Best ERP Software Company In Bangladesh

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ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning and it is a type of software that businesses and companies use to manage day-to-day activities. The activities include accounting, procurement, project management, risk management, supply chain operations, and many more. With ERP software an organization can collect, store, manage, and interpret data from many business activities. Some important characteristics of ERP software are:

1. An integrated system

2. Operates in (or near) real-time

3. A common database that supports all the applications

4. A consistent look and feel across modules

5. Installation of the system with elaborate application

There are many ERP software companies available in Bangladesh and they are making industry-standard ERP software to meet the demand of Bangladeshi businesses and organizations. Some of the best ERP software companies in Bangladesh are Jibika Plexus, XERP, Pridesys IT, Extreme Office, Divine IT Limited, Business ERP BD, Smart Software Ltd, Hisab, Desh ERP, ERP.Com BD, etc.

Different Types Of ERP Software

ERP software automates the complete business process. There are various types of ERP software available. They are:

1. Accounting

2. Inventory Management

3. Payroll Management

4. Reporting and Analytics

5. Project Financial Management Procurement

6. Risk Management

7. Logistics

8. Manufacturing

9. Supply Chain Management

10. Product Lifecycle Management

Top 10 ERP Software Company In Bangladesh

1. Jibika Plexus 

2. XERP 

3. Pridesys IT 

4. Extreme Office 

5. Divine IT Limited 

6. Smart Software Ltd

7. Hisab

8. Desh ERP 

9. ERP.Com BD

10. Business ERP BD

1. Jibika Plexus 

Jibika Plexus is renowned and one of the top ERP software company in Bangladesh. Jibika Plexus provides customized cloud-based payroll software for all types of businesses and organizations. It has a dedicated team who are experts in customization of the HR & Payroll software as per the client’s requirements. They provide easily manageable ERP software with features like general ledger, cash flow to record transactions, etc. Other key features of Jibika Plexus ERP software are:

1. Instructive user-friendly design

2. Faster attendance process & payroll generate.

3. Multiple compliance documentation simultaneously

4. Performance appraisal system

5. Multi-layer access privilege and unlimited user

6. Business intelligence report

7. The comfortable shift planning system

8. Mobile phone friendly with high security

9. Document customization

10. Advanced notification system

11. Attendances, Asset Management, Project Management      

2. XERP 

XERP is one of the best software solutions companies in Bangladesh and they provide web-based ERP Software. The full meaning of XERP is eXtreme Enterprise Resource Planning and if you are a production-oriented company then the industrial ERP Software of XERP will be the best option for you. They also have Architecture ERP Software, Sales Module ERP Software, Inventory Module ERM Software, etc. Some of the important features of this ERP software are:

1. Orders, Sales & Export Management Module

2. Purchase & Import (LC) Management

3. CRM (Party Management Module)

4. Collection & Payment Management Module

5. Inventory Management Module

6. Production Management Module

7. Banking & Transactions Management

8. Core Accounting System

9. Human Resources Management with Payroll

10. Reporting & Statements Module

11. Software Administration & Security Management

3. Pridesys IT 

If you are looking for secure, scalable, on-demand ERP software and data access solutions then you can rely on Pridesys IT. Pridesys IT provides ERP software for trading, manufacturing, and service companies. Moreover, Pridesys IT always follows the latest industry trends to provide better products, services, and support for the businesses. The ERP software of Pridesys IT covers every area of a business. Some of the existing ERP modules are:

1. Pridesys Office Organizer

2. Pridesys Financial Management

3. Pridesys Human Capital Management

4. Pridesys Purchase Management

5. Pridesys Sales & Commercial

6. Pridesys Material Management

7. Pridesys Production Management

8. Pridesys Fixed Asset Management

9. Pridesys Garments Process Management

10. Pridesys Textile Process Management

11. Pridesys Security & Access Control

12. Pridesys Analytics (IAS)

13. Pridesys Business Intelligence (BI)

4. Extreme Office 

If you are looking for cloud accounting software then you can put your trust in Extreme Office. It is very easy to use and affordable online accounting software in Bangladesh. This ERP software has all the features to run every aspect of a business. With this ERP software, you can easily solve traditional business management problems. Extreme-Office software will help your business grow with perfect planning and proper guidance in each step of the process. Here are some features of Extreme Office:

