List Of Engineering Universities In Bangladesh

Last Updated on May 2, 2017 by Aminul Haque Shahin

Engineering, the discipline that covers everything from rockets to refrigeration and even hip replacements. Engineering not only helps you “fix things”, but also equips you with an understanding on why and how things work.

An engineering-based education paves the way for many different sectors to explore and work one’s way up to high-level management.

Since its inception and its pre-independence period, Bangladesh recognized the importance of engineering education and developed methods and mediums to deliver high-quality engineering education. That’s why Bangladesh established several universities and still is on the process of sanctioning new ones as well.

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How successful a nation is in terms of industrialization and economies is underpinned by its manufacturing and engineering base. There has always been increasing-demand for engineering disciplines, since they are challenging and those who pursue them stand out from the crowd.

Bangladesh offers a variety of public and private universities instituting the initial stage (Bachelor’s), and advanced degrees (graduate courses) for becoming an engineer.

Here’s a list of top engineering universities in Bangladesh:

  1. Bangladesh University of Engineering & Technology (BUET) – it’s one of the most prestigious universities in Bangladesh. It offers a wide range of engineering and architecture disciplines. BUET is the oldest institution in the country to offer engineering, architecture and urban planning education in the country. The university achieved its current form after going through modifications of several institutions. After the liberation of Bangladesh, the university, which was known as East Pakistan University of Engineering and Technology, was renamed to BUET.
  2. Shahjalal University of Science & Technology (SUST) – located in Sylhet, it’s one of the first engineering and technology universities in Bangladesh. It’s also the first university in Bangladesh to espouse American credit system. The university offers engineering education from undergraduate to PhD. The university was established in 1986.
  3. Chittagong University of Engineering & Technology (CUET) – the university is well-known for its specialized emphasis on research-based education. CUET contains 15 academic departments under five faculties providing teaching and research of engineering, technology, planning and architecture.
  4. Rajshahi University of Engineering & Technology (RUET) – like SUST, the university offers PhD-granting education. It was established in 1964 as Rajshahi Engineering College. It covers a vast area of 152 acres.
  5. Khulna University of Engineering & Technology (KUET) – another prestigious engineering university in Bangladesh that generated an overwhelming endowment of $8 million. The university primarily focuses on providing quality education for undergraduate students in engineering sectors.
  6. Dhaka University of Engineering & Technology (DUET) – what distinguishes this university from other engineering universities is that only the Diploma Engineers are allowed to enroll. A student can study Computer Science & Engineering, Civil Engineering, Electrical and Electronic Engineering and various other engineering disciplines.
  7. Bangladesh University of Textiles (BUTex) – the first and only public university in Bangladesh to offer an specialized engineering discipline for Textile Engineering. Bangladesh earns the majority of its foreign currency from exporting garment products, so there was always a demand for a full-fledged university that could offer engineering degrees to introduce new methods in textile industry and amplify the growth that Bangladesh developed from garments sector. That’s why BUTex emerged.

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