UGC Bangladesh Blacklisted Universities in 2021

Last Updated on February 23, 2021 by Aminul Haque Shahin

The university grants commission of Bangladesh recently published a notice that they have published a list of universities that are blacklisted in Bangladesh and can’t run their educational operation in Bangladesh anymore.

UGC also alarmed the possible students that, there is no branch of any foreign universities in Bangladesh and students are advised not to get into their trap of advertising.

The newly passed HSC students should aware that, the UGC and the Ministry of Education will not take any responsibility if any students get admitted to those blacklisted and unapproved universities.

List of Blacklisted Universities

  • BAIS University,
  • America Bangladesh University,
  • Southern University of Bangladesh
  • Premier University in Chattogram,
  • Gono University,
  • Darul Ihsan University,
  • Queens University,
  • Sylhet International University,
  • University of Comilla
  • Britannia University in Cumilla.

Universities Who Have Unapproved Campus

There are some universities who were not blacklisted but some of their campuses were un-approved by the UGC. Here are they –

  • The University of Science and Technology,
  • The People’s University of Bangladesh,
  • The University of South Asia,
  • The Atish Dipankar Science and Technology University

List of Universities Where UGC Found Irregularities

  1. IBAIS University,
  2. America Bangladesh University,
  3. The University of Comilla,
  4. Southern University Bangladesh,
  5. World University,
  6. The University of Development Alternative,
  7. Eastern University, Daffodil University,
  8. The Shanto-Mariam University of Creative Technology,
  9. Uttara University,
  10. NPI University,
  11. The University of South Asia,
  12. Asian University,
  13. Victoria University,
  14. Sylhet International University,
  15. Britannia University,
  16. Central University of Science and Technology,
  17. ZH Sikder University of Science and Technology,
  18. Tagore University of Creative Arts,
  19. Rupayan AKM Shamsuzzoha University,
  20. ZNRF University of Management Sciences,
  21. Ahsania Mission University of Science and Technology,
  22. Shah Makhdum Management University,
  23. Khulna Khan Bahadur Ahsanullah University,
  24. Trust University,
  25. International Standard University,
  26. The University of Brahmanbaria,
  27. Gono University,
  28. and Darul Ihsan University.

Source – BDNews, Bangla Tribune