List of Private Universities in Bangladesh (Serial Ranking & Websites)

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Private universities are universities that are not run by governments. However, depending on location, private universities may be subject to some form of government regulation. Unlike Public universities, private universities are supposed to be non-profit organizations.

After the Private University Act, 1992 was introduced, a number of private universities were founded in Bangladesh. The Act was later amended in 2010.

Private Universities in Bangladesh have been able to make significant progress in the past 10 years.

The private universities in Bangladesh are becoming increasingly popular and are the new trend of higher education. They provide a wide range of opportunities and services to students who want to pursue their education abroad.

Private universities have been increasing in number in Bangladesh as the demand for internationalized higher ties has grown exponentially. The quality of education is much more than what one would expect at public institutions or in overseas institutions. They can freely choose their operation model, curricula, faculty size, class sizes, fees etc.

Many parents from different backgrounds choose private universities for their children because they offer access to international markets, scholarships, and on-campus jobs. Private universities also offer a wider range of services that include medical care and housing accommodations for students.

All private universities in Bangladesh must be licensed to operate by the University Grants Commission. Certification from extra-UGC-approved universities is considered invalid.

Below is a list of private universities in Bangladesh. These universities are UGC-approved and currently in operation. Private universities are sorted alphabetically.

UGC Approved Private Universities of Bangladesh (with Website Address)

1North South University
2University of Science & Technology
3Independent University,
4Central Women’s
5International University of Business Agriculture &
6International Islamic University Chittagong
7Ahsanullah University of Science and
8American International
9East West
10University of Asia
11Gono Bishwabidyalay
12The People’s University of
13Asian University of
14Dhaka International
15Manarat International
19BGC Trust University
20Sylhet International University
21University of Development Alternative *
23Southeast University
24Daffodil International University *
25Stamford University Bangladesh *
26State University of
27City University
29Northern University Bangladesh
30Southern University
31Green University of
32Pundra University of Science & Technology
33World University of
34Shanto-Mariam University of Creative
35The Millennium
38Uttara University
39United International
40University of South Asia
41Bangladesh University of Business &
43University of Information Technology &
45Royal University of
46University of Liberal Arts
47Atish Dipankar University of Science &
48Victoria University of Bangladesh
49Bangladesh Islami
50ASA University
51East Delta
52European University of
54Hamdard University
55BGMEA University of Fashion & Technology(BUFT)
56North East University
57First Capital University of
58Ishakha International University,
59Z.H Sikder University of Science & Technologywww.
60Exim Bank Agricultural University,
61North Western
62Khwaja Yunus Ali
65Britannia University
66Port City International
67Bangladesh University of Health
68Chittagong Independent
69Notre Dame University
70Times University, Bangladesh
71North Bengal International
72Fareast International
73Rajshahi Science & Technology University (RSTU),
74Sheikh Fazilatunnesa Mujib
75Cox’s Bazar International
76Ranada Prasad Shaha
77German University
78Global University
79CCN University of Science &
80Bangladesh Army University of Science and Technology(BAUST),
81Bangladesh Army University of Engineering and Technology (BAUET),
82Bangladesh Army International University of Science & Technology(BAIUST) ,
83The International University of
84Canadian University of
85N.P.I University of
86Northern University of Business & Technology,
87Rabindra Maitree University, Kushtia
88University of Creative Technology, Chittagong
89Central University of Science and Technology
90Tagore University of Creative Arts, Uttara, Dhaka,
91University of Global
92Rupayan A.K.M Shamsuzzoha University (Academic programs have not yet started)
93Anwer Khan Modern
94Z.N.R.F. University of Management
95Ahsania Mission University of Science and Technology (Academic programs have not yet started)
96Khulna Khan Bahadur Ahsanullah University (Academic programs have not yet started)
98Shah Makhdum Management University, Rajshahi (Academic programs have not yet started)
99Trust University, Barishal
100International Standard
101University of
102University of Skill Enrichment and Technology
103Microland University of Science and Technology (Academic Programs have not yet started)
104R.T.M Al-Kobir Technical University (Academic programs have not yet started.).
105IBAIS University
106The University of Comilla (Academic Programs have not yet started)
107Queens University

This List of the Private University of Bangladesh does not follow any ranking system as the name of the universities has been alphabetically ordered.