1. Excellent user security with controlled user permissions

2. User-friendly interface ensure you find the options easily

3. Use internal messaging for team member interaction

4. Supports invoicing from the mobile

5. Supports advance reporting   

5. Divine IT Limited 

Divine IT Limited is a renowned software company in Bangladesh and Prism ERP is an enterprise application of them. Prism ERP includes different types of core business modules & management of administrative and all these features make Prism ERP one of the best ERP software in Bangladesh. The best part of this ERP software is, it is platform-independent as well as a ready system for your business. Moreover, Prism ERP supports almost every type of business by its presets. There are approximately 30 types of businesses that are already implemented successfully. Other Features includes:   

1. Cloud-based

2. High-quality security

3. Cluster Supported

4. Supports any Database

5. Deployment in any Platform

6. Integrated System

7. Independent platform

6. Smart Software Ltd

Smart Software Limited is not just a software company but they have gained the faith of customers by removing the obstacles to run the company’s full operation smoothly. It works with the core modules like HR module, Finance module, Manufacturing and distribution, Sales, Service management, CRM and marketing, Purchase, Inventory, and Warehouse modules. They have an ERP system for the garments and apparel industries. Below are some important features of garments and apparel industries ERP software:

1. Finance and Accounting

2. Inventory and Warehousing

3. Project Management

4. Human Resource

5. E-commerce and Web  

7. Hisab

Hisab Accounting Software provides ERP software for small and medium businesses. With this ERP software businesses can generate a dynamic financial report for the expansion of the company. With the Hisab ERP, you can manage your business accounting from anywhere, any device without any accounting, inventory, and prior payroll knowledge. This ERP software includes an inventory management module to increase the speed of tracking and managing systems. Some of the key features are:

1. Cloud Accounting

2. Inventory Management System

3. Progressive Report Generation

4. The smooth tracking system of expenses and income

5. Manage contacts

6. Payment record

7. Excellent security

8. Categorize Program

9. 30 days of the free trial

8. Desh ERP 

Desh ERP is a leading ERP solution provider in Bangladesh and they provide ERP software for business accounting & Inventory management. Desh ERP can handle accounts, Inventory, sales, purchase, manufacturing, payroll of a business. So with this ERP software, you can accelerate all core business processes as well as handle the financial management within one cohesive business management solution. Important features of Desh ERP are:

1. User-friendly interface

2. Account and Inventory

3. Purchase and Sales

4. Manufacturing and Payroll

5. Automation phase by phase

6. Uninterrupted support from the expert support panel

7. Modular Structure

8. Easy Customization

9. Runs with windows, MAC, Linux

10. Unlimited user license

11. Accessibility from anywhere

12. Financial Management

9. ERP.Com BD        

ERP.Com BD is one of the best cloud-based ERP software solution providers in Bangladesh. Their ERP software is a complete system and it can incorporate with any business setup. Moreover, it’s user-friendly ERP software so you don’t have to be an expert to use it. Some of the existing ERP modules are:

1. Financial Management

2. Human Resource Management

3. Inventory Management

4. Payroll, Salary & Management

5. Product/Service Sales Management

6. Access Control Management

7. Procurement Management

8. Employee Portal & Approval Chain

9. Customer Relation Management

10. Secondary Sales & Commission

11. Production & Costing Management

12. Export/Import Management

13. Quality Control(QC) Management

14. Damage & Wastage Control

15. Dealer Distribution & Target

16. MIS Advanced Control Management    

10. Business ERP BD

Business ERP BD is one of the largest ERP solution providers in Bangladesh. They provide state-of-the-art ERP solutions for all types of businesses and organizations. The ERP software of Business ERP BD has a web-based, scalable, and user-friendly ERP solution framework which can be customized according to different client requirements and different business setup. Business ERP BD has various ERP software solutions. They are:

1. Manufacturing Business ERP Software

2. Trading Business ERP Software

3. Garments Business ERP Software

4. Buying House Business ERP Software

5. Construction Business ERP Software

6. Customer Relationship Management ERP Software

7. Real Estate Business ERP Software

8. School Management ERP Software

9. Hotel Management ERP Software

10. Project Management ERP Software