Dhaka University Top Subjects And Total Seat Numbers

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Dhaka University is the 1st choice of Bangladeshi students for higher education. It is one of the best universities in Bangladesh. It is also one of the largest universities in Bangladesh in terms of total seat numbers. Dhaka University has a total of 6532 seats. Some of the top subjects of Dhaka University are:

1. Nuclear Engineering

2. Biochemistry

3. Robotics and Mechanical Engineering

4. Pharmacy

5. Software Engineering

6. Public Administration

7. Political Science

8. Economics

9. Management

10. Marketing

Unit Wise Faculty Name Of Dhaka University

1. Ka (A) Unit – Science Faculty

2. Kha (B) Unit – Arts Faculty

3. Ga (C) Unit – Commerce Faculty

4. Gha (D) Unit – Social Science Faculty

5. Cha Unit – Fine Arts Faculty

Dhaka University Ka (A) Unit Subject List And Seat Number

Dhaka University Ka unite has 32 subjects and there are 1795 seats available in this unite. The subjects are:

Subject NameFaculty/ InstituteSeats
PhysicsScience Faculty140
MathematicsScience Faculty130
ChemistryScience Faculty90
StatisticsScience Faculty88
Applied MathematicsScience Faculty70
Soil, Water, and Environment ScienceBiological Faculty120
BotanyBiological Faculty75
ZoologyBiological Faculty100
Biochemistry and Motivation ScienceBiological Faculty60
PsychologyBiological Faculty50
MicrobiologyBiological Faculty40
FisheriesBiological Faculty40
Genetic Engineering & BiotechnologyBiological Faculty17
PharmacyPharmacy Faculty65
Geography and environmentEarth and Environment Science Faculty50
GeologyEarth and Environment Science Faculty50
OceanographyEarth and Environment Science Faculty25
Disaster science and managementEarth and Environment Science Faculty30
Electrical and Electronic EngineeringEngineering & Technology Faculty70
Applied Chemistry and ChemistryEngineering & Technology Faculty60
Computer Science and EngineeringEngineering & Technology Faculty60
Nuclear engineeringEngineering & Technology Faculty25
Robotics and Mechanics EngineeringEngineering & Technology Faculty20
Applied statisticsStatistics institute50
Nutrition and Food ScienceNutrition and Food Science Institute35
Software engineeringInformation Technology Institute30
Leather engineeringLather Engineering and Technology Institute50
Footwear engineeringLather Engineering and Technology Institute50
Leather Products EngineeringLather Engineering and Technology Institute50
Physical SciencesEducation and Research Institute30
Biological ScienceEducation and Research Institute25
Total1795 seats

Dhaka University Kha (B) Unit Subject List and Seat Number

 Dhaka University Kha unit has 44 subjects and a total of 2378 seats. Below you will find subject-wise total seats. 

Subject NameFaculty/ InstituteSeats
BanglaArts Faculty102
EnglishArts Faculty128
ArabicArts Faculty110
Persian Language and LiteratureArts Faculty74
UrduArts Faculty71
SanskritArts Faculty86
Pali and Buddhist StudiesArts Faculty66
HistoryArts Faculty101
PhilosophyArts Faculty145
Islamic StudiesArts Faculty148
Islamic History and CultureArts Faculty121
Information technology and library managementArts Faculty29
Theatre and Performance StudiesArts Faculty20
LinguisticsArts Faculty57
MusicArts Faculty40
World Religion and CultureArts Faculty46
DanceArts Faculty07
EconomicsSocial Science Faculty50
Political ScienceSocial Science Faculty102
International RelationSocial Science Faculty52
SociologySocial Science Faculty149
Mass Communication and JournalismSocial Science Faculty34
Public AdministrationSocial Science Faculty51
AnthropologySocial Science Faculty32
Population ScienceSocial Science Faculty14
Peace and Conflict StudiesSocial Science Faculty25
Women and Gender StudiesSocial Science Faculty03
Development StudiesSocial Science Faculty14
Television, Film, and PhotographySocial Science Faculty13
CriminologySocial Science Faculty21
Communication DisordersSocial Science Faculty21
Print and Publication StudiesSocial Science Faculty10
Japanese studiesSocial Science Faculty15
LawLaw Faculty66
Geography and EnvironmentEarth and Environment Science Faculty40
PsychologyBiological Faculty55
Social WelfareSocial Welfare Institute92
Health EconomicsHealth Economics Institute31
Education (B. Ed)Teaching and Research Institute47
Disaster Management and Vulnerability StudiesDisaster Management Institute16
English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL)Modern Language Institute25
French Language and Culture (FLC)Modern Language Institute20
Chinese Language and Culture (CLC)Modern Language Institute25
Japanese Language and Culture (JLC)Modern Language Institute20

Dhaka University Gha (C) Unit Subject List And Seat Number

Unlike the Ka and Kha unites of Dhaka University, the Gha unite has only one faculty and that’s Business studies. This unit has 9 subjects and a total of 1250 seats for undergraduate students. 

Subject NameSeats
Accounting and Information System180
Banking and Insurance150
International Business115
Management and Information System 115
Organization Strategy and Leadership35
Tourism and Hospitality Management115
Total1250 seats

Dhaka University Gha (D) Unit Subject List And Seat Number

Dhaka University Gha unit has 55 subjects and 1560 seats. Below you will find subject-wise total seats. 

Subject NameScienceBusiness StudiesHumanitiesTotal Seat
Political Science80200100
International Relations455050
Mass media and Journalism258033
Public administration3525060
Peace and Conflict Studies2010030
Women and Gender Studies205025
Development Studies105015
Population Sciences130013
Television, Film, and Photography155020
Communication Disorders200020
Printing and Publication Studies155020
Japanese Studies3510045
Persian Language and Literature2010030
Pali and Buddhist Studies2812030
Islamic Studies2515040
Islamic History and Culture2515040
Information technology and library management155020
Theater and Performance Studies73010
Language Science2015035
World Religion and Culture355040
Accounting & Information Systems100515
Banking and Insurance5027
Management Information Systems4015
International Business4026
Tourism and Hospitality Management3025
Organization Strategy and Leadership150520
Geography and environment020020
Institute of Social Welfare and Research123015
Health Economics Institute300030
Institute of Education and Research4020060
Institute of Disaster Management255030
English for Speakers of Other Languages ​​(ESOL)510015
BA Honors in French Language and Culture (FLC)55010
BA Honors in Chinese Language and Culture (CLC)510015
BA Honors in Japanese Language and Culture (JLC)55010