant, students can pursue a degree in finance or accounting, which is offered by various universities in Bangladesh. After completing a degree, students can take certification courses to further enhance their skills and job opportunities.


Bangladesh is a country that has seen significant growth in its job market over recent years. As such, there has been a rise in the number of high-paying jobs available to individuals with the necessary qualifications. According to data, some of the best-paying jobs in Bangladesh are found in the finance, healthcare, and IT sectors. However, there are other industries that offer high-paying roles as well.