In case, I miss to enlist your university here on this page; please contact us and let me know the details of your University; I will add this later.


How many private universities are there in Bangladesh?

There are at least 105 UGC approved private universities in Bangladesh, according to the UGC Website. With the number of private universities on the rise, there is a need to ensure that these institutions are a good fit for students and their families.

How to choose the best private university for you in Bangladesh?

There are several private universities in Bangladesh, so it is difficult to choose one. Here are some of the factors you should consider before making your final decision.

1. Location: Most universities in Bangladesh offer their degrees online now, so you can easily attend lectures from any location. If you want to live nearby, a university that’s close to your home would be best for you.

2. Admission fees: An expensive university does not mean good quality education will be provided. You should look for an affordable private university with a good reputation among students and parents who want quality education but don’t have high budget constraints

3. Curriculum: Some universities only offer a few majors and focus on research and development while others give special attention to certain courses like business management or accounting

4. Accreditation: Is it approved by the University Grants Commission of Bangladesh? Check the accreditation in the official website of UGC.

What is the number 1 university in Bangladesh?

The number of universities in Bangladesh is growing day by day and this is partly because the country’s education sector has been experiencing a lot of change over the years.

The University of Dhaka is one such university and it ranks number one in Bangladesh. It was founded in 1874 during the British Raj era and today, it provides education in science, engineering, humanities, social sciences, medicine, law and international relations.

Universities are an important part of almost every society’s economy. They are responsible for creating jobs for many people as well as helping different industries grow.

Which is the biggest private university in Bangladesh?

Islamic University of Bangladesh – Chittagong Branch is the biggest private university in Bangladesh.

What is the cost of private university in Bangladesh?

Private university in Bangladesh is not that much expensive, particularly for international students. The cost of education for international students is around $16,500 per degree and some schools in the country are as high as $20,000.

The cost of education is one of the most important factors that countries consider when they want to attract international students. This cost affects the number of international students that come to that country and therefore plays an important role in the economy.

Which is the first private university in Bangladesh?

There are many reasons why choosing a university based on the liberal arts model is becoming more and more popular. It’s simply a smart decision to make, especially when it comes to education. ULAB is the first university of its kind in Bangladesh.

Which subject is best for job in Bangladesh?

Bangladesh is famous for its beautiful beaches and natural beauty. However, the country’s economy has a few factors that make it difficult to be as successful as other nations.

Despite the challenges, the subject of economics and finance is always a good choice for job seekers and job takers in Bangladesh. Some of the top jobs in this area are financial analysts, financial advisors, investment bankers, investors, economists and auditors.

What is the most demandable degree or subject in Bangladesh?

A lot of the majors that are most demanded in this country are STEM fields like computer science, engineering and mathematics.

In Bangladesh, a lot of the degrees that are highly demanded are STEM-related degrees. Degrees like computer science, engineering and mathematics are in high demand. Other popular options include medicine and pharmacy.

Which private university is best for English in Bangladesh?

Here is a selection of top private universities for English. What they offer will help you find the perfect school to study your English degree in 2021 and beyond:

  1. East-West University (EWU)
  2. Independent University Bangladesh (IUB)
  3. University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh
  4. BRAC University (BRACU)
  5. North-South University (NSU)
  6. American International University-Bangladesh (AIUB)

Is Islamic University and Technology (IUT) of Bangladesh a public university?

Founded in 1978, Islamic University of Technology is a private higher-education institution located in the suburban setting of the large city of Gazipur, Dhaka.

Which university is best for pharmacy in Bangladesh 2021?

Top Private Universities for Pharmacy in Bangladesh:

  • BRAC University.
  • East-West University.
  • Daffodil International University.
  • International Islamic University, Chittagong.
  • Stamford University Bangladesh.
  • Southeast University.
  • Primeasia University. Provisional Accreditation by PCB.
  • ASA University. Provisional Accreditation by PCB.

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