Top 10 Private University in Bangladesh

Last Updated on May 16, 2019 by Aminul Haque Shahin

Are you looking for top-ranking private universities of Bangladesh?

Do you want to enroll at a private university, but don’t know at which one you should?

Private universities in Bangladesh emerged as alternatives to the public ones. Every year, millions of pupils take part in examinations to be enrolled at public universities. But, due to the lack of seats in proportionate to the number of students, many students fail to get in.

List of Top Ten Universities

  1. North South University
  2. AUST (Ahsanullah University, Dhaka)
  3. East-West University
  4. Independent University
  5. Brac University
  6. BUBT
  7. IIUC (Islamic University Chittagong)
  8. USTC
  9. Southern University, Chittagong
  10. Bangladesh Army University

But, that doesn’t mean you should stop pursuing higher education. Students who can’t get in at the public universities. They try out their luck with private universities. Due to avant-garde equipment, up-to-date curricula, and top-notch teaching system, many students also opt for private universities.

But, which private university should you enroll in?

Listed in this article are the top private universities in Bangladesh.

Now, without further ado, let’s explore the list:

1. North South University – as per a multitude of metrics, North South University (NSU) positions on the top of the pile. At times it even sets the benchmark for other private universities to reach. The university was established in 1992. It’s also the first private university of Bangladesh.

2. Ahsanullah University of Science & Technology (AUST) – AUST is the first private university to be established in Bangladesh. It was founded by Dhaka Ahsania Mission in 1995. It currently has over 6,500 students.

3. East-West University – the Progoti Foundation is a non-political, and charitable organization. As per its agenda to encourage education all around, it established this private university in 1996. The university currently has over 8,000 students.

4. Independent University – the university was established in 1993. And, it currently offers tuition for over 5,500 students. The university’s permanent base is located in Bashundhara, Dhaka. The university selected blue and saffron as its trademark colors.

5. BRAC University – the university was founded by Fazle Hasan Abed. He’s also the founder and chairman of BRAC, the world’s largest NGO. The campus of the university is located at Mohakhali, Dhaka.

6. Bangladesh University of Business and Technology – the university was founded in 2003. It takes after North South University in many ways. It initially started operating at the Dhaka Commerce College. In 2011, the university is ranked as one of the best 8 private universities in Bangladesh.

7. International Islamic University, Chittagong – the motto of the university prioritizes both quality and morality. The university was initially named International Islamic University Chittagong (IIUC). It was founded in 1995. And, in 2000, it was upgraded to International Islamic University Chittagong.

8.  University of Science & Technology Chittagong – the university actually began its journey way before the introduction of the Private University Act, 1992. The university features a 220-bed teaching hospital, which is the largest private hospital in Chittagong.

9.  Bangladesh Army University of Science and Technology – it’s one of few universities in Bangladesh that is under the direct supervision of Bangladesh Army. The main campus of the university is located in Saidpur.

10.   Southern University, Bangladesh – it was initially established as an institute in 1998. It, then, served the purpose of an affiliated higher education center of UK and US universities. 3,000 students now currently learn at the university.


Private universities have opened the door for many pessimistic students. These universities continue to improve and grow to meet the demand for high-quality tertiary education. In this article, I listed the top 10 private universities in Bangladesh.

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